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D.G. Weber

I thought I'd add a topic, and I have lots of ideas rolling around. So just a place to throw around ideas and brainstorm.

4/27/2014 #1

This is a good idea :) I have a few ideas...

4/27/2014 #2
D.G. Weber

I have an idea... But I don't know where to set it... It revolves around a black market auction that a intern stumbles upon while shes abroad. Ends up in a whole lot of trouble, people after her for more than just finding the auction, but she doesn't know why, the only famous connection she has is her mother, who is a singer, only known in certain circles. She runs into a guy who she thinks is a criminal from the auction. Lots of espionage and stuff, but the setting and culture is very important, and I don't know if I just make up my own or.... put it somewhere overseas and just mention it when she's not on the run.

4/27/2014 #3

Ooh! Sounds intriguing! I'd say maybe somewhere European...but then again, that's just me XD

4/27/2014 #4
D.G. Weber

I was thinking Europe or Japan.

4/27/2014 #5

Japan sounds like it could work, too!

4/27/2014 #6
D.G. Weber

I know a lot about European Culture, but ... Man, I love Japan.

4/27/2014 #7

I wish I knew more about Japan.

4/27/2014 #8
D.G. Weber

Me too... it would make this decision easier

4/27/2014 #9

Hm...maybe they go between the two somehow?

4/27/2014 #10
D.G. Weber

Hmmmm.... I think I could do that... start where first though... She's looking out the window of her office at the foreign cityscape and....

4/27/2014 #11

Maybe Japan first?

4/27/2014 #12
D.G. Weber

.... Yeah... I really like Japan. XD

4/27/2014 #13

I like Europe...but then again, I like everywhere XD

4/27/2014 #14
D.G. Weber

Traveling is the best!

4/27/2014 #15

Exactly! I'm hoping I get to go to Europe over the summer...

4/27/2014 #16
D.G. Weber

I would be totally jealous. I'm finishing north America in christmas.

4/27/2014 #17

Ooh, fun!

Though, I'd have to say (being my musical-nerd self) two places I'd like to see would be the Paris Opera House and Fleet Street...also Cardiff XD

4/27/2014 #18
D.G. Weber

PLatform 9 and 3/4s... Which now has a plaque at Kings Cross.

4/27/2014 #19

Most definitely.

4/27/2014 #20
D.G. Weber

My favorite line so far.

"-And what kind of name is 'Clemence Aria Norton' anyway? For the life of me, I can't think of a parent that would name their child 'Clemence.'" He snorted as Aria lashed out.

"Hey! That's my mother you're talking about!"

"But you agree, don't you? That's why you go by your middle name."

Followed closely by

She switched to Japanese and tilted her head. "Kega wanai ka?"

Aria smiled reassuringly. "Watashi wa ranchitaimu-ji aou. Arigatōgozaimashita. Ima wa kaichō mi ni iku remasu."

Kazumi giggled and nodded. "You should speak English with him," she advised as she headed back behind her desk.

The red haired American winced. "Is my Japanese still that terrible?" As Kazumi shrugged, Aria sighed. "Alright… English it is."

Translates roughly as "I'll see at lunchtime, thank you muchly, You go see the president now." She meant to say I'm going to see the president now.

4/30/2014 . Edited 4/30/2014 #21

XDD Gotta love language errors. They make me laugh XD

4/30/2014 #22

I really want to write a mini-story with a young Cor at some point...he's such an Adorably Precocious Child when he's little XD

4/30/2014 #23
D.G. Weber

I would love to see him at that age! XD SQUEE! The Adorable and Adorkable!!!

4/30/2014 #24

Hee hee, he developed his smart mouth at the age of five...and he always stays up reading past his bedtime and falls asleep with the book on his face XD

And I can totally see this scene playing out:

Tiny Henry: "What are you guys doing? I've been hiding for hours!"

Tiny Cor: "We just haven't found you yet, Henry." XD

4/30/2014 #25
D.G. Weber

Awwwww! Poor Adorkable Henry! XD

And for some reason, that's not surprising... XD

Teehee, I don't know what's wrong with me. I usually think long and hard about people's names, but I gave would be but is not criminal the name of Yu Richer. Like Riker. Like Commander Riker... I am a horrible person... Maybe if I knew what his other nationality was it would have been easier, but I just pulled the name out of a generator and it made me laugh.

4/30/2014 #26

XD Usually I try to find a name with a meaning that's fitting and/or slightly Corliss meaning cheerful XD

4/30/2014 #27

I've had another, slightly silly idea for a's about this actor who's kind of a vain idiot getting thrown into a murder mystery when he becomes the main suspect...

8/3/2014 #28

Oh! And I've had an idea for a one-shot involving Nox...

8/9/2014 #29
D.G. Weber
I finally decided on an ending for Aedelia's story... it's a terrible tragedy. After months in the human world, she runs into Michael and finds out he's known where she was since her escape from the evil villian. She explains how bad she wants to go home, but he tells her that it's too late. It would be difficult for her to go without eating or sleeping for so long, and everyone would think she was gluttonous and slothful, and she had grown more defensive, which while not a bad thing, other angels would mistake it for wrath.... in the end, as she drops to her knees in defeat, he reaches out and pats her shoulder. "You're strong. You'll be able to make a great life here. ...I'll watch over you always." And as he starts to fly away, she noticed that he took her wings and powers, everything that made her an angel. She screamed after him in agony and frustration.... nope, that's it. Need a new ending.
10/27/2014 #30
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