Adventures Among the Stars
A RP filled with android babes, space aliens, wormholes, spaceships and the occasional dark overlord seeking to destroy every life-bearing planet in order to take over the universe. This is a sci-fi RP were anything is possible so grab your laser shooters, lightsabers or maybe even your magic screwdriver and join in the fun!
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It had been about a week or so since the stowaway had managed to escape from the luxury ship bound for the Mystic homeworld. Thankfully, he'd stocked up some provisions, but now he was almost completely out. He'd been caught by suprise when the crew of the ship had found him out, and it was only through swiftness and luck that the stowaway managed to get into an escape pod and jetison away from the ship and the planet, avoiding perhaps a cruel and untimely fate...

But now, as the cramped shell of metal, the decreasing amount of food, and even the slow cold born from the dying engine of the pod, the stowaway was starting to get a little twitchy, as he looked out of the pod's windows, hoping that he'd be pulled into the orbit of a planet, or picked up by a ship, sometime soon... he just hoped they didn't recognize him.

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(Hey guys. Sorry for being gone for so long but school, sports and extracurriculars were just getting to be a bit too much. But I finally managed to clear up my schedule and I finally have time to RP. So why don't we get to it? :))
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(Hey Emb, nice to see you again :D If you have anyone on Pan's ship, they can catch sight of Noah's escape pod from a window or on a sensor somewhere, however you wanna do it :D)

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The Sun Dragon made its way steadily through space towards the Mystic capitol of Deloria, unhindered in its trek to seek out the outlaw it hoped to find. The ship's captain, a young, yet tall and structured man more that 400 years of age, overlooked the grand panorama view of the bridge while dozens of other Camalians and few varied extraterrestrial worked their places. Talking provided a large, subdued hum that drowned itself out and Pan found it hard to focus on anything truly suitable for him to be focused on. His mind wandered, his eyes carelessly scanned the vast view beyond him, though he say very little. Except. . .his eyes locked on a small object to the far right, a mere pinprick in the darkness. Was it. . .what was that? He squinted at it and with the help of its approach, decided that it was some sort of escape pod by its small, slightly ovular shape. But what was a thing like that doing all the way out here?
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Noah's sanity was starting to straddle the blurred line of clarity and insanity, with hallucinations of reflections in the glass constantly distracting him. The shadows at the edges of his vision started to seem like they were twitching, which was also starting to fray at his nerves. The air was getting stale and the warmth was almost completely gone.

He glanced to the window, and blinked in suprise when, in the distance of the emptiness of space, he caught sight of a ship. Noah sighed in relief. "Finally..." He murmured, before he turned around, and started looking for a control pannel by the pod's door. He used the emergency thrusters to steer the pod in the direction of the ship, before trying to engage the ship with radio contact. He used the audio only, having killed the video feed in case he was recognized.

"This is Noah Starling, making an emergency distress call" He called down the radio. "I have been adrift for quite some time, and would appreciate it if you in that big ship over there could pick me up" He said down the radio.

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Radio silence reigned throughout the pod, a quietness so patient one was sure the ship had possibly not heard or chosen to ignore him. But then, there came a garble, wavering voice from the other side, speaking in a crisp type of Universal with an unmistakable Camalian lilt. "This is the Sun Dragon Battalion of the Royal Camalian Empire. What is your emergency?"
12/7/2014 #4,686

"My emergency is that I've been a drift for a long time now, I'm low on emergency supplies and the power systems of this pod are failing. I've only got a few hours left in this thing before I'm a deadman... I'd really just appreciate a pick-up now and a drop-off whenever you make land-fall... I'm not looking to make trouble" Noah answered.

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James was really starting to hate- no loathe- that stupid Ice King. His cold only seemed to steadily get worse and he strongly suspected it wasn't just because he didn't have the greatest immune system. Which never made sense to him. He rarely got sick but when he did it was violently. Right now he would get hot and then get extremely cold and he wanted scream but he was to exhausted. Strictly on bed rest, he was forbidden to leave his room until he was completely healthy. Being sick sucked.
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