Adventures Among the Stars
A RP filled with android babes, space aliens, wormholes, spaceships and the occasional dark overlord seeking to destroy every life-bearing planet in order to take over the universe. This is a sci-fi RP were anything is possible so grab your laser shooters, lightsabers or maybe even your magic screwdriver and join in the fun!
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Full Name:




Eye Color:

Hair Color:

Skin Color:




Place of Birth:

Currently Living In:



Love interest:



One Good Quality:

One Bad Quality:




Abilities/Special Powers: Back story:


If you have any problems with filling out any of the areas for your OC just let me know.

I will allow you to add a link for the appearance if your OC if you want.

Please do not RP with your OC until I have accepted them. :)

6/4/2013 #1

Full Name: Victoria Virginia Montgomery

Nicknames: None

Age: 245 but looks 17

Gender: female

Eye Color, Hair Color, Skin Color: rls-042.jpg

Height: 5' 7"

Weight: 112

D.O.B: July 14

Place of Birth: Gallifrey- has bright, silver-leafed trees and a burnt orange sky at night, vast mountain ranges with fields of deep red grass, capped with snow. The rocks were red, brown and purple and gold. The pathetic little patches of sludgy snow were shining white; shining white in the sunlight. The sun would rise in the south and the mountains would shine, with the silver-leafed trees looking like a forest on fire in the mornings. (Got all of this from- )

Currently Living In: Earth

Personality: Victoria is a blunt b*tch. That's the nicest way to put it. Her attitude did not change at all when she enlisted herself in the Marine's, although she did gain more respect for federal authority. Although Victoria is cold and unreadable on the outside, she does have a good heart and she does everything with the truest intentions. She is quick to volunteer, not wanting to put others in danger. She has ADHD though, which she was diagnosed with when she was four, while her mother was still alive. The ADHD although actually helps herself think clearer, and she does work well under pressure.


Mom: Layla Montgomery (Queen; deceased)

Dad: Rodrick Montgomery (King; OD on drugs; deceased)

Love interest:

She is looking for 'the one' but has yet to find him. She just wants some one to be with it.


Enemies: None yet

One Good Quality: Her actions are always true-hearted and se is loyal to those who are loyal to her

One Bad Quality: She stays blocked off from most people, though if you are from a planet she has made allies with she will be a little more open

Hobbies: shooting, tracking animals and hunting them; though she always lets them go,

Interests: Trying out new weaponry, the military when she visits new planets

Dislikes: authority. (teachers, parents)

Abilities/Special Powers: whatever she draws can come to life in her hand and she has acute sneses

Back story: Victoria had a fairly normal childhood in the lower class. Money was a problem, but it wasn't a gigantic problem, unlike some of the other people she has met and gone to school with. In her school, she was considered one of the loners. She didn't really have many friends, thanks to her b*tchy and blunt attitude, though she rarely cared what others thought. To say the least, she didn't have much of a social life.

Home wasn't that better either. Her mother had died when she was five, and her father had just lost it since. He had taken to illeagal drugs and drinking and smoking. Victoria took every chance she could get to get out of the house, though sometimes that got her in trouble. Her b*tchy attitude towards things and her complete disrespect to authority was the cause for that, as she usually found herself sitting in detention or suspended from school for certain periods of time. Barely, she had managed to get past High School and graduation with As and Bs.

Her life got better after graduation. She enlisted herself in the Marine's and was top of her class at snipering. Although she never got to see any actual battles, she found out after her second year as a Marine sniper that her father had OD and killed himself.

Extra: Always carries her sniper gun inside her coat. She also carries a knife in her boot. She can tell if a person is human or not, a special sense passed down from her people. She has two hearts, which makes it harder for her to die and she is very advanced at fighting, always beating the best Marine's in her unit; even the men.

57.33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 333333333333

6/5/2013 . Edited 6/15/2013 #2

It looks good so far but don't forget to go back and add to her background. Thanks :)

You must multiply her age by 7 divided by 3 and then add the number of characters in your username.

6/5/2013 #3

Alright, question though.

Umm... what do you mean by qualities?

and enemies and friends and allies?

6/6/2013 . Edited 6/6/2013 #4
Qualities means something about their personality or person that's either good. Ex. A good quality would be that they're always nice to someone. A bad quality would be that they always lie to people because they don't want to hurt their feelings. Enemies, friends, and allies are just like it sounds. Do they have any enemies, friends or allies? If she doesn't, don't worry about filling that section out.
6/6/2013 #5


Where do they live btw? Like on Earth or random planets or...?

6/6/2013 . Edited 6/6/2013 #6
They can live on Earth or you can make up a planet. But if you do create a planet, describe it briefly. A few sentences is okay, you don't have to go into detail.
6/6/2013 #7


6/6/2013 #8
Vesper Solitaire


6/9/2013 . Edited 8/12/2013 #9


6/9/2013 #10
Vesper Solitaire

Hi! :)

You wouldn't happen to know if the admin's around, would you? I know it's barely been 15 minutes, but it's been ages since I've done a sci-fi RP. XD

6/9/2013 #11
You have filled out all of the requirements and your character seems realistic and well-rounded. You are accepted. However, Myth, I have not accepted you yet because you have not filled everything out. Until then you do, you can not RP.
6/9/2013 #12

What the heck have I not filled out? I filled out everything

6/9/2013 #13
Nevermind. You're good. Go have fun! Though unfortunately, I will be gone until next week Saturday so I won't be able to join you two. But please, don't be afraid to go ahead without me and start RPing. :)
6/9/2013 #14
Vesper Solitaire

Thanks! :)

Are you sure you don't want us to wait? It's your RP after all, and only two people can get a little slow sometimes. It's always more fun with at least three. XD

6/9/2013 #15
No, it's okay. I really want you to get bored while I'm gone.
6/9/2013 #16
Vesper Solitaire

Okay, if you're sure. XD I'll move to the chat topic now. :)

6/9/2013 #17

Full Name: Zoae Sparkings

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 380 in Earthen years but looks about 18

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Hazel but turns into a glowing green when she uses her powers.

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: Olive

Height: 5'8

Weight: 145

D.O.B: May 8th

Place of Birth: In the town of Pacem in the country of Isolitor on planet Terra Minor. Terra Major is made up of mostly softly rolling plains. It has many oceans, lakes, a few forests, and physical land features much like Earth. Terra Major is the sister planet to Terra Minor. They orbit each other while circling their star. The people on the separate planets are very hostile with each other, Terra Major considering the inhabitants of Terra Minor to be inferior, hence the name Terra Minor. Terra Major and Terra Minor are similar and different, Terra Minor being less advanced and more heavily forested. Terra Majors citizens have the power over heat and fire while Terra Minors developed the ability to control bio-electricity and density shifting, as well as the ability to fly. But Terra Minors' powers are diminished by fire and heat and this is one of the main reasons that the Terras are so at war with each other.

Currently Living In: A friendly Camalian military starship, the Stella B OS

Personality: She's a fierce and determined warrior who doesn't take shit from no one but she has a caring demeanor as well. She likes to have a laugh or two but when it comes to mortal combat or military-like situations, she becomes a commanding general.


Mother: Margenir Terrian (deceased)

Father: Koz Sparkings (A Camalian palace guard and a drunk)

Love interest: She prefers not to get into romantic relationships but she has a soft spot for her commanding officer and captain, Pan'nuck Peterson, a citizen of Terra Major.


Pan'nuck Peterson

Enemies: N/A

One Good Quality: Zoae is a good fighting buddy. She's loyal and will always have your back, no matter the situation.

One Bad Quality: Zoae can sometimes be too serious and she tends to chase away anybody who could care for her. For this reason, she has few friends.

Hobbies: Tracking and hunting (though she does not kill the animals she tracks), practicing various weaponry skills, running.

Interests: Weapons, biodiversity on every planet she visits.

Dislikes: Airheads or girls that are only interested in clothes, boys and looking pretty, people who kill animals just because they can.

Abilities/Special Powers: Zoae has the powers of both Terra people. Her mother was a Terra Minor and this give her the ability to control bio-electricity, density-shift and fly. Her father was Terra Major and this give her the ability to control fire and bend heat to her will. But like all Terra Majors, Zoae is weakened by ice and chill.

But she also has one special weakness. Zoae has the rare ability to use both of her parents powers, which is rare for any Terra half-breed but because of this, the two different Terra powers fight against each other for control. If Zoae uses either power, she can become light-headed. But she has managed to control this dizziness. The real problem is if she were to use either form of magic for too long. It would begin to send a toxic through her veins, which shuts down her body's vital systems. For this reason, Zoae runs the risk of killing herself every time she uses her powers.

Back story: Zoae's parents weren't in love. Her mother, a Terra Minor, was raped by her father, a Camalian guard, who had been put on a military base in Terra Minor. Zoae was born and raised as a Terra Minor but always stuck out as an outsider, since she was half-breed Terra and had the tendency to get violent and agitated. When Zoae reached the age of 300, her mother died due to heatstroke. Having nowhere to go and practically being shunned by her camp, she boarded a cargo ship and headed towards Terra Major, hoping that she would have more luck with her father's people. Once she landed in the capital of Camalia, Helicon, she immediately tried out to become a soldier for the Camalian Guard on the planet Terra Major.

She at first was laughed at by the men and frowned upon by the women but she shut them up quickly when she showed surprising skill at most forms of combat. After seeing this, Pan'nuck Peterson, the surprisingly young Captain of the Camalian Guard, allowed Zoae to join the Camalian Royal Guards. He also managed to get the Council of the Nine, a cabinet of nine officials that advise the queen of Camalia, to grant her full Camalian citizenship.

Pan'nuck and Zoae get along well and Pan'nuck treats her as a wingman but Zoae, over time, develops a crush on him. This causes some conflict between her and Jaenirra Flame, the princess of Camalia and Pan'nuck's crush, as well as other Court girls who have their sights set on Pan'nuck.

Extra: She is familiar with various kinds of weapons, both immortal and mortal, and knows how to use them efficiently. She's hardwired and trained for battle and rarely is beaten in any sort of combat, making her a worthy opponent.

Zoae is also a vegetarian, as it s custom not to eat an living animal on her planet.

A little bio for Zoae's planets:

Terra Major is made up of mostly softly rolling plains. It has many oceans, lakes, a few forests, and physical land features much like Earth.

Terra Major is the sister planet to Terra Minor. They orbit each other while circling their star.

The people on the separate planets are very hostile with each other, Terra Major considering the inhabitants of Terra Minor to be inferior, hence the name Terra Minor.

Terra Major and Terra Minor are similar and different, Terra Minor being less advanced and more heavily forested. Most Terra Minors are nomadic and live in camps that they set up and live in for two months to a year, depending on the circumstances, before moving on.

Terra Majors citizens have the power over heat and fire while Terra Minors developed the ability to control bio-electricity and density shifting, as well as the ability to fly. But Terra Minors' powers are diminished by fire and heat and this is one of the main reasons that the Terras are so at war with each other.

6/15/2013 #18

Q n Q I wish I could have detailed character submissions like that...

question though. So what are her weaknesses? I mean I saw the one with how her powers can be toxic to her but what about the weaknesses that her enemies can use against her? I mean everyone has some... Just asking :P and I just skimmed so I may have missed something

6/15/2013 #19
She can't be in cold or windy weather. It weakens her. Also, she has an mortal weakness, meaning if you shot her or stab her with a knife, she's going to die.
6/15/2013 #20

Ohhhh alrighty!!!!!

6/15/2013 #21
The Last One Left 0

Full Name: Railea Sade

Nicknames: Lea

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Eye Colour: Red

Hair Colour: Black with bleached tips

Skin Colour: Pale

Height: 1.6 metres

Weight: 47 kilograms

D.O.B: February 19

Place of Birth: Earth(because her mother was there at the time)

Currently Living In: Her ship. All her extra money goes towards it.

Personality: Lea is very cynical and sarcastic. She doesn't care about anything unless it effects her, leaving most to think she's cruel. In reality she's seen the worst of the galaxy, so she's used to it. She is also unwilling for the most part to get close to people. In her experience people will betray you the second they have the chance, so she doesn't give it to them.

Family: She never knew her father: he didn't even know he got her mother pregnant. Her mother was poor and ditched Lea when she was 10, leaving her to fend for herself.

Love interest: None

Friends/Allies: Herself

Enemies: Anyone who hasn't proven themselves useful, though most who haven't harmed or helped her are ignored and not regarded as enemies, per say.

One Good Quality: A quick thinker.

One Bad Quality: Untrusting.

Hobbies: Working on and flying her ship.

Interests: Spacecraft in general.

Dislikes: People. Law enforcement specifically.

Abilities/Special Powers: Her race has naturally high intelligence so, though Lea doesn't show it, she is actually quite intelligent. She has a natural affinity for anything with an engine. Aside from that she's good at talking people into things and manipulating.

Back story: Lea was born on Earth. Her mother caught a ride on an outbound freighter ship. They bounced around the galaxy for ten years, her mother doing whatever necessary to keep them alive. After that time, however, she was given an offer she couldn't refuse. Slavers offered a large sum of money along with other benefits in exchange for Lea. Her mother never looked back. Over the next few years she bounced from owner to owner in black market slave rings. When she was 15 Lea ended up with a master who got caught. She was taken into police custody and nearly ended up in the foster care system. Vehemently against this idea she jumped out of the window of the room in the police station and went towards her former master's house. She took all the money he had left along with his valuable items. All of them were sold and Lea bought a ship. Soon after she was roped into the smuggling business. Working for various crime lords, she ended up making a comfortable living. Well, as comfortable as you can get when every second is spent looking over your shoulder.


Lea is an Evo. Their culture is rather xenophobic, especially hating humans. Lea, having grown up away from their influence doesn't share that belief. Their planet is cold (around 19c) so no Evo is happy in the hot weather. They are a race of innovators, possessing advanced technology that they refuse to share. Family is for the most part not cared about, most people taking a new last name when they come of age to separate themselves from their parents. However, most are loyal to those who do something good for them. Criminal trade is high because there is no welfare system and giving to the poor is considered unacceptable. Their culture strongly utilises the principle of social darwinism.

6/16/2013 #22
The Last One Left 0

Forgot to put the number....

Without spaces it's 88 1/3

6/16/2013 #23


Welcome aboard! :)

6/17/2013 #24
The Last One Left 0

Awesome, thanks.

6/17/2013 #25

Feel free to join in the RP fun.

6/17/2013 #26
The Last One Left 0

I'll look for a good spot.

6/17/2013 #27

Full Name: Pan'nuck Peterson

Nicknames: Pan

Age: 420 but looks to be in his early twenties.

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Orange

Skin Color: A tanned gold.

Height: 6'5

Weight: 260

D.O.B: July 25th

Place of Birth: Helicon, the capital of Camalia on Terra Major

Currently Living In: The royal palace in Camalia

Personality: Pan'nuck is a full-blown trickster with a love for laughs and women. Always flirting with a rugged smirk, he is immediately likable. But he often hides behind this facade even when he's scared, angry or sad. Besides being funny and playing pranks, he is kind, brave and ready to help someone no matter if they are the good guy. Or the bad one.


Mother: Marian Darlian (The town healer and close friends with the queen of Camalia.)

Father: Samuel Peterson (A deceased Earthling)

Little Sister: Wenda Peterson

Love interest: The princess of Camalia, Jaenirra Flame.


Zoae Sparkings and others.

Enemies: Every criminal in the 24th Division.

One Good Quality: He's an incredibly good friend to have and knows how to have a good time.

One Bad Quality: He can sometimes take his pranks or jokes a little too far and he might end up hurting someone's feelings.

Hobbies: N/A

Interests: Girls, food, climbing trees, playing with his knives, and drinking.

Dislikes: People who are mean or rude, naturally. He also dislikes people who pick on the scrawny kid or the person who's different from the others.

Abilities/Special Powers: He has none but he is extremely skilled with any form of combat or weaponry, especially with knives.

Back story: (You might want to check out Zoae's bio if you don't get this.)

Pan was born in the city of Helicon, capitol of Camalia on the planet Terra Major. His mother was the town's healer and good friends with the queen of Camalia, mostly because her grandmother was on the Council of the Nine. Pan's father was an Earthen diplomat visiting Terra Major.

Pan's parents fell in love and Pan's father decided to stay on Terra Major and establish connections and alliances between the Terras and Earth. Later on, Pan's parents had him and then his little sister, Wenda, a few years later.

Pan and his sister became good friends with the princess of Camalia, Jaenirra Flame. And life was good.

But when Pan was seven and his sister was two, their father's work building was attacked by a terrorist group from a neighboring planet. (Not Terra Minor.) Pan's father, including many of the people inside, were killed.

Pan then vowed from that day forward that he would protect his planet by becoming a soldier. And he did. Pan trained extremely hard over the years, learning fighting techniques and how to use various kinds of weapons from modern to more ancient kinds, like swords and bows and arrows, but he prefers his knives to anything.

Pan began to work his way up the ranks and with help from his various connections with the royal family and other important figures, became the youngest Captain of the Royal Camalian Guard, though he prefers to be treated as any regular guy.


He wears green most of the time.

Pan'nuck does not have many things that he fears because he usually hides them with a smirk or joke but he is afraid of snakes. His weakness is Jaenirra because ever since they were kids, he had a crush on her and was willing to do anything.

Pan has a bad habit of getting drunk sometimes. Don't let him walk into a bar because he'll probably leave hopelessly drunk with a girl to take home.

This is what he looks like: -interests-name-is.html&docid=WYd9qPDLWLyNWM&imgurl= AAAAAAAAAOU/CpKz1HlFHss/s1600/Dean.png&w=500&h=500&ei=jHDxUPrWHYiz2gXzs4GQDg&zoom=1&iact=hc&vpx=334&vpy=152&dur=6044&hovh=225&hovw=225&tx=136&ty=106&sig=116515425307853813059&page=1&tbnh=138&tbnw=142&start=0&ndsp=48&ved=1t:429,r:3,s:0,i:91

6/17/2013 . Edited 6/17/2013 #28

Full Name: James di Angelo

Nicknames: N/A

Age: 474 (looks about 20 though)

Gender: male

Eye Color: dark blue

Hair Color: black as night

Height: 6'0"

Weight: about average for a 20 year old who works out everyday

D.O.B: May 25

Place of Birth: Gallifrey; the palace

Currently Living In: No where, he roams around the galaxy in his ship

Personality: James has a slight personality issue. He can be super friendly and mischievous and perky, then the next thing you know he is all 'i'm a bish' with a sharp tongue and a comeback for every remark. Though that doesn't happen often, it will happen if something happens to any of his friends. He will snap you in half like a twig. Despite all that though, he can be very... goofy. He hardly takes anything seriously but still gets the job done and better than others would have

Family: N/A dead

Love interest: he has a crush on Victoria, though neither one of them are aware of it.

Friends/Allies: Victoria.

Enemies: bounty hunters

One Good Quality: he is almost always perky and cheery, a loyal friend

One Bad Quality: as quick as saying quick, he can turn into a massive over-protective bish

Hobbies: N/A

Interests: he loves mechanical engineering, is a whizz with a computer, goofing around

Dislikes: N/A

Abilities/Special Powers: James, like all people from Gallifrey, has enhanced senses that come in handy when he is working on his ship, making repairs and advancements. He is also extremely strong. Like superman type strong, although he rarely uses his strength violently, unless he is being threatened or someone is threatening his friends.

Back story: (I'll get to this soon but he is the son of a noble who lived in the Gallifrein castle)

Extra: He is an excellent pilot

He always wears combat boots. You touch his combat boots and he will make sure you don't have hands to touch them anymore

6/17/2013 #29

Full Name: Maximillian Orphia

Nicknames: Max

Age: 215 (looks 20)

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Blonde

Skin Color: White

Height:170 cm

Weight: 150

D.O.B: January 13th

Place of Birth: Kornell - Capital planet of the Kornellian Federation; it is a democratic power spanning three solar systems. The Federation capital of Kornell is a teeming metropolis with towering structures and happy people, while the other planets differ in function from mining, commerce or simply tourist destinations offering beautiful forests and white beaches untarnished by the sound of starship engines.

The Kornellian Federation, through the use of long range telescopes and deep-space probes, have been aware of the existence of "Earth" for a few decades by now, but they did not have the technology to attempt to travel or make contact there - until recently.

Currently Living In: his ship, the Impatient Vulture

Personality: Maximillian is an excitable fellow, who's love for adventure was what led him to his current situation in the first place. If you manage to befriend him - overcoming, at the very least, a slowly thinning language barrier, then you will find this infamous pirate to be simply a free-spirited, almost playful captain.

Family: His mother and father both remain in the Kornellian Federation

Love interest: None

Friends/Allies: Berenene Frost

Enemies: Various law-enforcement and military factions of this area

One Good Quality: He is honourable and will keep any promise or oath he makes.

One Bad Quality: He is prone to misunderstandings and tends to judge a whole from an unfortunate few

Hobbies: Believe it or not, this infamous pirate is a fan of video gaming... when he's not busy exploring new planets and cultures.

Interests: exploration and foreign/alien cultures

Dislikes: having to fight through language barriers, people who attack him

Abilities/Special Powers: Maximillian is cunning, often performing one-ship ambushes or hit and run tactics. He also knows basic ship engineering, although not enough to be able to solve his problem.

Back story: Maximillian's taste of adventure led him to join the Kornellian Military Fleet the moment he was of age, and he was found to have a thirst for exploration which was just the kind the Federation wanted - the type of exploration that would lead to new friends and allies, proving that they were not alone.

After a few years of successful service, Maximillian, now moderately well-known, was selected to be the test-pilot of the newly developed system: The KM "shinsekai" chou-kyori uchuu tenni souchi (KM (Kornellian Military) "New World" Long-distance space warp device). On board his ship, Maximillian activated the system and, sure enough, he disappeared of Kornellian radar. It was then, however, that Maximillian became the first to discover a fatal flaw in the system - it could only work once before malfunctioning. Essentially stranded in an alien sector - and not that close to earth, on top of those troubles - he attempted to contact the nearest planet.

Perhaps later on, when they discover that their actions were the beginnings of a great misunderstanding, maybe, just maybe, the Evo would shrug and say "hey, he looked human."

Damaging two Evo ships during his escape from what Maximillian did not know was a very xenophobic people, he fled and wandered the area, under the impression that Earth had no intentions of friendly relations with any outside source. He did consider the fact that, hey, he was an alien ship with armed weapons, but he found their response to be just a tad too judgemental and premature. Shifting his focus from exploration to survival, Maximillian switched his activities to pirating: he would attack cargo ships, demand their goods and leave. If they resisted, well, he would fight back.

Extra: The Impatient Vulture, being an exploration ship, is still armed with weapons but it's main advantage is it's speed. It's long-distance warp drive can be repaired, but Maximillian does not know how to acquire the parts - especially not in this area, where the very technology of space travel is too different and while can be used to repair minor damage, Max cannot use locally procured parts to repair the system.

507.66 repeating

6/17/2013 . Edited 6/17/2013 #30
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