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Okay, I'm in a competition and I need to write a childrens book based on a theme. It's: Scattered Images, Reclaming the future, basically that if someone protrays a person in a bad way, how would they reclaim their future and show the people who they really are. I've got lots of things in mind and written. I just need a kid to tell me what they think is intresting for them as the reader, because i amaiming for not only originality but also something a kid would find interesting. So please I need an idea as soon as possible because the story has to be written by this wednesday. Thaanks
3/25/2007 #1
Will Sachiksy
I don't know how many kids are allowed to post on here, so you may have trouble finding a kid to read your story. What ages are you writing to?
3/26/2007 #2
I'm writing for 3rd and 4th graders. I'm not allowed to post my story because I will be diqualified.
3/26/2007 #3
I wrote a story about a kid joking abot another one but then he realizes that hes done something wrong, do you think that that wwould be intresting for a kid to read about.
3/26/2007 #4
Will Sachiksy
It's a common theme, but it can work. I remember read two different stories like that when I was younger. I enjoyed one because the message came naturally. The other sounded like a preaching parent. Write your story like the first story (might be easier to do in first-person).
3/26/2007 #5
I changed it because I didnt think it would relate to the theme, I made it more of a kid befriends another kid, whose friends hate him. he hides it and then, finally evrything changes. I thought this story would fit more. I am doing it from his point of view, because as the writer sometimes its the thing that occur in your life that you write about.
3/26/2007 #6
Agent Awesome
For children (and most teens and adults as well), the plot is only half of the story. You have to make sure you use words and phrases that describe things in a way that appeal to children as well. You could have the most amazing plot in the world, but without the right description readers could find it not so great.
4/21/2007 #7
Will Sachiksy
And of course characters. Sometimes the main point of the story is the plot and the events, but an entertaining character (like the Cat in the Hat or Max from "Where the Wild Things Are") can really carry a story.
5/23/2007 #8
rubberducky07 I think you should do that. People need to stop being jerks.
6/4/2007 #9
I like that idea. People need to know making fun of others is not just not cool it can damage a kid for life. I know. I've been there.
8/22/2007 #10
Fantasy China Story
Speaking as "kid" myself, all the ideas are good. What did you eventually do? Sadly I am not exactly the best consultant here, since I prefer to read Fantasy Adventure. But I know all about being teased alot, and I think it should be brought home to more kids. We can be terribly cruel.
9/19/2007 #11
I thought kids like something magical and unreal. (ok, I'm not quite a kid anymore but my mental is still a kid)
1/10/2008 #12
I like the idea but it's kind of overused when it's one kid bullying the other. I once thought that a kid watching a monkey bullying another would be an interesting story, but it's your idea... Somebody wrote me a nasty poem once (I deleted it) but that might also be enjoyable to read. I'd like to see the story when it's done, please!
2/5/2012 #13

I like fantasy adventure. A monster or a witch being picked on and then people find out they shouldn't sounds good.

5/6/2012 #14
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