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A quest to explore what could have been. If we weren't so cruel.

11/2/2013 . Edited 11/2/2013 #1
D.G. Weber

((Should we copy what we started?))

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11/2/2013 #3
D.G. Weber

((Clare wants to add "If Clare and Cor's authors weren't so cruel" to your first post XD))

Tyler pushed Clare down behind a tree, anger and worry fighting for control over his expression. "Idiot! What were you thinking following us?! It's dangerous out here! This is no place for a little girl!"

"But I'm not..."

"No buts," Daniel agreed. "Ty is right. Men are ruthless when it comes to any kind of fighting. You should go back home."

"I don't want to go back! I want to help! Besides," she said smugly. "I don't know my way back home." Tyler frowned, then handed her a knife.

"Shove this into any man's gut who tries to hurt you. We'll be back in fifteen minutes. Don't move. Don't make a sound, and for heaven's sake, Clare, Don't do something stupid." He wrapped his dark cloak around her and pulled the hood over her bright hair. "This conversation isn't over," he scolded, before signalling the three other boys and running off into the dark woods.

Clare sighed and pouted. "No fair..."

11/2/2013 . Edited 11/2/2013 #4

The horse was picking its way along the cobblestone path at an easy pace. The man atop the horse was scanning his surrounding with an air of boredom.

And Corliss Black was bored. While he was here to speak with the King of Rhimer on behalf of Byre, there was still part of him that was itching for some form of excitement...some sort of problem he could put his mind to. Perhaps he could inquire about some sort of trouble in the area...and his informant back in the city could give him a hand...

11/2/2013 #5
D.G. Weber

After what clare thought was hours, a choir of shouts broke through the night, and her four older brothers started running for all they were worth back towards her. Tyler grabbed her hand and yanked her to her feet, tugging her along. "Come on! Quickly!"

"Get back here!" The shouts came from far away. The cries continued, unheard, as the five siblings raced towards home. As soon as they were back in the gates of the city, they were safe, for the time being.

Scott and Michael were laughing merrily as they walked down the streets.

"Did you see his face?! When all that ink spilled everywhere, I nearly died!"

"And the flour when he hit the ground? Fwomp! Poof! Ahhhh!" Michael added hand gestures and flailing to add to the effect.

"And all of his men came running to help and got trapped in the string?"

"What a beautiful mess!"

Clare was still pouting. "You never take me with you... You have all the fun. I know my way home from here," she said stubbornly, pulling her hand out of her eldest brother's grip. "Have fun explaining to Mom what you were up to."

"Clare! Get back here!" Tyler called after her. But it was too late. Clare had pulled herself up onto a roof and was running along the building tops.

((I guess that's another thing that changed... She had more practice with climbing buildings XD))

11/2/2013 . Edited 11/2/2013 #6

It was when he heard laughter that Corliss began to slow slightly. He frowned thoughtfully.

11/2/2013 #7
D.G. Weber

"Ah, Let 'er go, Ty," Scott said, slapping him on the back. "She'll come back when she gets hungry enough."

Tyler sighed, shaking his head. "Do you want to be the one to tell Mother that we lost her?"

The laughter died off rather quickly. "Oh."

"'Oh' is right." Tyler ran his hand through his dark curls. "Dan..."

"I'll try and follow her," he said, taking off down the cobblestone path, trying to chase the silhouette on the night backdrop.

11/2/2013 #8

Corliss had hesitated for a moment, still on his horse.

"What is it?" The pale-haired man behind him tilted his head with a frown.

He paused. "Frost," he said, "Kindly run on ahead and inform His Majesty that I will be a bit late returning."

11/2/2013 #9
D.G. Weber

((No Ripper :( Pout...))

Daniel cursed as the figure jumped down on the other side of a roof. "Clare where'd you go?"

11/2/2013 #10

((Oh, don't worry...he's in the alternate universe as well :) ))

As Frost rode off, Corliss turned about and headed back in the opposite direction.

11/2/2013 #11
D.G. Weber
((Yay, I'm glad. XD)) Clare giggled. She had lost Daniel again, and she dropped the hood of her cloak as she set off down the street again. The remaining three boys were working their way slowly home.
11/2/2013 #12

((I think we'll definitely be seeing some familiar faces, they just won't be in the places they were before :) ))

Leaning in an alley, three figures were chatting idly.

Corliss tugged at the corner of his own cloak, wrinkling his nose slightly at the sea-breeze. He wasn't all too fond of the ocean. His seasickness didn't help.

11/2/2013 #13
D.G. Weber
Clare casually made her way down the alley, unconcerned. She smiled and tried to thread her way through the figures.
11/2/2013 #14

One of them put out their arm to stop her.

11/2/2013 #15
D.G. Weber
Clare pushe his arm away gently. "Excuse me."
11/2/2013 #16

Another put out his arm. "Hey," he said, an odd gleam in his eye. "Where're you goin'?"

11/2/2013 #17
D.G. Weber
"It's really none of your business," she smiled sweetly. "Now if you'll excuse me..."
11/2/2013 #18

"No, really," he said with a grin. "I'd like to know."

11/2/2013 #19
D.G. Weber
"To the ocean," Clare said. "Now excuse me, and let me pass, or I'll scream bloody murder and my four older brothers will be here faster than you can say lickity split."
11/2/2013 #20

The men exchanged glances.

11/2/2013 #21
D.G. Weber
Clare sighed. "What?"
11/2/2013 #22

After a few moments, they turned back to her with near-identical grins.

11/2/2013 #23
D.G. Weber
Clare sighed. "Honestly...? You really want to go there?"
11/2/2013 #24

"Why not?" one said with a sneer.

11/2/2013 #25
D.G. Weber
"I can think of a couple of good reasons," Clare said loudly as she took a step back and pulled out the knife Tyler had given her.
11/2/2013 #26

One of them swore and lunged.

11/2/2013 #27
D.G. Weber
Clare let out a frightened squeak and held up the blade, closing her eyes as she tried to stab the man. ((Never learned how to fight... check. Dang! I can't wait to see new Cor!))
11/2/2013 #28

((Ack, I keep dozing off! I hate beig sick.))

She managed to graze his arm, which only made him angrier as he grabbed her wrist.

Not so very far away, Corliss paused on his horse. He was scowling ferociously.

11/2/2013 #29
D.G. Weber
Clare struggled futilely. "Unhand me! You wretched hound! Let me go! Godless fiend!"
11/2/2013 #30
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