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D.G. Weber

((I don't remember. I was planning on leading these two astray so Something bad could happen to Dee and Lilah. But I can't remember what...))

3/29/2014 #1,111

((Ah, okay. Anything in particular?))

3/29/2014 #1,112
D.G. Weber

((*shrug* I don't remember, I'll have to read up on my notes on Evil Jerk face... Dante is complicated, so I have him written down....))

3/29/2014 #1,113

((XD At the same time, I want to try to do a Humanity is Contagious think with Dex...))

3/29/2014 #1,114
D.G. Weber

((Oh, he's already knee deep in humanity. It should be easy. XD))

3/29/2014 #1,115

((Exactly XD Having actual friends should help that along as well.))

3/29/2014 #1,116

((Oh! I forgot to say earlier, but I got another idea...))

3/29/2014 #1,117
D.G. Weber
((Oh! D I share get. .? M?
3/29/2014 #1,118
D.G. Weber

((...That said Oh! Do share! ...But I must've fallen asleep before I hit post... Sorry...))

3/30/2014 #1,119

((That's fine...I actually went to sleep right after that XD But Dex does have a few enemies...))

3/30/2014 #1,120
D.G. Weber

((Oh good! So you didn't laugh at me until this morning. XD Oooooh, Enemies! I like the sound of that.))

3/30/2014 #1,121

((I know Circe might show up sooner or later, though she's not so much an enemy as much as she just thinks Dex is a nuisance XD But I have been toying with the idea of someone who seriously wants to kill him...))

3/30/2014 #1,122
The Littlest Mouse

Name: Jane Travers

Age: 19

Race: Um....human

Appearance: Blonde hair tied back in a pony tail, blue eyes, black glasses, t-shirt, jeans, and all stars.

Personality: She' Nothing. A beautiful concept. However, she is talented. She writes music, and is quite good. Good enough to be excepted into the best art school in New York. She's also got a lot of interesting view points on life. But, no one ever asks them.

More on her later.

Pros: She forgives faster than most.

Cons: She doesn't take opportunities when they're available. Also, she doesn't talk much, causing herself to blend into the background.

3/31/2014 #1,123

((Hey there!))

3/31/2014 . Edited 3/31/2014 #1,124
The Littlest Mouse

( *waves*) Hi!

3/31/2014 #1,125

((So, what brings you here? :) ))

3/31/2014 #1,126
The Littlest Mouse

(It looks interesting, and it's different from most rps I do so I figured I'd give it a try)

3/31/2014 #1,127

((Well, it's not really much of an rp :P))

3/31/2014 #1,128
The Littlest Mouse

(Then what is it?)

3/31/2014 #1,129
D.G. Weber

((We're almost writing stories and characters. There's no one person controlling the environment, no one character ... well, we do choose favorites... How to put the analogy... We're more like cruel goddesses inflicting things on our mortal characters than role playing through our characters... We kinda came here to get away from the role playing a little bit. We used to test our characters in the Melting Pot Tavern, but the dynamics changed, so we forged our own little island. ...Okay, forgive me if this sounds very weird, the cough suppressant may be messing with my mind a little.))

3/31/2014 #1,130

((Stupid glitchy 'puter...but yeah, that's about it.))

3/31/2014 #1,131
The Littlest Mouse


3/31/2014 #1,132

...Can I join? I have cookies :D

5/21/2014 #1,133
D.G. Weber
((..."Is he dead?" "I could kick him if you'd like..."))
7/12/2016 #1,134

((XD "I'm not trying to be rude...but you died." "Yeah, I know. I was there." XD))

7/12/2016 #1,135

Name: Fred

Age: 16

Race: human

Appearance: tall, thin, red mop for hair, green eyes

Personality: He can be shy, unless he is with his friends-since-birth: Callie and Zarid.

Pros: he can fight with martial arts.

Cons:he is shy.

7/14/2017 #1,136
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