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9/8/2014 #931
Talk to me.
9/8/2014 #932

theres this guy in my grade, and recently he just started cross country, like a few weeks ago. And he always runs with me and we talk and yeah we are good friends and stuff but recently have become like really good friends. But he has a girlfriend, who he's been with for over a year and a half and they are the cutest couple ever. And then yesterday out of the blue he broke up with her. I don't know why, but I'm really hoping its not me. It's not because of me right? I'm just overthinking this? I hope I am...

9/8/2014 #933
Josefina Stalin

If it was, which I HIGHLY doubt, because of your friendship with him then there must be something wrong with their relationship. She was a control freak and maybe felt that having you around gave him freedom? A lot of things look good on the surface, but when you look underneath it might surprise you.

9/9/2014 #934
The freedom thing sounds plausible... mostly because he doesnt really have th best home lofe or whatever so :/ I just dunno
9/9/2014 #935
Josefina Stalin

Whenever I'm in a rock in a hard place I go to /b/. If I'm lucky, someone starts a thread in which we confess our feelings. It works somwetimes.

9/9/2014 #936
It sounds more like there was a problem with their relationship since that is more reasonable. I don't see why he would just break up with his girlfriend out of the blue for some other girl. And if that is then that's kind of douchey. In all likelihood,they probably had a falling out or he felt like his girlfriend wasn't right for him. In either case, I think you're way over thinking this and if you really want to test the waters, invite him to a school football game or the movies. Get to know him better (a couple weeks isn't really a long enough time to know someone) and don't try to push him towards liking you. He just broke up with his girlfriend and if they were close, that takes time to heal.
9/9/2014 #937

I always overthink things :/ I'm just not gonna think about it lol

so wanna rp Sander and Adrian?

9/9/2014 #938
Cybernetic Author unit 5
Hello everyone, how are you?
9/9/2014 #939

I'm a bit tired today. Maybe tomorrow?

9/9/2014 #940

I'm good :P

and sure thats fine

9/9/2014 #941

Now? :P

9/10/2014 #942
Josefina Stalin
So, who else is bored?
9/16/2014 #943
9/16/2014 #944
Josefina Stalin

Soo...anyone wanna RP?

9/18/2014 #945
Josefina Stalin

I got in trouble for making a political party. The CCP, Chicago Communist Party. It was a joke and my teacher got angry.

9/23/2014 #946
Josefina Stalin

Someone, give me advice on how to deal with teachers who hate you?

9/30/2014 #947
What makes you think your teachers hate you?
10/2/2014 #948
Mrs. Hades

2 of them are in their 70's and I enjoy annoying this guy with my Communist ramblings. One day, the 70 year old writing teacher comes to me and stops the lesson to give the class a lesson in Communism. Only talks about Stalin's horrendous deeds and such. Math teacher is 73 and tells the class not to give into my propaganda and pulls me out the class.

My grades are good, though.

10/5/2014 #949
I understand where you are coming from but staking about politics while your teacher is trying to teach is neither the time nor the place. I myself do not support Communism and many people I know do not fully understand it. And it is also important to remember that your teachers, if they are really as old as you say, were alive during WWII, the Red Scare and the Cuban Missile crisis. What you are saying deeply offends and scares them and that is not okay. You need to respect your teachers and your classmates wishes and if you really do support Communism or want to discuss it with others, I suggest you do it outside of class. School is a time for learning, not spreading your political opinions. No matter who you are, your age, your gender, your intelligence level, your race or ethnicity, you do not have the right to interrupt someone who is doing their job and offend them. What you do with your life is none of my business and whether or not you take my advice is your decision.
10/5/2014 #950
Mrs. Hades

But...I make sure NOT to say anything about Communism in the class. In fact, I don't even like it. I just use it as a way to entertain a few friends. And I can't even say nothing on school grounds. When we get out, we huddle in groups and act like stereotypical Mexicans and then my friends get bored and before they leave they want me to act like an idiot.

The Red Scare was a bit biased. Karl Marx never wanted dozens of people dead under his idea, he wanted fair treatment for others. He even thought Lenin's "War Communism" was not what Marxism is all about.

It feels awkward using this account. I've never used it before, I think I'll stick with my old one.

10/5/2014 #951

It's gone all quiet, peeps... anyone out there?

10/18/2014 #952
I'm here; I'm just waiting for Em to show up so we can continue on RP 2 :P
10/18/2014 #953

Well, if you don't mind, can I post with Noah's escape pod approaching Pan's ship?

10/19/2014 #954
Yeah, totally :)
10/19/2014 #955
Josefina Stalin

Everyone is worried about Ebola... and people say there's no cure and how we're all gonna day. It's simple: People who survive the disease can easily give their blood so that others can use the antibodies.

Or at least that's what my friend keeps saying.

10/23/2014 #956


11/13/2014 #957
Josefina Stalin

Nice tumbleweed.

11/29/2014 #958
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