Hello? Anyone out there?
Is your hit count for your story only at one? Do you find it hard to resist the urge to view it on another computer so that it can go up to two? Or are you looking for a beta reader that will like your story? Then get the word out that you are here!
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I been on this site for little under a week, and no where can i find what are hits, and visitors.

I am assuming visitors are when people look at your story and such, but what are hits?

7/12/2010 #1

Hits are the number of times a story has been viewed. If the same person views a story twice, that counts as two hits.

Visitors are individuals people viewing the story. For every visitor, that means one person has viewed your story.

If you go onto the 'Story Traffic' page and click 'Help/Info' it will explain it in more depth.

Welcome to the site by the way. :)

7/13/2010 #2

it sounds like the same thing D:

7/13/2010 #3

C+P from the 'Help/Info' section. :)

Hit: the number of times a browser/visitor has accessed a page. Visitor: the number of unique hits, hits from unique IP addresses (internet users), over a 24 hour period.

For example, a reader named Jane accessing/reading 5 chapters of a story equals to 5 hits and 1 visitor. If Jane refreshes a chapter page 100 times, the system will record 100 hits, but only 1 visitor. If Jane came back the next day, more than 24 hours later, and perform the same task, the system would record 1 additional visitor. In summary, the visitor stat is the most important and accurate measure of reader traffic. Hits can be duplicates from the same reader.

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Lerran G. Maeffer

Thank you for this! I appreciate it so much!

3/18/2013 #5

Thank you for the explanation!

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