Adventures Among the Stars
A RP filled with android babes, space aliens, wormholes, spaceships and the occasional dark overlord seeking to destroy every life-bearing planet in order to take over the universe. This is a sci-fi RP were anything is possible so grab your laser shooters, lightsabers or maybe even your magic screwdriver and join in the fun!
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This is the place where y'all can chat. All OOC posts will go here.
6/9/2013 #1
Vesper Solitaire

Yay chatting! :D So I don't really know how to start the RP...maybe we should think up of a plot or something first?

6/9/2013 #2

Hmm.... well... *mind is blank for ideas*

6/9/2013 #3
Vesper Solitaire

Hmmm...well, we could start simple and decided where we want to start off our characters. Somewhere on Earth?

6/9/2013 #4

Sure! umm....well they are around the same age so... I dunno maybe they could work together? Like mentor/apprentice type deal?

6/9/2013 #5
Vesper Solitaire

That sounds good, except the mentor/apprentice thing might not work because, well, they don't really do the same thing. Your character is in the Marines and is a sniper, right? I don't think Sirion would be of much help to her in that way, heh. Though they could work together as the RP progresses. :)

Maybe they could start in the same city or place and meet somehow?

6/9/2013 #6

XP lol whoops! I forgot! *blond moment*

Yup! She could be on leave and they meet in like a coffee shop or something...?

6/9/2013 #7
Vesper Solitaire

Haha, it's alright. XD

Sounds good to me! What city? Or we could start somewhere close to, but outside a city, since I'm getting the beginnings of a plot idea... XD

6/9/2013 #8

Sure we could start in like a small town of some sort

6/9/2013 #9
Vesper Solitaire

What about...somewhere just outside New York or L.A.? Maybe a small suburb or something.

6/9/2013 #10

Hmm... okay! You wanna post first?

6/9/2013 #11
Vesper Solitaire

I just thought it would be better to start somewhere smaller so we'll have an excuse to head towards the city later when Emberly's back. XD Sure, I'll post! It might be a few minutes. XP

In the meantime, how are you?

6/9/2013 #12

KK!! and I'm good, bored, but good XDDD and you?

6/9/2013 #13
Vesper Solitaire

Mostly the same. XD School's almost over though! :DDD *spins in circles* Though I still won't be online for most of the day on weekdays until the end of this month. T_T

6/9/2013 #14

n u n SCOOL IS OUT FOR ME!!!!!

and kk

Q n Q but I'm going to be gone for three weeks in July, maybe two if I'm lucky

6/9/2013 #15
Vesper Solitaire

My school is so long... T_T

D: Are you going on vacation someplace?

6/9/2013 #16

1 week of band camp

1 week of vacation

1 week of cross country camp

6/9/2013 #17

but there may be wifi on vacation and maybe at band camp

6/9/2013 #18
Vesper Solitaire

Ooh band camp? I went to band camp for the longest time! :D Though they didn't let us have wifi there.

6/9/2013 #19

Srry brb

6/9/2013 #20
Vesper Solitaire

It's ok, I'm going to have to leave soon anyway to go sleep. XD See you tomorrow though! :)

6/9/2013 #21
Vesper Solitaire

Hey Myth, a tiny suggestion -- when you want to say something out of character in the RP threads, it's usually good to put it in parentheses instead of just posting it as direct text, otherwise it might confuse people. For a minute because I thought Victoria was saying brb. XD And you can always put it at the end of your in-character post. :)

6/10/2013 #22

Yes I know, I'm sorry I was in a rush. DX I apologize

6/10/2013 #23
Vesper Solitaire

Oh it's totally fine! :) I was just a bit confused for a sec. XD

6/10/2013 #24
Vesper Solitaire


6/11/2013 #25

Heyy!!! *typing post now*

6/11/2013 #26
Vesper Solitaire

Ohai!! XD

6/11/2013 #27

Greetings! I have returned!

6/15/2013 #28
Vesper Solitaire

Emberly! :D *glomp*

How are you?

6/15/2013 #29

I'm wonderful. Camp was amazing. :)

6/15/2013 #30
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