Adventures Among the Stars
A RP filled with android babes, space aliens, wormholes, spaceships and the occasional dark overlord seeking to destroy every life-bearing planet in order to take over the universe. This is a sci-fi RP were anything is possible so grab your laser shooters, lightsabers or maybe even your magic screwdriver and join in the fun!
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Josefina Stalin

"Do not worry. Our fine vessel was made to capture and take people prisoner and release them. We have some cuff breakers somewhere." Lilliana said, taking him to the control room. " You're a doctor. I don't care what KIND of doc you're... you're a doctor."

9/3/2014 #31
Cybernetic Author unit 5
(Can I come in?)
9/3/2014 #32

(Fine with me)

"Excellent." Frost muttered, glancing around the ship in appreciation, marveling at how much his fate could change in a half hour. "I was going to do it myself, but they're laser cuffs, so if I didn't do it right, I'd be short a couple of hands. And for reference, I don't know a great deal about medical science, I specialized more in therapy and psychology, although I can do first aid about as good as anybody. I'm not bad as a mechanic either, and I spent a bit of my off time flying exotic little things. Black hole surfing, sundiving, all that stuff."

9/4/2014 #33
Josefina Stalin

"My race focus more on war and readiness of invading. Jojo doesn't need a mechanic. J-Jojo is what I call my ship. Anyway, I don't really care what you've done." Lilliana said, going throw a spare tool. "If you're good with a gun you're a combat medic. Also, you'll need Medi-Gun training."

9/4/2014 #34

"I'm not guilty, if that makes any difference." Frost said quietly, as he stared at the tools. "And I can fight as well as anyone else I suppose, and know a bit about ship combat, but I've had a few recent.... experiences."

His face lost a bit of color, and he felt the sudden need to turn on all the lights, and check every corner.

"But I'll fight if I have to." he finished.

9/4/2014 #35
Josefina Stalin

"Whatever. Here's a anti-materiel rifle and a remote control that controls the orbital sniper." Lilliana said as she gave him these things. "The orbital sniper takes a lot of power and will possibly take us off course."

9/5/2014 #36

"Uh... right." Frost said, clipping the remote control to his belt, hefting the heavy rifle and examining it. "On the Thandor ships, we used a program that automatically fired the maneuvering thrusters to compensate for the recoil of our heavy weapons. I'm no expert, but I might be able to whip up something similar. Also, I don't suppose we're going anywhere particular?"

9/6/2014 #37
Josefina Stalin

"Not really, but my planet sent a care package into the air and it's huge. So huge it can fill the cargo." She said and smiled as she got back into the captain's seat. "But it's what you want."

9/6/2014 #38

"Well then, my skills are at your command." Frost said, snapping to attention and saluting briskly. "I will travel with you anywhere, provided you do not inform the Empire of my presence."

9/6/2014 #39
Mrs. Hades


9/7/2014 . Edited 9/7/2014 #40
Josefina Stalin

"Well...I was taught anti-imperialism was best so... the name Empire implies imperialism...So they're instantly our enemies, but for different reasons." Lilliana said before sitting on the Captain's comfy stool. "I was too broke to buy a proper chair."

9/7/2014 #41

"You're right, they're... not very nice." Frost said, a sheepish expression on his face. "And so, you've just taken me in, saved my life, so I'm going to get you a proper chair."

9/8/2014 #42
Josefina Stalin

"Really? Oh wow, that would actually be're not doing this to... date me right?" Lilliana said, glaring at Frost.

9/8/2014 #43

Frost narrowed his eyes, meeting her glare evenly.

"Well, I happen to be an excellent therapist, so if you ever want to talk about whatever past experiences led to the mental leap between me getting you a chair, and us dating, my door is always open. However, my door is open, my bed is not. If I become interested in a romantic relationship, I will inform you thusly."

9/9/2014 #44
Mrs. Hades

(Trying to figure out how to get into the story.)

9/9/2014 . Edited 9/9/2014 #45
Josefina Stalin

"Ohhh. Alright. I thought you wanted to mate because it ain't mating season yet." Lilliana said before pushing a few buttons.

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