Adventures Among the Stars
A RP filled with android babes, space aliens, wormholes, spaceships and the occasional dark overlord seeking to destroy every life-bearing planet in order to take over the universe. This is a sci-fi RP were anything is possible so grab your laser shooters, lightsabers or maybe even your magic screwdriver and join in the fun!
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The Terra Major ship puttered towards the city of Karmel, the capitol of the modern planet of Rudan. Captain Pan'nuck Peterson could only hope they had an advanced enough technology to help repair the damages on his war ship. "Sir," A feminine voice behind him called. "Twenty kilometers until we reach the shipbay of Karmel and we have just enough fuel to get us into port. We have permissio from the Rudans to land as soon as you give the word." The orange-haired space captian nodded. "Tell them we thank them for their hospitality." He was tall, almost six and a half feet yet with a athletic build. His skin almost had a soft golden glow to it that reflected off of his red and gold uniform. His ears were pointed and his emerald eyes had a dark humor to them that spoke of trouble and recklessness. It was the same recklessness that had gotten them into this situation in the first place. Trying to fly under the radar in the middle of uncharted Hel territory? How could he be so stupid! He may have been the top of his class but he was still young, barely more than a man. If he didn't stop acting like a child, the soldiers under his command would have to pay as surely as he would for his mistakes. He was lucky none of his men or women had died due to his carelessness. The Hel ships had been hard to outfly but they managed to do it but not without blowing out two of the engines and suffering serious damage to the hull. It might take weeks of repair to fix it up again and the Council of Nine would not be happy. "Is that all, sir?" The female soldier asked. "Yes." Pan nodded but as she turned away from him, he thought again. "Actually, Lieutenant Sparkings, please tell the crew to take a week or so off, until the ship is repaired. I think we might be stuck here in Karmel for awhile." The woman blinked with dark hazel eyes but nodded before saluting. "Yes, sir."
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"Does this include the medics after we get our injured healed?" Doctor Sophia Dane asked the Captain. She was the Chief Medic on his ship, and just so happened to be human. But despite her race, she was the best medic they had. Also, a good friend of Pan's. She didn't mind his subtle flirting towards her, since she knew it was just playful. She was average sized, and looked in her mid twenties, with blonde wavy hair and blue eyes. She wore a medic's uniform, and was very beautiful, but also intelligent when it came to the medical field.

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Pan nodded to her quietly. He was a bit moody, still beating himself up over his mistake. "I think we all deserve a little break after that skermish with the Succubi. After we repair, refuel and restock, we'll head back to the Terras."
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Sophia nodded. "Alright," she said, and took out her comm. "Move all injured to the nearest local clinic. Captain's orders," she said, before putting it away. "Any other orders, captain?"

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"Z, the ship is running out of fuel," said a sultry feminine voice in the pilot's seat of the Chimera. The ship was medium-sized, able to fit four or five people comfortably, except that it was filthy and filled with dirty laundry and spare pieces of junk. "Z." The pilot did not answer. He simply stared at the view screen blaring an alarm. "Zhake," the ship AI warned. She got a grumble for her trouble. "We also need food and the oxygen supply is declining." Zhake grit his teeth and nodded finally. "There's a good boy. The nearest planet is one Rudan, closest supply city being Karmel." When Zhake did nothing, the AI sighed in exasperation. "I'll start charting a course."
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A black-haired man whose haired continued to fall in his eyes no matter how many times he pushed it back out of his face. He was in a small repair ship near the bay, well, small compared to other repair shops, though the talk around the planet named his shop the best in the bay. He was the only worker though, which confused most people but he got the job done so they didn't complain. He was leaning against the frame of the werehouse, staring out into the bay. He was going to move on soon. Already been here for almost a year, never stayed that long anywhere. He frowned as he heard with his enchanced hearing a ship coming. Something was wrong with it... An... Engine failure, he thought. Last job? Maybe, if they let him take a look.

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"Yes ma'am." Was the reply through the Doctor'a comm. Sander, Sophie's assistance was on the other end. He was a doctor-in-training, on board Pan's ship to learn from the best. He was fresh out of medical school on Equanimity, he practically jumped at the chance. Though his past is very vague, and there are times where he is gone and no one know where he is, he has been nothing but loyal to the ship.

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"We have permission to land," said the AI, her milky white skin scrawling with data pulses. "Try not to blow up the port again."

Zhake growled in his throat as he threaded the Chimera through the atmosphere. His brown hair was short but far from tidy as he ran a half-mechanical hand through it. Two fingers and a thumb, all metallic, scraped against his skin, irritating him further. He really needed to get some pads for the fingertips. The gyros and servomotors in half his forearm whined as he maneuvered the ship to a docking structure. The Chimera was true to its name, taking its structure and innards from three other ship designs. Its overall look resembled a hawk with folded wings tucked at its sides, but the cockpit and aft section were more snakelike. The two conflicting architectures were from the Khyrin and Dooja classes of ship, respectively. The engines and inner systems were based off a third party's ship schematics, currently out of print.

The four landing rivets built in the underside of the Chimera squealed in protest as he set the ship down. "Try not to open fire while I'm still in your sights," he retorted.

"I thought you would appreciate the foreplay."

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James watched with mild fascination glimmering in his dark blue eyes as a badly injured ship landed in the port. Not very smooth landing, he had to admit, but at least they did land. He has seen many ships try and fail to land here and end up crashing and the ships themseleves sometimes even exploding upon impact, which he always found very entertaining to watch. More little angels escaping this horrid place and going back where they belonged. He continued to stare at the ship, still hearing another one heading towards the bay. He wouldn't approach the ship, maybe. If they needed help and walked around the planet, they would eventually find themselves here at his shop. It always happened.

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(Gosh dang it!)
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"Just one more." Pan nodded. "Lieutenant Sparkings, you and Docter Sander will search for a decent shop to make repairs. Try asking do,e of the locals, they'll know better than anyone." Zoae opened her mouth to protest but the Captain cut her off. "No buts, Lieutenant. Just do it. Or do you want to fix the ship yourself?" He said it in a joking manner, but with Pan, you could never tell. The soldier finally dropped her eyes respectfully, though glaring at the floor. "Yes, sir." She grumbled.
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Sophia nodded with an easy salute, before moving to her com. "Doctor Sanders, could you come outside the ship please?" she asked,
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The boarding ramp lowered and Zhake limped out. He limped because of the twenty pound mechanical attachments on his right arm that weighed him down. He was dressed in standard black leather boots and black slacks, blue long-sleeved shirt, dark brown jacket, and a bandolier that held his rifle. At his hip was another firearm, his pistol, attached to his belt.

Zhake stood back and looked at the ship, not making a move or expression for ten seconds, before he finally groaned. "I hate everything, everywhere."

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James looked at the two ships in the bay before chuckling and shaking his head. Stupid people wandered the universe these days. He returned to his own shop, heading for his own ship off to the side. It had a few minor damages that he was fixing, but it was nothing serious. Grabbing his tools, he slid underneath the ship and got to work. ////////////// Sander frowned slightly in confusion at the order but replyed, "Yes ma'am." After making sure the other patients were seated comfortably while waiting for the nurses, he grabbed his sidearm gun from the table and put it in the holster. As he walked out he asked Sophia through the comm, "Ma'am, what is this about? And what about the injured?"
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Zhake fiddled with his mechanical fingers, making sure they were at least semi-functional. He needed to find a schmuck who was good with a soldering iron to fix the various plates in his hand that prevented the fingers from fully extending and closing. As it was, his thumb, index, and middle fingers twitched as a tiny spark jolted into his fleshy left hand. "Son of a..." He held in the urge to roar and tear off the prosthetic, only seething through his teeth as he walked away from the Chimera.

He needed to find a repair shop... but first, a drink. A strong drink.

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Sophia rolled her eyes in annoyance. "I told you to tell the other medics to get them to the nearest clinic! Jeez, did your eardrums pop?" she asked, before sighing. "We're going to look for a decent repair shop so we can get our ship up and purring again."
1/19/2014 #17

Sander blinked in confusion, relaying the order to the other medics as he walked out of the ship to wait for the others. "Uhh... dont you mean up and running ma'am?" He got confused easily with her human idioms she used, still not quite used to the human language and customs.

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"Yes, Rookie," Sophia said with a sigh, "Up and purring and up and running mean the same thing."
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"Mr. Sander." The Captain's voice called as he walked down the plank of the ship leading to the docking area. Zoae Sparkings, a tough, athletic woman with dark hazel eyes and a form-fitting yellow uniform followed behind him. Her curled dark hair was in a braid down her back and she walked with an air of confidence and dangerous self-posession that few others had. Her skin was a dark hazelnut, marking her as a Terra Minor, a sister planet to Terra Major. "Has Docter Sophia filled you in yet?" Pan asked him, Zoae standing respectfully on his right shoulder.
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((I'm a bit confused as to when to Post. Right after anyone else, or wait for a pattern?)

Zhake made his way through the docking bay, ignoring anyone and everyone. He shoved past some crew workers and tried to keep the angry twitching in his right eye to a minimum. He needed a drink and soon. Then a tech guy, he thought, eyeing his mechanical hand. The three artificial fingers were poised like talons, but that was not Zhake's fault. A week before, he was caught in an EMP burst from yet another brigand, frying the majority of circuits in his hand. He could barely make a fist, let alone pilot the ship after that.

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"Got it ma'am." Sander switched off his comm and turned his attention to the Captain and Sparkings. He briefly nodded respectfully as he replied. "Yes Captain. Find a local mechanic that can fix the ship with Miss Sparkings. All the injured are being transported to a local medic building."

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(If your character runs into James' shop he fix your charries hand(:

1/19/2014 #23

Zhake studied his hand, realizing that he needed to get it repaired first before he could get a drink. His clothes were grungy enough as it is, he did not need alcohol on them as well. He looked around for a repairman or workshop, finally finding a somewhat small one. He shrugged and thought, If it's small, less chance of bumping into people. He made his way over to James' shop at a brisk pace, bumping people out of his way. He ignored the cries of protest and indignant remarks at him. They were in his way, not his fault they were so slow.

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James slid back from underneath his ship and stood up, wiping the grease and oil on his shirt. A customer about to walk in, he mused and ran his hand through his hair. He set down his tools and leaned against his ship while he waited.

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"Very good." Pan nodded to Snader before turning to Zoae. "I suggest you start now. The sooner we find someone to fix the ship, the better." "Yes, sir." The woman saluted. "Dismissed." Pan waved a hand and gave them both a smile. "Good luck and remember, drinks are on me tonight. Comm me when you're finished." He turned to go back into the ship to the other soldiers. Zoae remained behind, watcbing Sander coolly. It wasn't hard to see she didn't care much for the man with his passed so shady and mind barred from her like a titanium wall. "Come, Mr. Light." She turned, starting down the dock at a brisk pace. "We have work to do and I want to get it done as soon as possible."
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From a distance, one could tell Zhake was in a bad mood as he stomped over to James' shop. "Hey, you any good at repairing?" He waved sardonically with his right hand, showing his prosthetic off for the mechanic to see.

1/19/2014 #27

"Depends." James replied, not even looking at the hand which he was to fix for this man. He stared at his face and raised an eyebrow. "You got any money." He grabbed a cloth and wiped off his grease stained hands. "No money, no repair. Thats how I work around here. More money you pay, the faster I'll get done."

Sander silently followed Zoae down the dock, keeping an eye out for any repair ships. It was then when he noticed a small market place and he stopped, calling to Zoae. "Hey! Wait a minute." He pointed at the market. "Locals. Maybe they know where to get a good mechanic." he suggested. He was well aware the woman did not like him, though he didn't care as long as she kept her distance.

1/19/2014 #28

((What kind of currency is good? Credits, gold, chocolate?))

Zhake breathed out through his nose. I don't like the way this guy talks... He reached into his jacket and felt around for his wallet, then his ear comm chimed.

"Third pocked on the left," Baetana's sultry voice said.

Zhake closed his eyes and forced back a smile. How does she do that?

1/19/2014 #29
Zoae nodded. "The Captian did mention asking the locals." She started to head towards market place, slipping into the milling of mass of aliens. Durcan was an immigration planet and hundreds of thousands aliens could be found there, from humans from Earth to the multi-tentacled Frugians to the transparent Lasgrass that floating through the crowd, shimmering in rainbow colors. There were fashions of every kind as well. Scantily clad women brushed shoulders with others that wore thick cloacks with everything covered except for their eyes. There were those who dressed in colors so bright and contrast it hurt the eyes and others who wore simple and drab browns and greys.
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