Hello? Anyone out there?
Is your hit count for your story only at one? Do you find it hard to resist the urge to view it on another computer so that it can go up to two? Or are you looking for a beta reader that will like your story? Then get the word out that you are here!
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I need a story that needs reviewed...badly. Anyone who is generous enough, I'll r&r yours - just tell me which ones. =) Thank you.

6/28/2008 #1

AH! YES! I basically know what I want to happen in my story, but I'm hazy on the middle and how to get it rolling. I was so desperate for inspirations I stuck it on fictionpress and deviantart in hopes that someone will read it and tell me...of course, since it's not finished (hell, it's just the begining) no one has read it, and I have only a couple of sloppy paragraphs written past what I have posted. I'll gladly help out with your story, if you tell me which one (if you have more than one) if you help inspire me of how to get the ball rolling on mine (it's the only one posted...obviously) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOOOOOOU

7/2/2008 #2

I reviewed your story.

Just more notes about it: I def. enjoyed it. I'm terrible at giving inspirational tips...but, I say that anything you see and think about can give you inspiration. Watching a flower bloom, seeing it blossom may give you the feeling to write a story about someone who grows and becomes and even better person. But that's a vague example. So...go out and see what you can find. Forgive me if I'm a horrible advice giver, 'cause I probably am. xP

Oh, and I only have one story that I want reviewed. The rest are poems that can be left alone.

7/4/2008 . Edited 7/5/2008 #3
Ember Eyed Girl

Hi, I have a story that I want r&r for. I'd love to hear ideas on how to continue, because I have certain details and things that I know and the ending, but the middle is fuzzy. Also, I want to see if you know where it's going. The story is called The Waking. Do you have any that you want me to r&r?

8/11/2008 #4

uhm.. me please.:) im a new writer..:)

here are the links:



8/26/2008 #5

Please Check out my New story Bowling? Sure what could go wrong? and Lucky girls I'm having alot of fun writing them, but still havent gotten any reviews for it :( I have hits for them but no reviews , i cant tell if people like my stories or not please tell me what you think

9/23/2008 #6

Hey, I reviewed yourstory 'A Never Endign Reverie' I thought it was good, more details in the review, lol.

Would you please review one of mine? You can just choose one, I'm not picky.

Thank-ya. ~Chryssa

11/8/2008 #7
Kristen Wallen

Hi, my name is Kristen but, please, call me Kris! I have this story, It's called I Hate My Life! Will anyone read it? I hope someone does before I explode! Please read it. It's a very good story!I'll read yours and review it if read and review mine!

11/13/2008 #8

Can someone please review some of my work? I'm new and so far the only person who's looked at them is related to me. I want honest reviews too, and it doesn't matter which ones you read. I have a variety of work including short poems, satire, essays, and short stories.

Thanks! Lawcere

11/21/2008 #9

I would appreciate it if someone would give me some feedback on my story please:


I will r&r others on this forum...

11/25/2008 #10
Fiona N. Costly

I'll second that I'm willing to R&R on anyones story if they read mine. I'm trying to collect reviews so I can improve my story. I want to get it published eventually. So if you review to mine I will review to urs. And I'm a really reviewer, I check spelling and grammar and remark about the plot.... lol

11/25/2008 #11
Kristen Wallen

I will read your story as soon as I can, Okay? And will you read my story in return? It's called I hate My Life!

12/1/2008 #12
Alaska Strange

I just reviewed your story. I liked it a lot.

I only have one story, and an r&r would be great! Its called Never Surrender, My Love.


12/7/2008 #13

Review Fade Away, please?

12/10/2008 #14
Fox's Rose

Hi! I'm new to this forum, and I really need everyone's help. My boyfriend Logan Cording, passed away last month and I really wanted to do something nice for him/his parents for Christmas. Please help, it won't take much time. I wrote the following on facebook, and his gaming website, but I'm going to pull out the big guns now.

"So last night I was rereading the messages that Logan and I sent back and forth, and I came up with the greatest idea ever. It was common knowledge that Logan wanted to be an author someday, so I found a way to make his dream come true. In the messages that he sent me, he wrote me two absolutely gorgeous poems that I treasure. I have put these poems up on a writer's website, where they are now posted and anyone and everyone can read them. This is my Christmas present to Logan, that his dream of becoming an author came true. The other part of my idea, involves everyone who knew Logan, and those that did not have the chance to know him. You can give him a Christmas present as well! This writer's website has the option of leaving reviews, and everyone knows that ALL authors have reviews written in regards to their works. So by leaving a review, you'll also be giving him a Christmas gift! Make sure to tell as many people as you can, please! ~*VERY IMPORTANT*~ I will however have to ask that no one mentions this to his parents, as this is part of my Christmas present to them as well. When I come up to Michigan for Christmas, I would like to show them the pages that have a TON of reviews left on them. So please leave a review! Here is the link to my member page that his works are saved on. His poems are under the title "To Love a Fox." http://www.fictionpress.com/u/473061/ Thank you so much everyone for helping Logan's dream come true!"

If you can help by reading his works and writing a review, it would mean so much to me, Logan's parents, and I'm sure Logan himself. Please pass this around!Thank you everyone for your help!~Tricia

I'll R&R anyone's who reviews Logan's works.

12/13/2008 #15

Do you have a story, or know of a story that deserves recognition? Then you should check out the FPSSA forum. The FictionPress Supernatural Stories Awards is starting its second season this Friday. We’re still looking for judges for several categories, and have a variety of alternate positions open if judging isn’t for you. But mostly, we’re just looking for people to nominate stories. People like, well, people like you!

It’s a great way to get your, or another author’s story known. And there are prizes. There are the usually banners for the winners, but whoever wins the “judges pick” category also gets a video made for their story.

Even if you don’t have a story to nominate, stop by, because it’s a great way to find good stories without having to sift through the “Just In” page.

Here are the links to the two important sites you should have on your shortcuts list:

FPSSA Homepage- here you can check out past winners and keep updated on what’s going on right now.

FPSSA Main Forum- here is where you nominate stories, find rules and FAQs, and check what stories have been read/judged, you can also just stop to chat with the judges http://www.fictionpress.com/forum/The_Fiction_Press_Supernatural_Stories_Awards_2008/2539/

2/9/2009 #16

Please check my story out! I'm in desperate need of comments, positive or negative i dont care!!! please!!!!!!

2/15/2009 #17
Elyon Bliss

i read your story, king of messengers, and it was really good. could you do the same?

4/16/2009 #18
Kristen Wallen

I wrote this new story. Its called The King's Revenge. If someone reads and reviews it I'd gladly do the same. Thank you.

4/16/2009 #19

I'll check out anyone's story in return for you checking out mine. Not expecting reviews but they will be apreciated.

4/26/2009 #20

I would be really greatful if anyone could check out my stories, inparticular http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2648395/1/The_End_Is_Just_The_Beginning and http://www.fictionpress.com/s/2667935/1/The_Life_of_The_Party. Thanks =]

5/5/2009 #21

I can review your story :3

If you review mine!! :D

5/27/2009 #22

Well, I can get to work on reading some of your guys's stories once I finish studying for my school finals, but I'd also like to say that it would be great if you guys could check out some of my stories. They are all short stories, and most of them focus on my original characters Zero and Najika. They have magical powers, but most of the time they are barely used so the stories fit alot better under the general category then fantasy category. I'll just put some of the titles and summaries under here, and I will do my best to read some of your guys's stories as well. :) Also, I have bios for the characters on my homepage, and it might be a good idea if you read those first before you read the stories, but it's just a suggestion.

A Surprising Reaction to the Word 'Presents'

Summary: Never tell Sinbad that there are wrapped presents for him under the Christmas Tree. Ever. A Christmas fic. Part of the NajikaZero series.

Afterschool Care

Summary: There are times friends do things for each other because they are friends. Like Najika picking Zero up from afterschool care...when she's sick. Then again, she was forced to do it. Part of the NajikaZero series.

Once Upon a Dream

Summary: Zero finds himself in a barren wasteland with Najika, but he doesn't know how he got there. Something doesn't seem right... is everything really what it seems? Part of the NajikaZero series.


Summary: Zero and Najika get stuck as the main characters for the school play. On the first day of practice they recieve good and bad news. They have to kiss. Zero is ecstatic, Najika is mortified. What will happen? Part of the NajikaZero series.


Summary: Zero has an uncanny ability of popping up everywhere where Najika is because he wants to be with her. Poor Najika, will she ever get a break? Part of the NajikaZero series.

Hats And Fashion Outbursts

Summary: Full title is 'Hats, Fashion Outbursts, and a man playing an Accordion', but it wouldn't fit. Hastings is in Paris shopping and has a couple of things to say to an innocent store employee. Second installment of the NajikaZero series.

The rest of my stories are kinda bleh, so I just put these.

6/2/2009 #23
erin embrangle

Eeek I'm writting the next chapter in mine right now, but can anyone r&r Acarsia? It's four chapters, so it's kinda short right now, but I'd just like to get some feedback from people I don't know, hah. I'll do the same for you :)

6/11/2009 #24
Nightmare Of Eden

I'll R&R yours! Know how it feels. :[

6/15/2009 #25

I'll do the same as well!

6/30/2009 #26

please r&r my story anyone.. I'll return the favor. Plz and thank you =]

8/6/2009 #27
Rose Blaze

Hey can you have a look at my story Blood Blossom in Fantasy?

I'll R&R any stories you have. Here is a link:


8/24/2009 . Edited 8/24/2009 #28

I will R&R it when I've posted this haha

Please return the favour :) it's my first story on here, my first story put on the net in general, really.


9/26/2009 #29
Cake Love

I'm about to R&R one of your stories, please R&R one of mine! Any one, I don't care!

9/28/2009 #30
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