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Though the world of writing is crumbling, let me help you as you go through series of training, not work, but fun. Writing is fun let me show you. Let us create a generation of writers that can lay on the moon. Open these doors, and feel life.
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Lily of the FireBlade
Here is where the Tasks of Younglings and Learners get posted. They are NOT to be ridiculed, or laughed at, unless told to be laughed at. Tasks come from the heart, so have a heart when reading. They do not Know everything yet.
1/14/2007 #1
Alright, I got it because you haven't been around for the past few minutes. Here it is: My task: is to write a 250 word essay on what you would do if you could fly. This part doesn’t count in my word count, by the way. Flight If I could fly with the majestic wings of a bluebird, I would be content. I would embrace the sky with my feathered arms, bringing it to life with my own imagination. Forever soaring, I wouldn’t look back at the place I used to come from. I would leave the Earth on my wings, flying up to places I could never see before. As I went past the planets and met with the stars, then I would really breathe, for the first time. And, I would really see, for the first time. Everything would be a new sight, riding on my wings. I would soon forget the place were I came from, only remembering to head straight, to a new place and a new life. And there I would stay, with the other lucky ones who got their wings. And there, I would feel safe. I would feel content. And there I would belong.
1/14/2007 #2
Okay Lily, here's the poem I thought you might like: You're dead, but the world keeps spinning. Take a spin through the world you left. It's getting dark a little too early. Are you missing the dearly bereft?
1/14/2007 #3
Lily of the FireBlade
Good! VERY good! Better than almost anybody that I have seen! GREAT! Really, I am very impressed. 10 out of 10, my young aprentice! Mine is coming along....the power went out, and I had to restart it, sadly. =_=
1/14/2007 #4
That sucks, I hate it when the power surges. The poem was actually a school assignment. It was a four-line poem that set a certain mood. I got an 'A' on it.
1/14/2007 #5
Lily of the FireBlade
Not surprised..looking back up at your other poem, beautiful....but, you almost were trying TOO hard ot compare. Let it FLOW not force it. Good job though, I am not let it go to your head.....I do not want to pull you out of the clouds. ;)
1/14/2007 #6
I'll try to let it flow more next time. Don't worry, I don't let things go to my head...too much. ;)
1/14/2007 #7
Lily of the FireBlade
Good, my young apprentice...oh, here is a very bad poem that I will put on the to see. It is disgraceful to my own eyes, but it would be good to those who "know". Take up the wings of life, Pack up your cross of sorrows and strife. Follow me through mist, we shall fly to the top, We shall catch the dew and sing to never stop. We can run, oh, the longest race, Because in the end, the only face, That we can see up on the Mirror and Shelf, Is ourself.
1/14/2007 . Edited 1/14/2007 #8
It's not that bad, better than some poems I've read.
1/14/2007 #9
Lily of the FireBlade
Exactly. People do not write poems well anymore, therefore, trash like ^ that ^ mine looks good. Poems do not have to be so deep all of the time, in fact, some of the simplest poems are deeper than the ones that have tried. Let your fingers fly. Go fix typos later. Write, and let your heart race. Let it win the race.
1/14/2007 #10
Okay Lily, if you're here, it's my second task. My task: is to write about Vince’s penname. Wingless: Being without a pair of wings. Once, there was Vince, the ‘hated bad guy’ of the stories we read so much. Vince was a unique being, extraordinary, irreplaceable, and the only critic people can’t seem to understand. Except for some. Some can understand Vince, because Vince understands them, and he helps them. And they recognize it. Rain: A blissful downpour beating in rhythm with your soul. A name is simply a tag, to notify others that you are who you are. Vince was known by everybody, he was the whip-cracking critic who made a name for himself through pure sweat and rage. And that’s why people fear him, he’s a rabid monster on a raging path to success. Why? Because he can. Simple as that. Wingless Rain: The one who makes a name for himself through hard-work and effort. Simple as that.
1/15/2007 #11
Lily of the FireBlade
An 8 out of 10. Good, it seems as if you truly thought about this one. Vince himslef might not agree, but, what can you do? Your next and final task as a Youngling is to write a 300 word STORY. Now, I shall leave it up to your imagination on what to write, BUT, it MUST be 300 words long, at least. It can be more, but not less. It is due on Thursday.
1/16/2007 #12
Thief of the Night There he was, slipping in past the security guards. How dumb they were not to notice him: the graceful thief of the night. Well, even though they missed him, they wouldn’t miss the missing Mona Lisa in the morning. Ha, miss the missing painting, was that not just ironic? The thief slipped in through the open window, and his eyes fell upon the precious Mona Lisa. It so deliciously ready for him, gleaming in the light. Wait. The light? It was midnight, and the Louvre had no lights that bright. Ducking, the thief of the night crawled behind a stand, peeking out from one of the sides. A night guard walked by, flashlight in hand. So that’s what the light had been. Holding his breath, the thief of the night waited a moment until the night guard moved onto the next room. Gracefully, he polished the wall around the Mona Lisa, to check for wall traps. No, there were none. Good, that made it all so much easier. Then, he sprayed the room around it for infared lasers. Nope, why was it so hard to steal this painting then? Were the other theives just plain stupid? He stared back at the Mona Lisa, and it stared back at him. It was just so wonderful, and it would be worth the effort. He would be rolling in dough by the time he sold it. To the highest bidder of course. He looked around again, making sure there were no more night guards. And, what do you know, there wasn’t. It was just pitiful; being caught by them would take effort. The thief glanced back at the Mona Lisa again before sighing and heading back out the window. He just couldn’t do it, not from this museum. Taking one last glance at the missed opportunity, the thief of the night made his way outside again, strolling down the empty midnight streets. Great, now he was the one missing things… Pretty much exactly 300 words. I did this pretty quickly because I nearly forgot about it, so sorry about the cheeziness or mistakes. It's not that good at all.
1/17/2007 #13
Lily of the FireBlade
Hmm. 327 words; good. You only had two misspelled words that I myself could find: infRared, and thIEves. There weren't many grammatical errors. The flow was better than some, but not the greatest. On your final task as a Youngling I give you a an 8.5 out of 10, because of spelling errors and flow. Pretty good otherwise though. You say cheesy, and probably so, but cheesiness doesn't detract from your value. Not a bad plot in the least, young apprentice. On average, for your whole time as a Youngling (Your average isn't done mathmatically) is about an 8 out of 10, which is rather good for a Youngling. I have been pretty easy on you so far, because you are still learning. Well, we ALL are still learning, for there is always something to learn. We all make mistakes, so that is why I do not grade on perfection. You will find that even myself makes typos. Watch your step, for things shall become harder for you, young grasshopper. Lily of the FireBlade hereby announces that TigerOfTheSpear has graduated from the rank of Youngling to the rank of Learner. I shall give you the name of your Master in a few days, for I am horribly busy, and am going to be taking many plane rides in the next couple of days.
1/18/2007 . Edited 1/18/2007 #14
I am a youngling, new to the idea of writing my own characters. I have become somehow well known on our bretheren site, fanfiction .net, but I am increasingly agitated with how much harder it is to portray your own characters. *bow* Please teach me. I will accept almost any task.
10/14/2007 . Edited 10/14/2007 #15
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