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I translated a story that my late grandmother used to tell us as children. It's a very cute short story with a moral and I have an idea how to do this as a series of books for pre-schoolers, but I have no idea how to get it published. I also need an illustrator. Anyone have any good ideas on how to do thse things? I have taken several library books, they all say send a query letter to an agent but I haven't the vaguest how to exactly word a query?
5/30/2007 #1
Will Sachiksy
I have not been published, so I don't have any real information about this. I can give you information I've read in several documents about this, but I have no way to verify if this information is correct. Take everything in this post with a grain of salt. Basically: The best way to find a willing publisher is to hire a literary agent. Some people (like me) either cannot or are not willing to afford an agent. Not all agents are of high quality, either. The next best way to find a willing publisher is to send a query letter to the publisher. A query letter is a formal letter in which you ask a publishing house if it is interested in your work. Most people include in their query letters: the name, length (approximate word count), and type of manuscript; the subject of the manuscript; any qualifications you have to write the book (e.g. past experience in publishing children's books or other works); and a courtesy thank you to the editor for his or her time. It is much easier for both the editor and the writer to simply send a query letter soliciting interest in the work than to send the work whole. It saves reading time, paper, and cost of postage. And (from what I've read) most editors respond to query letters quicker than to manuscripts. The worst way is to send the manuscript unsolicited to the publishing house. While some published works are still found this way (like Cold Mountain by Charles Fraizer), the editors and readers of publishing houses view unsolicited manuscripts as things of low quality and will often be more inclined to reject your work if you submit this way. In any case, if you can, don't send your only manuscript to the publishing house. You may not get it back. I don't know how you would find an illustrater. Advertise for one? Maybe if you have an artistically-inclined friend, he or she might be able to help you. Good luck with your children's books, and I hope you find better advice than I've just given.
5/30/2007 #2
Thank you for responding. I am still stumped as to what to put in this query letter, even though you posted exactly what the library books suggest, too. I will have to work on how to compose such a letter without it sounding like a form letter or like I'm some kind of moron. Thank you so much for replying!
5/30/2007 #3
You don't have to pay your agent until you've made profits from your books. Then they take a certain percentage. That's with honorable, professional agents, that is. Some are scam artists. Anywho, go to hollylisle dot com and go to the writer's section--Anders Bruce recommended the site on his forum and it's got a lot of good advice, including some on agents and publishers, and you can become more informed from that.
6/10/2007 #4
Thank you for the link and the information! I'm on it!
6/11/2007 #5
Will Sachiksy
I'm glad that someone's here to give advice that actually knows what she's talking about. Again, good luck getting published.
6/11/2007 #6
I'm trying.
6/11/2007 #7
[q]I'm glad that someone's here to give advice that actually knows what she's talking about.[/q] Aww, thank you! I've done a good bit of research on the subject, in terms of getting published etc. When you are going to choose a publisher, make sure to look it up first on Preditors and Editors (look that up on google, I can't remember the URL) to see if it's reputable or not.
6/11/2007 . Edited 6/11/2007 #8
I went to the website posted above and actually I like the idea of querying the publishers that have other children's books already out there, which involves a quick trip to the library with pen and paper in hand but I still think that having a decent agent is the way to go. The trick is to find a decent agent that will even look at your query if you have not been published. It's a real shame that some people can get their laundry lists published just because they have been published while other talented newcomers don't catch a break for anything. I don't like the idea of the query letter and I think that is dumb but I have to follow the rules so I have no choice. And this is actually what I like about it gives new writers a format to try their stuff out on John Q. Public BEFORE they send feelers out to the agents and publishers.
6/11/2007 #9

Truly I was offered to get published by an e-book company called

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