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Because I am a very musical person and I like putting songs to things XD

1/22/2014 #1

For Corliss and Aveline in the main universe...the song My Eyes from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog keeps coming to mind XD Especially for right before he snapped.

1/22/2014 . Edited 3/31/2014 #2

Ha...Dex keeps singing Red Right Hand XD

2/9/2014 #3
D.G. Weber

DUDE! I didn't know you made this thread! I have to go hunting now! I have tons!! XD

Obviously, since we keep singing phantom to everything...... XD

3/31/2014 #4

Phantom is obligatory...especially given how much Cor hates when I start singing it XD

Let's see...I had a couple:

This song kind of fits how Cor feels in regards to Clare:

Then there's a couple others...dangit I lost my list! XD

3/31/2014 #5
D.G. Weber


I know. I lost my list too. I used to have a folder on itunes, but since I switched computers, I didn't bother moving it....

3/31/2014 #6
D.G. Weber

I'm sorry Cor. I'm demoting you to Barry Manilow. XD

3/31/2014 #7

Fitting XD

Oh! Parts of the song MK Ultra by Muse work for Ripper...let's see if I can find a it is!

And then, for the "fight"/beatdown between Cor and Byre: "Valjean, at last, we see each other plain..." xD

3/31/2014 . Edited 3/31/2014 #8

Heh, I'm just bursting with songs XD

3/31/2014 #9
D.G. Weber

I'm just going to listen to all the music again and see if I can find the one. Clare's alter world kiss scene she wants A moment like this playing in the background. I had a really good one for how Clare views Banny, but for the life of me I can't remember what is was. I can't remember the words, can't hum it... X(

3/31/2014 #10

I'll go back through my iPod and look for more...

3/31/2014 #11
D.G. Weber

((More love themes!!! I think I'm stuck on the love song cycle.

If I can't have you! Oh oh oh!

3/31/2014 #12
D.G. Weber

Mira wants her theme to be Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf ...

4/1/2014 #13

I could see that XD

4/1/2014 #14
D.G. Weber

Head Over Feet! That's the one I was looking for! Thank you oldies radio!

The first verse anyways, I got ADD on the drive and flipped stations. But it was the song I was thinking of.

4/2/2014 . Edited 4/2/2014 #15


Cor still doesn't want to take compliements XD

4/2/2014 #16
D.G. Weber

XD But Cor!!!

4/2/2014 #17

XD I honestly haven't figured out if it's just humility or low self-worth, but he just doesn't think he deserves compliments.

4/2/2014 #18

I've decided Viva la Vida by Coldplay fits Byre, and I kind of like Poker Face for pre-Heel-Face-Turn Redd.

4/7/2014 #19

Oh! And I keep forgetting, but after seeing Cinderella I can see this for Cor and Clare!

4/7/2014 #20
D.G. Weber

Isn't that the most wonderful movie ever?! Or did you get to watch it live, because then I'll be mad at you... XD

A lovely night never quite happened the way Clare wanted it to, but it still worked. XD

4/7/2014 #21

...It was the one play we got to go see XD

Still works!

4/7/2014 #22

Dex keeps saying he wants this as his theme: I told him no XD

4/7/2014 #23
D.G. Weber

Why not?! XD

4/7/2014 #24

Because it'll encourage him...ever since I decided Matt Smith fits him, he keeps trying to make Doctor Who references XD ...But eh, why not? XD

4/7/2014 . Edited 4/7/2014 #25

For some reason, Cor has been humming Falling Slowly XD

4/23/2014 #26
D.G. Weber
That's so cute! And strangely... it kinda fits if you think about it... I want to write Mira and Jules part! But Fin said he's not raising 10 kids by himself.
4/23/2014 #27
D.G. Weber
Okay, three songs I have under a folder called city, but I'm not sure why, I'd have to listen to see... what a fool believes by the doobie brothers, dreams by gabrielle, and waiting for tonight by Jennifer Lopez. But I don't recognize them by their titles...
4/23/2014 #28

I thought so too, funnily enough XD

And yeah...'tis why I'm amusing myself by doodling character interactions XD

4/23/2014 #29

Hmm, I'll double-check them.

4/23/2014 #30
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