The City of Eyes
The city is full of strangers. All different species and all different walks of life. The tower serves as a shelter from the turmoil, but even the help seems eerily dangerous. Trust is difficult to come by outside of the various groups that have gathered here, but you may find your place in 'The City of Eyes'. TAKING MEMBERS!
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Here you can get caught up on recent events within the role play. The events listed will be broad and applicable to everyone, such as weather changes, season changes, full moons (when the werewolves and other lunar-dependent life forums have a field day), and the like. You may post catch-ups here, but only if they are important to other role players, such as if a character of yours dies or kills another character, if your loyalty disbands, or if a major fight/war/rebellion is organized.

This will be used mainly for arbitrarys, for marriage certificates, and for birth date collections and will help those joining to be fairly caught up before actually participating in the forums.

Eulogy's should be detailed, listing the time and cause of death as well as the deceased's previous occupation, loyalty, and major life achievements.

Birth certificates, as well as marriage certificates should list the date and time as well as those who witnessed the event, those involved, and in the instance of a birth certificate, the name of the new person.

All posts here must be approved by me, Svfn. Commentary or individual catch-ups in regard to specific characters should be posted in the chat forum.

4/1/2013 . Edited 4/1/2013 #1

The sun is low on the horizon when the dark city began to stir to life. Fog settled low upon the ground bringing out the water-dependent creatures that thrive through-out the city. The creatures of dark-dependency shrink away into their dens and basements, some even to their apartments while the people of the hunt begin to emerge.

The sun shines red as it blinks over the distant hills, in which the wild peoples have chased away the remaining animals. There lycans and the like remain, avoiding the stuffy and often times more dangerous cities. No cars begin their commutes along the roads, save for a few exceptions, modified vehicles, altered tanks, solar powered crafts...

There is nearly everything here, and among the diversity there is conflict.

Rumor has spread among those in the tower that somewhere in the city is a power of unimaginable strength. A staff that by which the land could be brought into a time of peace, or by which a tyrant could destroy all opposition.

Weather you are new to the city or if you were born here you are aware of the destitute landscape that lies just beyond the borders of the hills. The City of Eyes is the last frontier and the last hope for all the species living under the cracked skies, and those dark, prying eyes.

In Short:

The City of Eyes is a Dystopian society that is primarily self-governed other than for a group called the Occi, who have established servalence through out the city and can strike at any time with their drones and soul-jars (robotic mega-men who are almost impossible to kill). The Occi are currently in search for the object of power rumored to be somewhere in the city, and are watching closely those individuals who would also seek it out. Your job is to survive in the city, to make allies as well as enemies, create loyalties and perhaps even obtain the object of power, though your rule is not guaranteed to last forever...

4/2/2013 . Edited 4/2/2013 #2

A new Occi agent has seemingly appeared out of no-where and in a very brief time has murdered several Worker Bees. The death toll is now at eight Worker Bees, six foot agents and two spies.

The dubbed 'Honey Badger' was last spotted near the tower fighting three Ben-Ben, Ursaa, and a second blue haired woman, the latter two both assumed to be Worker Bees or Worker Bee sympathizers and thus blacklisted by an observing Occi foot agent.

4/17/2013 #3


It was raining in the City for several days straight. The smoke and odors of the city were dissipating in the continues roar of the heavy down pour; along with the ill-feelings of recent tragedies.

The death toll (within the Worker Bees) had raised to 8 more Ben-Bens along with about 26 agents and countless civilians. While the death toll within the Occi has remained at it's usual low, if not decreased since the 'Honey Badger' had been used.

The Worker Bees have decided it the safest option to move their main quarters nearer to the hills until things are resolved. A small team of foot agents and Ben-Bens was rumored to be organized to counter the Occi's recent attacks, but all within the Worker Bees is hectic and uncertain.

4/23/2013 . Edited 4/23/2013 #4

Death in the Hills:

The Worker Bee known as David was killed in a raid on the City of Eyes. His efforts aided in the capture of Honey Badger, who shot him through at the gate entrence.

David's body has gone missing since.

He leaves behind an adopted son (Leviticus) and all those who served with him in the Worker Bees.

6/25/2013 #5

Two and a half weeks later: Due to the absence of Honey Badger the Occi have unleashed a new bane upon the resistance and Worker Bees. The death toll initially fell before again rising, and this time, not even Occi citizens are safe.

19 Worker Bees lost, the first of which was David and 7 who were Ben-Bens.

6 Agents within the City were murdered.

2 Soul Jars were also destroyed in blood sports between Occi agents.

6/25/2013 #6

some time has passed since the last raid. The incidents involving David's soul jar are slowly reseading into the endless history of Occi cruelty, and individual suffering.

A new soul jar (one with the consiousness of a child) has been recovered in one of the Worker Bee's back rooms, giving way to suspicion of an Occi mole or corrupted Worker Bee (Killer Bee) within HQ.

While the Worker Bees fall into mundanity and boredom a new threat, previously a myth, has become active once again. His location is unknown.

12/6/2013 . Edited 12/6/2013 #7

Worker Bee Emergency News Feed: Attack on Hill Base. More information as it comes.

Occi President passes new 'Kill On Sight' campaign, encouraging City civilians to shoot Worker Bees, mutants from the Hills, and other members of resistance for a cash reward and waiver on previous crimes or debt to the City.

New Soul Jar model released by the Occi. Still in the testing faze six of the bots have been released into the City with their agents for a display of power and blood sport in which previous models of Soul Jar are demolished by the new models. The event is complete with live band accompaniment, fire works, and six traitor executions to to the special occasion.

Full Moon tonight. Remain out of the Hills if at all possible. The City will be in lock down and the residence will be required to remain in their homes after 7:00 PM.

12/6/2013 . Edited 12/6/2013 #8

Worker Bee Emergency News Feed: "This is Ben Ben of the outside base requesting immediate medical aide. I repeat, immediate medical aide. Enemy still at large and on the premises. At least... Six. At least six down, more injured. Oh.. Oh man... Does anyone copy? I repeat, this is Ben Ben of the outside base-"

12/7/2013 #9

Occi News Feed: "Honey Badger returns! The people's hero has returned to the City and will soon be patrolling the streets yet again, making the City a safer place. The destruction of the Bees is on the horizon! Soon the Occi will crush all opposition beneath their heel! All hail! All power! All to the City, the City of Eyes!"

12/7/2013 #10

((30 Days later))

The Worker Bees had fully relocated farther out into the Hills, near the Soul Jar dropping zone. The massive, fumeing pit served as a great scavenging point for various parts for Charlie. Other Soul Jar pits (the inner portion of the Soul Jar which houses the Soul) were recovered, but none were very stable. Most had presumably been there for years and held no memories or important information about the Occi, their minds completely wiped clean. Frank set aside a room for these Lost Souls, taking on a new obsession. He seemed to have a soft spot for the disregarded mecha-men.


Within the City things seemed to be improving. More and more 'criminals' we're being pulled off the streets as more and more empty Soul Jars rolled off the construction line. The streets were now pertroled by lone Soul Jars as well as various street agents. The search continues for the Key, but for now the Occi seem to have won the City without it.

12/13/2013 #11

Our favorite Occi agent has captured a cat girl and taken her to his base for questioning. She was found with an escaped Soul Jar that was promptly decommissioned. The Soul Pitt remains in the possession of Quantum's personal Soul Jar, Blue. Blue appears to be experiencing Soul Ware problems.

2/15/2014 #12

Death in The Drop Zone:

Worker Bee agents have discovered the disregarded body of a certain Ralph Woods (Killer Bee). Woods is assumed to be the consciousness of an unknown Occi Soul Jar due to telling marks upon his body. He is survived by his Wife Lilan and their daughter Ester.

3/17/2014 . Edited 3/17/2014 #13
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