The City of Eyes
The city is full of strangers. All different species and all different walks of life. The tower serves as a shelter from the turmoil, but even the help seems eerily dangerous. Trust is difficult to come by outside of the various groups that have gathered here, but you may find your place in 'The City of Eyes'. TAKING MEMBERS!
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The east: Known as a slum and rebel hot-spot. Worker bees are commonly found here, along with the signs of their rebellion. Occi cameras are mostly shut down in this sector, leaving all Occi activity to foot-agents.

The west: Across from the east when the tower is used as the dividing line. This areas is closest to the hills and thus known for containing the more violent and savage of the population. Common species found here are Lycans and other animal-based creatures and half-breds.

The north: Given over to Occi power and development, it is both the safest and most dangerous place to live. The people that are right with the Occi, or families of Occi workers, agents and soldiers live here with a fairly high standard of living if compared to the rest of the city (which means they have three loaves of bread instead of half. It's not all too significant.). Those in the north can be stolen away from their shelters in the middle of the night to join the Occi ranks or to be taken under ground to the Occi labs.

The south: (Default location) Near the entrance of the city. This portion of the City is full of optimists, oblivious people, and refugees from the hills or the far off ruins of other cities. It is here that people can be recruited and is the recommended place to go if you are searching for a loyalty.

The Tower: At the center of the City, the Tower stands as the single largest and mostly undamaged building in the entire City. It is here the various other locations over lap and fights for territory are fought. Goods are traded and sold for here, though there is no common currency within the City. Precious metals and stones can be traded for food, as well as food for other food.

The hills: Just outside the developed portion of the city, this area has been given over to wild and mad people. It is here the failed experiments of the Occi are sent, locked out of the City by a thick line of two electric fences.

The Drop Zone: The area of the hills where Occi experiments and mutants as well as other enemies of the city are dumped, dead or alive.

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Within the Hive (The Worker Bee's Hill base):

The entrance of the building leads into the bar area. Near the left corner of the main room, opposite the wall where the bar is, is a door leading down a narrow hall. The hall branches off in two directions, both lined with doors leading into bed rooms. Down the hall to the right is the storage area. Down that way you can find laboratories and weapons, along with food, medication, toiletries, and utilities storage. Straight ahead are mostly just bedrooms untill you reach the end of the hall where straight ahead is the medical ward. Near there, down to the right a ways is the prison ward.

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Razor's Edge

The Nightblade Hills Base:

The entrance is a junkyard, filled with seemingly random parts and scraps. There are several levers hidden in the junkyard; pressing the right one will open a secret door leading down into the actual base. The base is laid out in a buglike shape; there is a central room, with 6 branches leading out. One leads to the kitchens. The second leads into Tomas' main room, where he performs operations and experiments on already active Soul-Jars; his main computer is located there as well. The third branch leads to the barracks, where beds are located. They are usually empty, since Tomas is almost always the sole occupant of this base. The fourth branch leads to a library, filled with books on all sorts of subjects. The fifth branch is the server room, where the majority of Tomas' network and server power is located. This is the most protected branch, with ten steel walls blocking the path down the hall. The sixth and final hall leads downwards, into the workshop; the workshop is a sub-level of the rest of the base, nearly as big as the rest of it as well.

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