Adventures Among the Stars
A RP filled with android babes, space aliens, wormholes, spaceships and the occasional dark overlord seeking to destroy every life-bearing planet in order to take over the universe. This is a sci-fi RP were anything is possible so grab your laser shooters, lightsabers or maybe even your magic screwdriver and join in the fun!
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(*sigh* Is Pan gonna answer Mara or continue to ignore her talking to him?)
1/17/2014 #8,311

James scooped Zoae up in a hug a grinned widely. "Here that. The rest of the day off."

1/17/2014 #8,312

Pan smiled at Mara. "I think some rest would be could." He took her hand in his and squeezed it.

Zoae let out a small laugh. "Let's not waste it then."

1/18/2014 #8,313

James grinned and scooped her up bridal style, placing a kiss on her cheek and walked out the door of the room into the hallway.

1/18/2014 #8,314
Mara smiled, and lifted Pan up, like one would a bride, with a small laugh. "I probably need some sleep to," she said, "I'm not fully replenished yet."
1/18/2014 #8,315

"You seem pretty stable to me." Pan's eyes got a little big when Mara picked him up.

1/18/2014 #8,316
Mara smirked. "I don't exactly feel that way though," she said as she started walking, "Plus I bet my eyes aren't back to normal yet either."
1/18/2014 #8,317

Sander stood next to the window, watching everybody leave the room. He turned and pressed his forehead against the glass, feeling his heart shatter. He tried to stay strong, but he couldn't, he wasn't strong enough. He took his gun out of his boot, that he only used for real emergencies, and put it against his head. It would be better if he was gone. Then no one would get killed anymore. No one wanted him here in the first place anyway. With tears leaking down his face, he shakily pulled the trigger. There was a loud, resounding bang of the gun and Sander's body slumped to the floor. His eyes stared emptily, the tears on his face still fresh. The gun lay limply in his hand as blood gushed out of the wound to his head. He was dead.

(Finally. I wanted to kill him off now that the RP's over and remake his character better)

1/18/2014 #8,318

(And they all sexed happily ever after. Except for Sander. Okay, now that this lurching train wreck has reached its station, we can now start off on a clean slate.)

(P.S. I have a volleyball tournament that lasts the next three days so I'll be gone in the afternoons and won't get back until really, really late.)

1/18/2014 #8,319

(Yay!!! And aww okay)

1/18/2014 #8,320
(*sigh* Why can't you be like me and not interact with society?) (Anyways, new topic, s'il vous plait?)
1/18/2014 #8,321

(Oh and I'll be gone from a little before one until a little after four. I have guard practice :P)

1/18/2014 #8,322

(Yep, I just want to establish what kind of scene we're going to open up on and where our characters should be. A single plotline in the beginning will keep things orderly and easy to keep up with for new users. I was thinking we could start off somewhere in the city, where a lot of people will be and it would be more natural for new OCs to come in that way.)

1/18/2014 #8,323
(okeyyyy but which city?)
1/18/2014 #8,324

(Okay... So why would Pan's ship be there? I think it would be easy for James to enter the scene looking for a job too.)

1/18/2014 #8,325

(If we kept Mara's city, that would be easy. Or some other city within the Tri-Eze System.)

1/18/2014 #8,326

(If we did it that way, that means we would be starting over completely. But if that's okay with you guys we could do it that way.)

1/18/2014 #8,327
(but I told you, Mara isn't gonna be a queen anymore!)
1/18/2014 #8,328

(How about this? They're all in some big intergalatic city where Pan's ship landed in a port. The ship has been damaged in some sort of space fire fight and connections to Terra have been lost. Since the ship will take awhile to be fixed, the soldiers have been let out and can now roam the city, so Zoae cane be mobile. Since the ship is damaged, that's where James could come in with his expertise. And you know how Mara would be, trying to get deals and luring Pan into a contract or something or another. Gtg soon.)

1/18/2014 #8,329

(we should move this to the meeting room...)

1/18/2014 #8,330

(That sounds good to me)

1/18/2014 #8,331
(okay. Let's get started then :))
1/18/2014 #8,332
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