Hello? Anyone out there?
Is your hit count for your story only at one? Do you find it hard to resist the urge to view it on another computer so that it can go up to two? Or are you looking for a beta reader that will like your story? Then get the word out that you are here!
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Hi. I wrote a story for this site a year back, called codename:zack "The Smiling Skulls" It's got a few reviews in the past, but lately i've been making a lot of alterations. I've touched up the dialogue, and changed it from a script format into a novel format. (I'm not finished converting it yet, in Chapter Eight, it reverts back to script format)


A brief summary of the plot: After a terrorist attack occurs on US soil, which turns the entire state of California into smog-covered ruins, a shady Government Agency known as 'The Facility' decides to build a weapon to find the terrorist organization responsible for the attack. Zack is created. Resembling a small child, Zack only wants the normal life any other kid has, and flees his creators, going on a journey that takes him to New York City where he is enrolled in Elementary School, befriends a weird goth girl, and finds himself in the middle of a gangwar, all while trying to dodge his creators, who are hunting him down.

The story is based on a cartoon concept i've had in my head for almost a decade now. For more information on it, you can visit my website: (hope you don't mind a few pop-ups)

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