Adventures Among the Stars
A RP filled with android babes, space aliens, wormholes, spaceships and the occasional dark overlord seeking to destroy every life-bearing planet in order to take over the universe. This is a sci-fi RP were anything is possible so grab your laser shooters, lightsabers or maybe even your magic screwdriver and join in the fun!
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(I have noticed the sudden increase in RPers interested in joining our forum but since RP 2's current plot is rather closed off at the moment, I would like to provide newcomers with a topic in which to use, that is separate from RP 2. Please enjoy, be kind to one another and don't be afraid to test out your ideas. HAVE FUN!! :)
8/20/2014 #1
Cybernetic Author unit 5
8/29/2014 #2
8/29/2014 #3
Cybernetic Author unit 5
(How can I come in?)
8/29/2014 #4
(Anyway you want. I actually have to go to sleep in a couple moments so good night.)
8/29/2014 #5
Cybernetic Author unit 5
(Who do you have to rp with?)
8/30/2014 #6

(This is a different, separate universe so all of my characters are available at the moment.)

8/30/2014 #7
Cybernetic Author unit 5
(So nothing I do here matters in the real rp?)
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8/30/2014 #9
Cybernetic Author unit 5
(... Perhaps I should wait until something opens up.)
8/30/2014 #10
Josefina Stalin

(It's better to RP here, who knows how long the plot arc might take.)

Lilliana stopped her ship. A large cluster of asteroids were nearing and her thoughts were racing. "Um...obtain food right?" The blue creature said, attempting to remember what she was supposed to do. "No, that isn't it."

The young Hyacatus was oblivious to the asteroids nearing.

8/31/2014 #11
Cybernetic Author unit 5
Something vaugely humanoid came spinning out of the cloud of rocks and struck her front viewport.
8/31/2014 #12
Josefina Stalin

Lilliana looked at the thing before grabbing her pistol and shooting the window, causing it to crack. "Leave. I'm not afraid to destroy a window."

8/31/2014 #13
Cybernetic Author unit 5
The creature seemed to be conprised entierly of crystal, and wore no spacesuit or respirator. He motioned to be let in.
8/31/2014 #14
Josefina Stalin

Lilliana put on her space suit before breaking the window. She sat on her chair, holding on tightly as the empty space was sucking out all the oxygen. "Stupid space, taking all my oxygen."

9/1/2014 #15
Cybernetic Author unit 5
The sudden change blasted the creature away.
9/1/2014 #16
Josefina Stalin

Lilliana pushed a button on her chestplate. The window was replaced by a metallic plate. "That should fix things while the oxygen levels stabilize." She said, sitting down as she put away her weapon.

9/1/2014 #17
Cybernetic Author unit 5
(.... Lolwut?)
9/1/2014 #18
Josefina Stalin

(If I typed that right, she has a button on her chest area that repairs the ship. Because the window doesn't have replacements, it's merely covered by a metallic plate)

9/2/2014 #19

(Hello everyone. I've got a character that's open to join the fun, if you want him.)

9/2/2014 #20
Josefina Stalin

(Sure, just find a way to include him.)

9/2/2014 #21

(Sorry I vanished. He's on board a stolen shuttle right now, with no faster than light capabilities, but I left his location deliberately vague. I can have him within communications range of your people, if you want?)

9/2/2014 #22
Josefina Stalin


9/2/2014 #23

"This is corporal Anders Frost, of the Thandor Empire, broadcasting on local sublight frequencies." He stated calmly, hiding the undertone of fear and uncertainty in his voice quite well. "I am enclosing my current coordinates, and requesting a rescue operation. A reward is offered to whoever picks me up."

The man sighed, dropping the speaker for the shuttle's communications system, and straightening the collar of his plain black T shirt, a process made somewhat difficult by the extra strength laser cuffs fastened around his wrists, binding them in front of him. He knew he should attempt to remove them, but one wrong move, and the power cells would engage, severing his hands in a matter of seconds.

"Hopeless." he muttered, turning away, and surveying his ship, for the dozenth time.

It was a Thandor boarding shuttle, used for breaching enemy vessels in warfare, and carrying a few squads of soldiers, or a handful of heavy mechs aboard. They were sturdy little crafts, not heavily armed, as little that could be mounted on a shuttle would scratch a warship, but it was heavily armored, with powerful shield emitters and point defense systems.

Unfortunately for Anders Frost, it contained neither an air purification system, or a faster than light drive, as the longest journey one of these shuttles usually made, was about twenty kilometers.

Given his last calculations, he had about three hours before the air inside became unbreathable, though if it came to that, he would retrieve his stolen pistol, from the seat in the back, and take matters into his own hands.

9/2/2014 #24
Josefina Stalin

Lilliana received the coordinates and listened to the message. "This is...errr... Captain Lilliana De La Orten III receiving your transmission. You're in luck because you're actually close to me, but you need to donate some oxygen as my ship is a giant vacuum sucker and any attempt to open it with a air filled ship will cause some damage to you." She said, reading up the ship.

As her ship began to quickly makes it way to Frost's ship, Lilliana attempted to repair the oxygen tanks in the engine room. She cursed in Criman as she got frustrated with the repairing system.

9/2/2014 #25

Frost jumped violently, nearly falling out of the pilot's seat as the communications console activated, an unfamiliar, but greatly welcome voice responding to his distress call.

"Excellent, captain." He said, tapping the transmit button on the console, having to use both hands, due to the broad gray shackles that bound his wrists together in front of him. "I have additional air supplies, but my filter is offline, so I can't remove the carbon dioxide. I'm activating a homing beacon now. You are more than welcome to keep the shuttle, or any of it's components, as payment for services rendered."

He glanced around the stolen shuttle, and down at his bound hands.

"Also, your discretion would be appreciated in certain matters."

9/2/2014 #26
Josefina Stalin

"Don't worry, Corporal, I got enough ammo stockpiled for a war. ship doesn't have conventional means of letting in ships...It has aggressive ways. VERY aggressive ways. So hold on." She said, once she neared his ship, the Star Explorer shot out a claw and violently grasped onto Frost's vessel. He was quickly and violently reeled inside.

Lilliana went to the cargo area, where the ship was held. "What's your vehicle made from? Colitan? N-No wait. That's only native to my planet. Never mind. Does it harbor any useful metals?"

9/2/2014 #27

Frost bit back a startled yelp and a curse at the sudden change of momentum, glad he was sitting down, and able to grip the sides of the seat for support.

After he was sure his ship was settled, he stood, retrieving his pistol from the rear compartment, tucking into his belt, and stepping to the boarding door, casting a wary glance out the thick window, and engaging the external speakers.

"It has a chassis of regular old steel, but it's layered in carbon composite and polymer armor, with strips of non-Newtonian gel, to diffuse kinetic impacts." Frost answered, a little nervously. "Plenty of that worth salvaging. It also has a pair of Icarus class shield emitters, a basic optical cloaking system, and three iridium fuel cells. You get me out of here, and you're welcome to keep anything you want. Now, my external pressure sensors are fried, so I can't tell. Is it safe for me to open this door?"

9/3/2014 #28
Josefina Stalin

"It is. The oxygen tanks are letting out oxygen once more so you can open it. Finally, I can have an escape pod!" Lilliana said, sending the vessel to the pod area." Lilliana giddily said before calming herself down. "Anyways, follow me. What is your strong suit in a fine vessel like mine?" She lied, she had a crappy decommissioned Star Explorer.

9/3/2014 . Edited 9/3/2014 #29

"Excellent." Frost said, disengaging the seal on the door, which hissed smoothly open.

He was about three inches short of six feet, with broad, stocky shoulders, clothed in a plain black T shirt, a pair of gray cargo trousers with a pistol tucked into his olive colored belt and dull black combat boots, which padded quietly across the deck of the ship, as he stepped out of the shuttle.

He glanced down at the broad, silver set of cuffs that bound his wrists in front of him.

"So, first of all, I would like to say that this isn't what it looks like." He said, a trifle nervously. "And secondly, I am a therapist, and I specialize in the treatment and support for those suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and related psychological syndromes."

9/3/2014 #30
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