Hello? Anyone out there?
Is your hit count for your story only at one? Do you find it hard to resist the urge to view it on another computer so that it can go up to two? Or are you looking for a beta reader that will like your story? Then get the word out that you are here!
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I am accepting beta requests, though I should give fair warning about the type of beta I would be if asked.

I am very honest. I try to say things nicely, but I rarely hold back. Also, I am only mediocre with punctuation, spelling, grammar ect. I know enough to catch most mistakes, but I am not as nitpicky as I could be. However, that being said, I can spot a plot hole from a mile away. I can help flesh out characters, revise stylistic decisions, work through plot ideas, and comment on overall tones, moods, impressions, ect. I tear apart purple prose, and will ask you tough questions about motivations and characters and plot. I pride myself in realistic dialogue.

When it come to my own work, though, I completely lose an objective eye. Honestly, it's pathetic. So if anyone would want to take on being my beta, I would much appreciate it. My story details a post-apocalyptic world (No, not zombies.) where the United Kingdom is split into five zones based on social class, one being the elite, five being the slums. A poor boy, Nathan, from five has lived an terrible life, and really is only still going because he loves his little brother dearly, and needs to take care of him. Ellen, a girl from one who is filthy rich, is terribly, terribly bored with her life. Fate brings these two together in a twisted turn of events, and life as they know it comes crashing down. PM me or comment if you are interested. Unless something drastic occurs to make me change my mind, it will likely be a long short-story or a short novella. Also, my current fanfiction takes precedence.

WARNINGS-- My story will contain, but is not limited to, the following: physical and sexual abuse (Nathan, at the hands of his father), semi-prostitution, underage drugs and/or alcohol violence, death

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