Adventures Among the Stars
A RP filled with android babes, space aliens, wormholes, spaceships and the occasional dark overlord seeking to destroy every life-bearing planet in order to take over the universe. This is a sci-fi RP were anything is possible so grab your laser shooters, lightsabers or maybe even your magic screwdriver and join in the fun!
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Great Bio. Most people only write a paragraph or two and leave it at that. Accepted. WELCOME ABOARD!
6/28/2014 #151

Thanks :D And don't worry, I take pride in putting detail into my sheets, so you can probably expect this from most future characters :D

6/28/2014 #152
Awesome. You can post on RP 2 to Introduce your character.
6/28/2014 #153

I'll assume there are no problems regarding the stowaway idea?

6/28/2014 #154
6/28/2014 #155

Full Name: Howard Zola

Nicknames: Howie Zola, The Nagasaki Phoenix

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Bright Chartreuse

Hair Color: Fair Brown

Skin Color: Pale Caucasian

Height: 5'5''

Weight: 120lbs

D.O.B: August 6th

Place of Birth: Alaska-5/"Juneau"

Currently Living In: N/A

Personality: Howie is a rather quiet young man, who's experiences in the past couple of years have left him rather shaken in spirit and emotion, so he often seems awkward or distracted when spoken to. Indeed, he seems very much like he's an automatic a lot of the time, only smiling a little and not having too much emotion to his voice beyond uncertainty and nervousness. In most kinds of high pressure situations, he tends to rely on the guidance and protection of others, as he has no kind of combat training at all. What Howie can relax about immensely, is talking about flying, the joys of piloting and different makes of spacecraft, as well as their design. He loves to fly, particularly in faster and more mobile craft, enjoying flying antics and trickery, that many would consider risky and reckless, and endangering his own life. Howie, however, relishes the thrill of flight, and his reflexes in high pressure situations when he is a pilot are admirable, and he feels very confident with flight controls, so he does not panic and stays cool in the face of danger... but only if he is the one flying.

Family: Franklin Zola (Father - Disowned), Velise Zola (Mother), Sarah Zola (Sister)

Love interest: N/A

Friends/Allies: N/A

Enemies: Alaska-System Peacekeepers

One Good Quality: Confident in his abilities

One Bad Quality: Easily intimidated

Hobbies: Pilot Simulations, Ship Design, Reading

Interests: Racing, Flight Tricks, Reading Novels

Dislikes: Drinking, Drugs, Doubt

Abilities/Special Powers: As a Luminessian, Most of Howie's body, in particular his eyes, mouth and nails, have light-emitting properties. These particular parts of his body seem to have a constant low glow to them. Depending on his mood or his surroundings, the glow will steadily increase in brightness, not just in these specific parts but also across his skin and hair, effectively making him a walking torch. His glowing aura is a light green colour. Besides these biological attributes, Howie is a very keen pilot of racing and fighter craft, enjoying their speed and maneuverability, and has raced enough times to be pretty confident in his own flying prowess. He is also a bit of an apprentice at ship design, and prefers to have a personal touch to any craft in his possession.

Back story: Howie Zola is a Luminessian, a kind of human species whose bodies possess light emitting properties. One of two children of his parents, Howie was born and raised on the planet Juneau, in the Alaska system. The Alaska system's star was so dim that most planets were either extensively or perpetually dark, which is one of the ways that the Luminessians were well suited to the enviroments. Howie is one year younger than his sister, Sarah Zola. Howie always dreamed of being a pilot, his father being a frieghter company's cargo pilot, and his mother was a shipwright that designed ships for the Alaska system's enviroments. He spent most of his childhood playing simulated games and watching the ships cross the dark skies of his home. He got into racing at an early age, and with help from his sister, and a little help from his mother, he designed and built his own racing ship, which he named the Nagasaki Phoenix. However, Howie was too young for officially sanctioned races and so started sneaking off to perform in illigitimate shady races through dangerous or restricted areas. Through this association with criminal activity, Howie accidentally got himself involved with a drink and drug addiction, badly affecting his perfomance, but giving his craft psychedelic upgrades that also helped, making him last longer in a race somehow, becoming quite good, better if he wasn't so high or stoned most of the time. He became one of the best racers in the Alaska system, untill he crashed his racing ship into the communications arrary of a naval crusier, before crash-landing on one of the Alaskan planets. The incident shook him up very badly, and he learned that he had been identified and branded as a terrorist. His father publically disowned him, causing a rift in his parent's relationship. Certain to face prison time regardless of his intentions, Howie realized that he needed to get away from the Alaska system, and thanks to help from Sarah and his mother, he was able to get a transport ship away to another system. He offered his services as a pilot to a few places but lacked credentials, so few were prepared to take him. Although now aboard a larger ship, he himself prefers smaller crafts, almost fighter crafts even, but his skill is evident. He has cleaned up from his addictions since his rather terrifying crash, and is constantly redesigning and dreaming of rebuilding his beloved Nagasaki Phoenix.

Extra: Howie's nails, tounge, and the general inside of his body, are a light green colour, and his tounge, and mouth, can sometimes glow. Being used to darkness, Howie is often seen wearing sunglasses to shield his eyes. ()

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7/14/2014 #157

Thank ya's :D I have one more guy to do, a womanizing engineer, before I'm gonna give it a rest on character creations for a while :)

7/14/2014 #158

Full Name: Ytara Scarmiglione

Nicknames: Ytara

Age: 29

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Onyx Black (Completely)

Hair Color: Pink (Fine quills, not hair)

Skin Color: A mixture of mostly pink coloured, scale-like skin, and light grey.

Height: 6'

Weight: 130lbs

D.O.B: December 1st

Place of Birth: Oasis Station

Currently Living In: N/A

Personality: Ytara is a rather severe woman, seeming somewhat jaded and certainly cynical. She doesn't bother at all to hide her rather austere views and opinions. Whilst this doesn't make her particularly popular or a great socializer, it does underlie her honesty, which may be brutal and blunt, but it cannot be said that she does not say exactly what she thinks. She is very focused when her mind is set to a task, and she doesn't appreciate distractions or small talk. She can seem somewhat robotic in her indifference to people. However, despite her severity, she is an excellent comrade, and can be suprisingly selfless towards others when it matters. She has a pragmatic and analytical mind, but has a soft soul very deep down, and has an appreciation for natural landscapes filled with life.

Family: Sacharissa Scarmiglione (Mother), Kaldreth Tor (Father)

Love interest: N/A

Friends/Allies: Nyento Lavernius (Mentor)

Enemies: Thermosapien Authorities

One Good Quality: Fairly Selfless

One Bad Quality: Socially barbaric

Hobbies: Creative Engineering, Exploring

Interests: Engineering, Science

Dislikes: Small talk, Stupid people

Abilities/Special Powers: As a thermosapien, even one raised as she was, Ytara's body has an extreme tolerance for heat, and seems more inclined to thrive in hot enviroments. Conversely, she dislikes cold and lower temperatures, although her body can hold a suprising amount of heat for a while, before she starts to feel the cold, and she feels it hard. She has a lower freezing point than normal humans.

Back story: Ytara Scarmiglione is a member of the Thermosapiens, a reptile-esque species that hails from the aptly named Dragon's Mouth system. However, Ytara is a little more unique amongst her species as she is the first, and so far, only thermosapien that was born and raised on a space station and not one of Dragon's Mouth's planets. In fact, her exposure to the immense sun itself was kept fairly minimal. This is what has resulted in the pink colouration of her hardy, scale-like skin. (Typically, Thermosapiens' skin colours are only within shades of brown and grey). Ytara was essentially raised as a scientific experiment, from a species that were mostly industrial in nature, due to their planets being rich in resources.

Ytara gradually grew to resent her childhood, as she felt that was she being locked away from the world and forced to grow up the way she was being guided to. Despite the fact that she was raised to be a very competent scientist, Ytara could not stand being locked up and tried multiple times to escape. Her conviction was so relentless that eventually she was allowed to go planetside. The sun burned her skin and the heat was almost unbearable, but Ytara relished what she felt was a victory. Ytara was still constantly forced into scientific endevours, but she eventually began to find loopholes as she used her scientific skills to ascend the thermosapien social hierarchy. She started to take self-defence lessons after appointing a mentor for herself, as well as other rather physical exercises. This was all adding up, however, and eventually, Ytara attempted to escape from her home system. She was barely caught, and forced into real confinement. The justification was that she was one of the thermosapien's most prestigious scientists, and also a scientific endevour herself, learning how the thermosapien body reacted to minimal sunlight exposure. Ytara was busted out by her self-defence mentor, Nyento, who managed to have her smuggled offworld and out of the system at great personal risk. Ytara left behind the Dragon's Mouth system and has not looked back, except to think about Nyento's fate. Using her scientific and technological knowledge, she was able to keep herself afloat, although she certainly wasn't used to being treated like a common civilian outside her system. She has served onboard a few private ships as an engineer and as a science officer, but each time she was fired after one voyage for her rather uptight personality. She is now aboard yet another ship, serving as one of it's engineers.

Extra: If you have trouble visualizing her, just try and imagine these two pictures together as one entity. () and ()

7/26/2014 #159
7/26/2014 #160

Name: Jedifre

Nicknames: X (Could be called Jed.)

Age: 31

Gender: M

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: A black Obsidion

Height: 5'8

Weight: 190

D.O.B: August 12

Place of Birth:

Currently Living In:


Jedifre is an earnest man. Jedifre is very laid back in the way that a member of the upper class is. There is an age and experience to him that permeates into his language and dedicates itself to his forms. He is serious, but smiles a lot, and is friendly at times. He takes his work very seriously and his students very seriously, but knows not to take himself too seriously.

That being said, Jedifre does have a malicious side to him. Although he earnestly believes what he does say, he has a tendency to avoid topics and become jealous of those who seem more masculine than he does. He is strikingly beautiful, but his muscles are curved and not jagged and he is conscious of the facts. Also, his personality is less than what is considered manly and he hates for it to be brought up.

Family: Parents deceased.

Love interest: None to speak of.

Friends/Allies: The others of his council of Viziers. Most people of his race he generally agrees with and is humble and gracious towards, considering them of an equal or higher standing having elected/chosen him to the council.

Enemies: Pirates.

One Good Quality: A kind man.

One Bad Quality: Quick to cover his flaws.

Hobbies: Reading, Language, Music,

Interests: Politics


Really hates the sound of tape squeaking against itself. He hates masculine men, again, because he gets jealous. He also hates masculine women, just because it emphasizes that he cannot be that. Although these are first impressions, he can get around them.

Abilities/Special Powers: Smart. Very intelligent.

Back story:

Jedifre only ever had a mother when he was growing up. When his father left before he was born he assumed it was because of his mother's sexuality. He was bullied often for his character and for his strange concoction of characteristics. He had to get tough.

After years of determination people eventually stopped picking on him because even though he was strange to look at, he was handsome in his own way and muscular. Now he works to maintain his looks and if flattered can become rather cocky of them

Extra: Kinda looks like Jesse Williams


Full Name: Mannette

Nicknames: X

Age: 17

Gender: F

Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Blonde

Skin Color: Pale

A young lady of no more than seventeen, in a riding-cloak, and still holding her straw traveling-hat by it's ribbon in her hand. She was a short, slight, pretty figure, with a quantity of golden hair, and a pair of blue eyes that met his with an inquiring look, and a forehead with a singular capacity of lifting and knitting itself into an expression that was not quite one of perplexity, or wonder, or alarm, or merely bright fixed attention, though it included all four of these expressions.

Mannette's race does not have a name due to the fact there are so few of them left. They are characterized by dark and dramatic facial features and eat in different amounts of nutrients than humans, needing more sugar and carbohydrates and less proteins. They are also thin but stronger depending on what planet they are on since the gravity is different.


Weight: 116lbs

D.O.B: January 19th

Place of Birth: Tri-Eze System

Currently Living In: Actually, living with Jedifre


Mannette is a smart woman who is learning to assert herself and opinions logically through conversation. She is sly and also imposing through her character alone. Despite her age she has an aura of authority, and would like to work in the military. She often tries to sneak Jedifre into doing things for her, but most of the time that doesn't work.

Mannette can also be a very simple and happy person when with Jedifre, who never tries to trick her. She trusts him entirely, and her jibes are only teases. He raised her since the age of six.

Family: Parents deceased.

Love interest: X

Friends/Allies: Jedifre

Enemies: Channelle Riswald - a woman upstairs who is trying to get her arrested for being a foreigner.

The Ramanof - Space aliens all of dark rock color.

One Good Quality: Good at working out of traps.

One Bad Quality: Curious. Not cautious. Blunders into bad situations. Stuck up in her manner but not in her heart.

Hobbies: Reading, puzzles/games, art

Interests: Military Activities, Exercise, Discipline

Dislikes: Actually coming across people that are like her, from her galaxy.

Abilities/Special Powers: Stronger than the average human.

Back story:

She was abandoned on the planet of mystics at age six by her parents who were killed out of spite and war.

Extra: Clara Delevinge is the model that sorta looks like her.

8/12/2014 . Edited 8/12/2014 #161
Your characters look good and I would accept them but I'm going to have to ask you to tweak a few things. First off, if your characters are not Mystician, they cannot be on Deloria. Mystics are pure energy beings that are very hostile towards anything and everything that is not a Mystic. And since there are only fifteen Mystics (though one has been added) it would be impossible for your character to be a Mystic. However, if you feel that it would be impossible for your character to be anything but Mystician or live anywhere but in Deloria, then please consult DJShanaynay as she is the rightful creator the Mystics and Deloria and decides what is canon and what is not.
8/12/2014 #162
Actually there are lots of Mystics, Em. There are only 15 Pure Mystics. I'm on my phone so I can't go into full detail quite right now.
8/12/2014 #163
I was referring to the Mystics on the council. Her male OC would not be able to be one unless she was willing to take a Mystic that has already been created.
8/12/2014 #164

Alright. Here's my fix. New race. And maybe they just so happen to be testing out some sort of ship and crash? Or run into someone?

Name of Species: Ra'hap'shire

General Appearance of Species: They are uncommonly tall and lean, with skin like rock blocks and features so smooth or rough that they could look anywhere from marble to sandstone. They are made of the earth.

Common Personality Traits:

Like humans, each Ra'hap'shire has it's own personality and breeding to go with their race. The Ra'hap'shire however are unusually quiet and shy for the most part and have tunnels far underground to escape the calls of their enemies. Even the stupidest Ra'hap'shire is worth ten humans.

Current Government(s):

What can only be described as a complete Greek Democracy. Every person gets one vote for their representative, so it would be indirect representation. The president of the council is called the High Vizier and the other Ten are simply Viziers. There is one representative per state, but each representative has their own council of five Namars, who do the grunt statistics, determine what the population wants, the stuff like that, and take their own vote as to what they wish. So the Viziers count as ten, and each Namar counts as two when voting. The Namars also have their own house and each bill must be passed by both houses.

If the people do not agree with the ruling, they can bypass these two branches and elect the Ra'Seti(s) to serve as their voice in testifying for an appeal. The Viziers are very wise however and this never normally happens. If they remain firm in their stance the people can kick out their Vizier by holding immediate election.

The only one person safe in office is the High Vizier, who is replaced when he dies.

Level of Technological Advancement: Highly Advanced

Area of Expertise: Knowledge

Current World Wars: X

Home World: Tarkhan Imu

Life Expectancy: 200-600 years, depending on the body

Types of Rahapshire

Nubia: (Clay)

These are the peasantry. Unable to survive for much longer than 200 years, these people have resorted to thieving due to the fact they can change their faces at ease. They are also good at art, but not exactly the most intelligent.

The Nubians live on the face of the planet due to the fact they are so heavily discriminated against.

Dakhla: (Obsidian)

The Dakhla are very few and far between. They are an excellent military power, but so few are born that they serve more as tacticians, politicians, and advisors. They work well with the Asyut but do not relish it. If there was to be an overthrow it would be led by them.

The Dakhala are very rigid and improperly formed. They are beautiful and reflective in a dangerous way, with a trail of jagged edges leading down their backs like that of a lizard.

Fayum: (Bronze)

The middle class of the race. The only thing the Fayum can really do is hunt and gather and serve in the militia, which is why they are the planet's primary military. They help to regulate crime and are easily battered and fixed.

The Fayum are incredibly self conscious of their wounds and their attire, working as the middle class of the planet. They are not as pretty as some of their relatives nor as weak as sandstone. Survive about 300 years.

Hammamat: (Quartz)

The workforce of the planet. These are a simple happy people who only wish to do good and have a little bit of fun in return. They work regular hours in factories and in fields and are very much appreciated by all of the fellow races for what is on the inside.

The Hammamat people are thicker and shorter in stature and last about 250 years. When they die the morgue cuts them open and their remains are laid in the Quartz field, a large burial ground for these great people.

Gebel El-Silsila: (Jade)

The traders of the planet. They condense on what can only be described as the ultimate stock exchange and trade the entire galaxy's worth of stock and goods around. They are gifted at math and science and rival the Abu, who are more gifted in English and literature.

The Gebel El-Silsila are humble, and loud. They are mighty, with more round and beautiful features, elegant rather than humanoid, more slender then the Abu and not as human.

Abu: (Marble)

Since the Sinai had given up on their pursuits the Abu have taken forward. The Abu are great scholars, thinkers, philosophers, etc. They do what they do out of loyalty and good will for their fellow man, having condensed this good will philosophy through the ages.

The Abu are unnaturally tall, lean, and proportional. They make exceptional soldiers as well and are easily a Jack of all trades sort of race. They last a mediocre amount of time, but are slightly above the Kurkur in terms of class.

Kurkur: (Gold)

The Kurkur are engineers. Since gold is a conductor beyond no other, they have quite the advantage when working with other people. A lavish and noble group they tend to go overboard with almost costume like attire and makeup even on the males of their species. Very little clothing is worn due to the first layer of the world where they live being so hot.

The Kurkur are a proud and narcissistic people who believe they can do no wrong. They often work with the Abu to bring inventions and great works to life.

Asyut: (Made of Volcanic Ash)

These people are notoriously malicious and greedy. They flee with the wind and arrive in an instant, stealing from anyone they can. It is easy for them to escape by hopping up and down the river and allowing themselves to settle in this or that place on the floor or walls of the great river.

The Asyut are great at making weapons. If they worked with the Sinai they would be unstoppable, but the two hate each other far too much to have any sort of accord.

Darb El-Arba'in: (Sandstone)

These people also live on the surface of the planet with the Nubians. The Sandstone people are great architects and have all the materials they need. The face of the planet was not eroded over time to look magnificent, the Darb El-Arba'in took many years perfecting the look.

The Darb El-Arba'in are above being poor, but still not allowed under the surface other than for projects. They herd animals often times and live together in roaming towns, leaving behind them beautiful works of art coming from nomad life.

Sinai: (Diamond)

The most beautiful and unique of all the races. The Sinai live in the center of the earth in the palace built for the Viziers and Namars. There are very few of them to speak of and they like to be seen even less. Letting thieves take from the planet is a way of preserving these almost extinct people.

The Sinai are able to last far longer than any of their counterparts in normal conditions. However, it has become easier and easier to crack and kill them over time so they stay hidden.

8/12/2014 . Edited 8/12/2014 #165
Looks good. Accepted.
8/13/2014 #166
Josefina Stalin

Full Name: Lilliana "Romana" De la Orten III

Nicknames: Lillia

Age: 50

Gender: Female

Eye color: Green

Skin color: Blue

Height: 10'1

Weight: 250

D.O.B: July 10th

Place of birth: Russa

Currently living in: A large decommisoned Russan Star Explorer

Personality: Lilliana is a serious woman whom tries not to show emotion, as her culture sees public displays of any emotions "unneccessary". Under this serious exterior, she is a caring woman who is a bit too vulnerable. Lilliana has the emotions of a naive girl, thinking that she could fix everything and heal any wound.


Lillina De la Orten I (Father)

Hila Ona (Mother)

Kolina De La Orten II (Baby sister)

Love interest: None yet.

Friends/Allies: None

Enemies: Russan government and her family

One good quality: All those years of training has left her with excellent shooting abilities, but only with pistols.

One bad quality: All those years of training has also left her with a need to be ordered around.

Hobbies: Playing with her rubiks cube

Interests: Politics, weapon disarming and rearming, and taking care of her pet lizard

Dislikes: Her planet's government, insubordinance and heretics.

Ability/Special powers: Lilliana can break codes, her only limitation is that she needs to focus all her energy on breaking the code.

Backstory: Lilliana was born in a small village in the planet Russa. During her 3rd birthday, weird things happened and... a revolution began. Over days it got worse. Russan soldiers took Lilliana from her family and trained her to be both a soldier and a codebreaker, only for her to get a broken wrist from assault rifles and anything other than pistols. During the final days of the revolution, Lilliana and her squadmates were forced into the battlefield.

Scared for her life, Lilliana fought her way to a decommisioned Star Explorer and left. Before she left the planet, she was given a radio message from her family: She was forbidden to return to Russa or face execution.

Extra: She has a pet Urano lizard.

8/20/2014 . Edited 8/25/2014 #167
Your background and others are good but as for her appearance, it really would be impossible for a woman that is ten feet tall to only weigh a hundred pounds. Also, another thing. Her name. I have read Go Get A Roomie and it may be just a coincidence, but I feel you have copied the names of a few of the characters. I am willing to let this slide as long as you can come up with a legitimate reason as to why her nickname is Roomie.
8/21/2014 #168
Josefina Stalin

May I include pseudoscience in an attempt to explain the reason why she weighs the weight she does?

Also, I had a gypsy friend who wouldn't stop talking about Romania. And the firat name came to me when I was looking through my class photos during an unrelated situation. Nearly all the girls had the name Juli involved with their names, creepd me out a bit.

8/21/2014 #169

I'd like to hear you explain the science and those names really are too much of a coincidence.

8/21/2014 #170
Josefina Stalin

Excuse my absence.

Her species' organs do not take as much space in their bodies and are compact. All-purpose spongy matter takes up most of their body and they replace the nervous system (excluding the brain but not the spine.), urinary system, lymphatic and cardiovascular system. There are safeguards in their body that keep certain fluids from going in the wrong place (e.g: Blood in urinary system.)

I have others names and nicknames in mind for her if it seems too coincidental.

8/23/2014 #171

Thank you for the explanation though I think it would be better to make her a couple hundred pounds. Water is heavy, as is cartilage, especially when the person in 10 feet tall.

And as for her name, I don't care why you decided to call her that. What I care about is why other people call her Roomie and why she chose it as a nickname.

8/23/2014 #172
Josefina Stalin

How much? 10-20, 20-30?

I was spitballing. I was going to give her the nickname Joji until I talked myself out of it.

8/23/2014 #173
I was thinking about 250 pounds just because its logical. And as for nicknames, I still want a nickname reasoning other than just because. For example, instead of her nickname randomly being Roomie for no apparent reason, it would make more sense if her nickname was Lilly or Lil, since her real name is Lillian and these nicknames had a direct correlation to her actual name.
8/23/2014 #174
Josefina Stalin

The deed has been done.

8/25/2014 #175
Accepted. Welcome aboard! :)
8/25/2014 #176

Full Name: Anders Borden Frost

Nicknames: Dr. Red

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Greenish gold

Hair Color: Brown

Skin Color: Pale white

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 200 lbs

D.O.B: July 6

Place of Birth: On board the starship Executioner, of the Thalmor Wandering Empire.

Currently Living In: Is currently on board a stolen shuttlecraft, with no faster than light capabilities, in deep space.

Personality: Somewhat reserved, though kind and sympathetic, Frost takes great pleasure in helping other people with their problems, whether they be mental or physical. He suffers from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, causing panic attacks, irrational behavior, and other such issues when exposed to trigger events, which include, but are not limited to large crowds, displays of unnatural abilities, spiders, the dark, static electricity, and windows.

Family: None living. Was raised by his mother aboard the Executioner, at borderline poverty level status.

Love interest: None

Friends/Allies: None

Enemies: The Thalmor Empire, and associated police forces. The Empire has also placed a substantial bounty on his head, after his escape.

One Good Quality: Highly intelligent

One Bad Quality: Fearful of physical confrontations, following his.... incident

Hobbies: Chess, reading, extreme risk pilotry, fencing, writing.

Interests: Psychology, light music, starships, gourmet food

Dislikes: Spiders, androids, cybernetics and robotics, totalitarian governments, and peaches.

Abilities/Special Powers: Has no unnatural abilities. Frost is a skilled pilot, due to his off duty hobby of stunt flying, and is capable of operating and maintenance of unusual spacecraft and aircraft. During his duty in the Thalmor army, he was trained in basic rifle and pistol marksmanship, squad level tactics, and first aid. He is an accomplished therapist and psychologist, specializing in individuals suffering from combat and traumatic stress.

Back story:

His father unknown, Frost was born to a destitute, but caring mother, raised in the depths of a starship. In his youth, he attended what education he could, often laboring to provide additional money for his mother and himself, most notably at the fighting pits. After his mother's death, he enlisted in the Thalmor army at the age of 15.

Quickly graduating basic training, and assigned to a unit, Frost gained several commendations for courage in the line of duty, valor, and meritorious conduct under fire, in conflicts with the Thalmor's various enemies. At the rank of corporal, Frost was part of a scavenging force, assigned to provide security for the engineers, while they boarded a derelict ship, and collected what resources they could. Unfortunately, the ship was populated by a breed of genetically enhanced spiders, laced with cybernetics. Corporal Frost was the sole survivor of the resulting incident.

After his rescue by a larger force, he was deemed unfit for combat duty, and reassigned as a mental health specialist, where he found a measure of peace from his own nightmares, by helping other soldiers deal with theirs.

Frost was recently accused of introducing a self replicating nanotechnology into the water supply of a neighboring ship, an event that resulted in quarantine of the vessel, and subsequent destruction of it, and it's inhabitants, to prevent the 'Gray Death' from spreading. Claiming he had no knowledge or involvement, Frost was nevertheless sentenced to death by the Thalmor court.

Convincing one of the guards on his detail that he was innocent, Frost was able to escape custody, and commandeer a Thalmor boarding shuttle, and leave the fleet without detection, as it entered FTL travel, leaving him alone in a remote system.

But the shuttle has no faster than light capability, and any attempts to communicate with his long range equipment would be detected by the Thalmor fleet, alerting them to his position.

Extra: Frost is absolutely not a space cowboy, nor will he ever become one. He is currently stuck in a damaged shuttle, with no supplies, or means of long term survival, and would very much appreciate a rescue.

9/1/2014 #177
Accepted. Welcome aboard!
9/1/2014 #178
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