The Moonlight Writing Academy
Though the world of writing is crumbling, let me help you as you go through series of training, not work, but fun. Writing is fun let me show you. Let us create a generation of writers that can lay on the moon. Open these doors, and feel life.
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Lily of the FireBlade
Welcome to the Moonlight Writing Academy, where we shall pick up the mess that the world has induced upon the world of writing. We shall revolt, we shall break free of the tangle of the writer wannabees. But, we are ALL wannabees, no? We all are bad writers from the start, but slowly grow stronger and stronger, feeding from our own emotion to write. Our passion to write. Most authors give wannabees horrid advise, like, "Make sure that you follow the rules of the English language, and remember your grammar. Have a good plot, and then you are ready to roll!" Well, I have observed that many people actually do this. People on this site use that advise, and their stories turn out bad. Why? Because stories are written from the heart, from deep inside the soul, and THAT is what makes a story un-put-downable. We need more emotion. A bland, tasteless story hurts the eyes, not matter HOW well grammar was used. You may think, but I have no imagination! Well, hon, that is why I am here. Let me help you, let my Acdemey turn you into a die-heart writer. You DO have imagination, but, you need to find what makes you tick! HOW TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THE ACADEMY: It is truly simple. All you must do is One: be registered, and Two: have fun. That is ALL of the requirements. You do not HAVE to have a story up, but it is nice if you do. Next, Private Message me, letting me know that you would like to join, and I will imediately make you a member! I want you to have fun, but DO take this a BIT seriously. I mean, we are talking about changing the world of writing! Every member is important! There four ranks in the Moolight Academy. The first rank, a Youngling, is somebody who is not QUITE the best writer, and somebody who has just joined. In order to move up in the ranks, one will have to do various "tasks", including writing tasks, and wikipedia searches. Fun things. The tasks will not be uninteresting, when I give them to you, they will be tasks that are funny, imaginative, ones that you will have fun with. You will not find ANY "school essasy" tasks here. Oh, no. Ugh! When one is a Youngling, they can get a feeling of the Academy, and start to understand their own writing style. The second rank, a Learner, is after you have completed anywhere from 3-5 tasks assigned by me. A Learner has become more aware of him/herself, and is getting stronger with the world of writer, but still has much to learn. A Lerner is then offically taken under the wing of a Council member, which is currently only me. Your training shall intensify, and I will be YOUR Master. Your ONLY Master. At least, until, I have more Council members! The next rank, a Bearer, is officially one of the higher ranks. They have unlocked the world of writing, and have begun to shape it into a better place. They will gave a gradutation ceremony, as becoming a Bearer is quite a big deal. A Bearer's Master, is no longer in control of the former Learner, and the Bearer is now the bearer of the world of writing. He/she is all on their own. A Bearer has completed his/her training, but has the choice of continuing exensive training underneath me completely, quiet and subdued training, which would lead to our next rank, a Master. A Master is THE writer, the one that we all dream about, the one that we worship over. He/she is a Master of Writing, and is the best around. They are experts at writing, and they know their stuff like the back of their hand. They have discovered, unlocked, and cherished their OWN style of writing, and have shaped the world of writing enough to make it a better place......if we can make ONE a writer, who knows what will happen next? The last, type of rank, though not mentioned, is a High Council Member. The "Council" is the moderators, the ones that have SUCH a deep knowledge of writing that it is almost scary. The only way to become a Coucnil member is to become a Master, listen to the moon, chirp with the birds, and soar over the mountains. The Council is picked by me, and ONLY me, and begging or hinting doesn't help you AT ALL. IN time, we will ALL be on the Council floor. I cannopt give much info on the Council, because it is secret basically, and is only discussed through PMs. So, PM me, join my world, and swim through the black oil of the night world writers, and come to the TRUE world of writing Let me wash you, let me make you clean of all oil. Come. Council members: Lily of the Fireblade; Shadow of Ever; LazerTH
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