Adventures Among the Stars
A RP filled with android babes, space aliens, wormholes, spaceships and the occasional dark overlord seeking to destroy every life-bearing planet in order to take over the universe. This is a sci-fi RP were anything is possible so grab your laser shooters, lightsabers or maybe even your magic screwdriver and join in the fun!
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GO ABSOLUTELY CRAZY! THe universe is yours to explore. Anything is possible.

But please, keep the rules in mind. If you don't know the rules, I suggest you read them before you start. :)

6/4/2013 . Edited 6/4/2013 #1

(So when/how do I start off?

6/8/2013 #2
Vesper Solitaire

Sirion walked down the street, turquoise blue eyes as wide and inquisitive as any child's. He had just come from downtown Manhattan where his starship, the Valkyrie, was going through a small tune-up. Having explored the city for the past week, he was ready for a change of pace. He had hired a cab to take him out to a small, quiet suburb of New York, where he had been told that there was a national park and lots of wooded areas for him to enjoy.

But first, he needed a drink. A swinging sign caught his eye, and he shrugged to himself. Coffee? Eh, why not? Tea was his preferred drink, but Earth coffee might prove interesting, and he was curious.

6/9/2013 #3

Victoria only wished her spaceship was getting a tune up, if she had one that is. Funny how you miss your homeplanet sometimes, and it just makes you wanna cry for the loss. She doesn't like to talk about it, but her planet had been destroyed in a massive war. Only she and her parents had escaped. And they're dead. She is the only one left.

That's why she was here. At the coffee shop in her hometown on Earth. She still had her marine's uniform on, haven just gotten back from leave earlier that day. She was currently drinking her black coffee, just the way she liked it. A small sigh escaped her. It was so boring here. Humans didn't know how to have fun.

6/9/2013 #4
Vesper Solitaire

Sirion pushed open the door, sounding off a small bell. He went straight to the counter and nodded, throwing an easy smile at the barista. "A flat white, please," he said.

"That's an interesting order," the man replied, though he went off to make it all the same. Flat white espressos were usually only seen in Australia and New Zealand. "You from out of town?"

Sirion grinned. "In a manner of speaking, I suppose." He had stumbled across the drink during his time in Australia and had taken a liking to it. What he didn't mention that he was from a different galaxy altogether; he liked to let people figure that out for themselves. Unzipping his jacket, he allowed his gaze to wander idly over the cafe and its occupants.

6/9/2013 #5

Victoria knew immediately that something was off. She had always been able to tell if there was another species around her. It got really annoying when she was in Iraq because her mind told her they were another species. She unfortunately couldn't tell who it was, she just knew someone was there. Taking another sip of her coffee, she glanced around when she noticed the strange man. She averted her gaze and watched him out of the corner of her eye to keep an eye on him.

6/10/2013 #6
Vesper Solitaire

Sirion caught the girl's glance just as she looked away, and smiled to himself. Years at his father's right hand and as his house's heir had trained his eye to catch the smallest changes in expression or atmosphere, and foreign as this place was, it was no exception.

When his coffee was ready, he paid for the drink and walked straight for the girl's table. "Hello," he said politely, the open aristocrat's smile sliding into place. "Is this place taken?"

6/10/2013 #7

Victoria blinked, slightly surprised and glanced up at him, giving him a once over. Ever since she came back she had been suspicious of people that openly and directly talk to her; side-effect of going to war she guessed. Straightening up, she nodded. "Go ahead, it's not taken." She took a sip out of he coffee and eyed him warily. "And who might you be? My name is Lieutenant Victoria."

6/10/2013 #8
Vesper Solitaire

"Thank you." Sirion sat down and stirred a few extra grains of sugar into his drink. "Lieutenant...Victoria?" He asked curiously, raising an eyebrowin surprise. Most of his father's officers never introduced themselves with a military title while not on duty, and when they did, it was usually followed by their full name rather than just their first. Perhaps these were just Earth customs, he supposed. "You're in the army, then?"

6/10/2013 #9

Victoria shook her head, trying to clear her mind. "Yes, sorry, I just got back from duty. Haven't had time to get back into regular life." she took a sip of her coffee and relaxed into her chair, chewing her bottom lip thoughtfully. He looked familiar to her for some reason. Not him in particular but... what he was. She wondered why he seemed familiar and tilted her head, her sharp eyes staring at him. "If you don't mind my asking, where are you from? You don't seem like you are from around here." she nodded to his coffee.

6/10/2013 #10
Vesper Solitaire

"Ah, of course. Naturally." Sirion was inwardly glad not to have made some kind of social misstep, despite his relaxed demeanor. A corner of his mouth twitched at her question. That was the fastest anyone had ever picked up on his being a foreigner, though he didn't know if she had figured out that he wasn't from the planet. Well, he would find out soon enough, and have a little fun too. It was part of what he enjoyed about interstellar travel, provided the people weren't hostile. "I'm not, you're right. I just came from Australia." He left it at that, waiting to see if she'd probe further.

6/10/2013 #11

Victoria nodded, taking another sip of her coffee. "Interesting, I heard Australia is pretty nice, if you know where to go that is." She put her coffee cup down and glanced at him, putting her hands on her lap. "Although, I asked where you are from, not where you just came from." She paused then added with a slight smirk. "Plus, sir, you aren't Australian."

6/10/2013 #12
Vesper Solitaire

Sirion chuckled, the corner of his mouth turning up in a half-grin. "Well now, you can still interpret that two ways," he countered, still cheekily persistent and refusing to concede anything. "I could be from Australia and just have come from there."

6/10/2013 #13

Victoria always had a short temper. And nothing would change that, so it shouldnt be a surprise when she narrowed her eyes and crossed her arms. She shook her head. "No. You can't be from here. Or there." She chuckled. "Good work though, how long have you been keeping that up." She tilted her head Curiously.

6/10/2013 #14
Vesper Solitaire

"And why not?" Sirion countered, the glint of mischief still in his eyes. He noted her posture with amusement. "You've no need to look as though I'm about to shoot you, though I'm not sure what you mean. Keeping up what? You'll have to elaborate, I'm afraid."

6/10/2013 #15

Victoria rolled her eyes and laughed slightly. "You are not human." She said simply and finished her coffee and got up, throwing it away in a nearby trash can and smiled down at him. "Nice little chat though." She blinked. "I don't think I caught your name."

6/10/2013 #16
Vesper Solitaire

Sirion's grin spread to the rest of his face, making him look far more boyish than his twenty years. Time to end the game. "Very well, I declare myself beaten." He raised his cup to Victoria as if it were a wineglass, with an inclination of his head. "Sirion Baelish; you may call me Sirion. Achamadran is my homeworld, in the Andromeda Galaxy. I'm sure you've heard of it at least once before." He chuckled dryly and stood himself. "Even if I were from Australia, I wouldn't be so quick to claim it as my birthplace. It's a bit too dry for my tastes; I never was a fan of deserts and rock."

Then he swooped in for a shot of his own, meeting her eyes with his direct turquoise gaze. "And by the way you deduced that so quickly, logic dictates that given your age, you are no more human than I am. Which planet are you from?"

6/10/2013 #17

Victoria smirked when he finally relented. "I knew it. I knew you weren't from here." but it was when he asked where she was from that made her withdraw back into her armour. Her eyes hardened slightly and when she spoke it was cold, a slight twinge of sadness. "The planet I come from is of no concern of yours."

6/10/2013 #18
Vesper Solitaire

Sirion sensed the young woman's withdrawal, and simply nodded tactfully, knowing it was not the moment to probe. "Fair enough," he said, smoothly glossing over what would otherwise have been an awkward silence. He leaned back casually in his chair, tipping it onto its two back legs. "Although I would like to know how you knew I wasn't an Earthling. Most people don't realize so quickly. Are you using some kind of device?"

6/10/2013 #19

Victoria laughed slightly, somewhat amused. "Ahh... You would like to know wouldn't you? In unfortunately for you, I am using no type of electronic device or anything stupid like that." She tapped her head. "Nope, all in here. See, I can sense if someone is a different face then others. No matter how hard they try to blend in." She shrugged. "I don't know how, its something my people had always been able to do."

6/10/2013 #20


6/10/2013 #21
Vesper Solitaire

Sirion's eyebrow had been climbing higher and higher in skepticism, he didn't believe her entirely and still suspected that she was just showing off. It only went down when Victoria mentioned her people - now that he could believe. His next question was Who are your people? but given the way she had reacted to his question about her home planet, he left it alone. For now, anyway.

"Hn," was all he said instead, a faint, thoughtful smile gracing his features. "How interesting. You get all types outside the galaxy, it seems." Then he zipped his jacket back up and glanced at the sky outdoors. "I'm on my way to take a look around the woods here, would you like to join? Unless you've got anywhere to be, of course."

6/10/2013 #22

Victoria let out a small sigh, shrugging her shoulders. "Sure, Don't hav anything better to do." She smiled slightly and starte walkin out the door and said over her shoulder. "You're smart, kinda cute so try not to screw this up." She chuckled.

6/10/2013 #23
Vesper Solitaire

Sirion grinned at the compliment and bowed a little as he held open the door, though he didn't take Victoria's words to heart. Flattery had been so much a part of his childhood that he had learned to never entirely trust words unless they came from close friends. "I wasn't aware there was anything to screw up," he replied innocently enough, with a shrug. And in truth, he wasn't -- his mind had already skipped ahead to the park and forests and how they would compare with his homeworld's.

"Earth is a weird place," he remarked, falling into step beside Victoria and turning in the direction that the signs pointed to. "I don't know if you've ever stopped by Achamadran, but it's much damper, more like the rainforests on this planet. Funny how you get desert and jungle right next to each other here, though."

(Gotta go for tonight)

6/10/2013 #24

Victoria fell into step next to him, relaxing slightly as she replied to his statements. "Yes, I was here before. A very, very long time ago." she paused before asking. "Tell me, what has changed?" Her fingers brushed over a patch of ferns as the city gave way to the forest. She gave a small laugh at his observation on forests and deserts. "If you think here is weird, then I know you never visited my planet. You would think this is normal."

6/11/2013 #25
Vesper Solitaire

"Not much, really," Sirion replied thoughtfully. "We're at our closest to Gliese in almost a thousand years, so maybe a few higher tides than usual." Gliese was the giant gas planet that Achamadran orbited. "All the forests are still there, and they're still finding new species every day." He turned onto the small footpath leading into the start of the woods. "When were you there? Which city did you land in?"

6/11/2013 #26

Victoria smiled at the fond memories. "Oh... I was just a little girl when I went. We were..." She paused and shook her head. "I don't exactly remember. We were... We were with someone who was important. Very important." she shrugged. "And thats it. I remember it was pretty though."

6/11/2013 #27
Vesper Solitaire

"Important? Government official? Nobility? Actor?" The last suggestion was mostly a joke, but Sirion thought it would be best to cover all the choices just in case. "How long were you there for, anyway?"

6/11/2013 #28

Victoria chewed her bottom lip thoughtfully and nodded. "Yeah, nobility." she shrugged. "Like a king or queen." she shrugged. "I don't know how your planet is divided in social classes but in ours we have a Queen and King. I remember we came as guests for something." She shrugged again.

6/11/2013 #29
Vesper Solitaire

Sirion frowned as he tried to place Victoria's hosts. "Achamadran only has one ruling family, and they don't have much real power. They're essentially figureheads. Then we have old noble families, but those are mostly just a fancy way of saying provincial mayor." He chuckled. "I suppose we kept it because lord sounds better. At any rate, were your parents ambassadors from your planet?"

6/11/2013 #30
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