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Urrrggh, I need a sick of drama...if I start pitching a bunch of half-baked things here that's why. XP

3/6/2017 #691
D.G. Weber
I will try to save you when I surface from 1000s of drawings XD good thing next week is spring break.
3/6/2017 #692

That is true. XP Maybe the insanity will slow down a little on one side then. At least I have my Mass Effect stream now, I'm feeling a little better than earlier.

3/6/2017 #693
D.G. Weber
But ahhh that visual novel gave me so many ideas! Basically, your best friend from high school, whom you had a crush on, got killed in a car crash trying to catch up to you because you were upset and ran away. 5 years later exactly, you get a new job, your desk trainer is kinda nerdy, but at the same time, kinda cute, and you had fun. You stop by your friend's grave and talk about your day, feeling bad that you feel like you are starting to forget him. You make a wish that you could see him again, and this weird cat tries to cross the street, you save it, and weirdness ensues. When you wake up the next morning, cat and ghost boy are in your bedroom. So, developing both of these relationships, getting through all three of your pasts, and looking crazy because you keep trying to stop the ghost from playing tricks on your coworkers, more weird things start to happen, it freaks you out, it freaks your desk trainer out, but he's more worried about you, and it freaks ghost boy out, cause now desk trainer can see him, but also because he was trying to tell you something all day, and he didn't want you to freak out, but now you are... Deja vous. You and real boy re enact highscool, he ends up with a 60% chance of fatality, ghost boy says creepy cat has a plan. You can give up all your memories for the past 5 years, no guarantee you would meet him again in the new life, but it would save his life and ghost boy would have never died. You could have the chance to tell ghost boy that you loved him all those years instead of running away. Or you could keep your memories, but real boy will most likely die. ...Real boy speaks up and says "Don't I get a say?" XD turns out he'd been faking when the nurse came in. He doesn't want to forget, because he's changed so much... it's your choice... I chose... AND OH MY GOODNESS! I DIDN'T EVEN CHOOSE! Ghost boy knew when I looked at him, and he said, "never mind, I'll make the difficult choice for you." Cat tries to intervene, he says "She's made her choice in her heart, and it isn't me." Then he mentions another plan, but I'm too busy crying over the love of my life that I'm about to loose, saying I'm no good at goodbyes, and ghost boy says... he says.... WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!
3/10/2017 #694

Awwwww, that sounds sad...and sounds idea-y.

3/10/2017 #695
D.G. Weber
Yeah, but the ending was cute, but now I have to see what happens if you choose ghost boy, or if you are more wavery and choose one while liking the other more... but I don't want to cry again! Ghost boy gave his second chance at life up to save the one you love because he loves you... And I couldn't stop crying through the whole exchange! And then they skip to 3 years later, and it's like... wait! I haven't stopped crying yet! I'm not ready for the happy recap! XD
3/10/2017 #696

Sad endings galore. XD

3/10/2017 #697

Verse: Cityverse

Date: (The date this sheet was completed.)

Full Name: Corliss Black

Nickname/Alias: Cor, The Black Bandanna, Banny


Origin: …I don't actually remember. XD

Signature: Neat and thin. Spidery.

Gender: Male.

Orientation: Straight

Real Age: 51

Age Appearance: Depends; often looks slightly older than he is.

Birthday: December 22nd

Birthplace: Shaydel

Immediate Family: Originally raised by mother; his "father" died before he was born. After his mother's death, he more or less had to "raise" himself.

Distant Family: unknown

Parenting: (Were their parents strict or fun-loving?)

-As his mother's only child, he was coddled like no tomorrow. But after that...

Upbringing: (What morals and ideals were your characters raised with?)

-Corliss's mother raised him with the expectation of being a nobleman/possible heir to the throne later; she ensured that he was learning from the best tutors that could be offered, and did her best to instill a sense of compassion and empathy for others in her son. After she died, and everything went wrong for Corliss, he was more raised with the idea that he was a nobody and a nothing who should have perished with her.

Infancy: ([0-2] What was it like when your character was a baby? Were they nurtured or dropped at birth?)

-Cor spent his early years being babied by his mother. Not long after he was born, the king and queen of Shaydel had a daughter, Aveline, and a son, Jedrek. They were raised together with the other children of nobles.

Childhood: ([3-12] What was it like for your character growing as a kid ?)

-Initially, life was quite happy for the young Corliss. He quickly became fast friends with the princess Aveline and Henry, the son of a noblewoman. They and the prince, Jedrek, could often be found wandering the castle grounds under the watchful eye of one of their parents. Corliss began growing into a quiet, but clever young boy—and his cleverness earned him the attention of the king. He took a shine to the boy's bright mind and quiet demeanor, eventually leading to his betrothal to Aveline. The future looked bright for the young Corliss.

And then, when he was eight years old, things went very wrong. An accident with a pack of wolves infected by sickness left Corliss's mother and the queen dead, and Corliss's face horrifically scarred. The death of the queen drove King Byre mad with grief; blaming Corliss for having lived in her stead, he stripped Corliss of all titles and had him confined him to his rooms. The young Prince Jedrek, left hurt and confused after his mother's death, began following his father's (and best "friend's") lead and relentlessly harassing the young boy whenever he could. Corliss's only solace was found in his friend Aveline, who remained a source of comfort through his life.

Adolescence: ([13-17] Teen years)

(will add later)

Adulthood: ([18] When your character has fully matured. If your character isn't yet an adult, plan what would happen to them in the future.)

Coming of Age: Forced to "grow up" at the tender age of eight.

Evolution: From his childhood, Corliss has grown quieter, less openly emotional and more reclusive as a result of his treatment. He also developed a massive hair-trigger temper and an unwillingness to trust others (combined with a deep-seated sense of self-loathing and a paradoxical desperation for love and affection.) After meeting his wife, mellowed out considerably, though retains something of a temper.

Species: Human.

Preferred Hand: Right-handed.

Eye Color: Pale blue.

Hair Color: Dark silver.

Hairstyle: Short, neatly-combed.

Skin Tone: pale

Build: Thin, thin, thin;

Height: roughly six feet, a little over.

Weight: undetermined

Facial Hair: None.

Birthmarks/scars: Heavy scarring across the right half of his face due to a mauling at the age of eight; assorted scarring across arms and torso from various other injuries. Notable scar in lower chest from a stab wound inflicted by Prince Jedrek.

Distinguishing Features: Odd hair color, pale eyes, scarring on face.

Health: Moderately healthy, in good physical shape. Develops minor respiratory issues later in life.

Memory: Decent memory, good at recollection. Nasty habit of remembering wrongs done to him and holding grudges.

Senses: Keen eyesight and hearing, due to self-training.

Handicaps: Diminished lung capacity later in life makes it easier for him to run out of breath.

Phobias: Fears loss of loved ones, being betrayed; anxiety over being alone. Extreme dislike/fear of wolves and large dogs, which mellows out some later in life but never fully goes away. Used to fear water due to a near-drowning incident; this fear has resolved itself.

Mental Disorders: Possible anxiety; extreme anger issues (diminished later in life), dependence on love ones.

Style: Dapper!

Mode of Dress/Grooming: Very well-kept; likes to keep up appearances.

Posture: Head high, straight-backed, etc.

Coordination: In good physical shape, despite age; well-coordinated due to his own training. Stronger than he appears.

Mood: Can generally be found lost in thought and brooding in some area off by himself when he's alone; in the company of his wife, smiles near-constantly.

Attitude: Cordial and friendly with those he knows and trusts; can be curt with strangers or those he is ill-acquainted with.

Stability: Moderately stable; domestic life has done wonders for his state of mind, but still easily flies off the handle in the face of those he doesn't like.

Expressiveness: Hides his emotions and bottles them up, save for when he's in the company of those he trusts.

When Happy: Grows relaxed and more smiley, is a lot more playful and teasing.

When Depressed: Grows much more reserved, often isolates himself, stifles emotions (unless, of course in the company of someone like his wife.)

When Angry: Stifles and contains his anger, attempts to remove himself from the situation; paces agitatedly if confined to small space, hits or breaks things in attempt to bring his temper levels down. Usually regrets doing so immediately after.

Current Residence: The royal castle in Shaydel.

Family: His wife, Clare; his two daughters, Mira and Eva. His mother was a noblewoman, Mira Black; his alleged father was her late husband, who died before he was born. His REAL father was the former captain of the guard…and the man he inadvertently killed later in life.

Friends: Besides his family, is still good friends with Queen Aveline and King Henry; is also still friends with the remnants of most of his merry men. XD Is on shakily good terms with former King Byre.

Enemies: LOATHES Prince Jedrek; the feeling is mutual. Miach, probably an assorted handful of others.

Bosses: Typically answers to Queen Aveline, himself…and his wife. XD

Followers: A scattered system of his old merry men in the city. More on that later.

Heroes: His wife; admires her patience, slowness to anger.

Relates to: (Who is similar to your character?)

Pets/Familiars: (Describe a pet your character owns, real or fantasy and give it a name.)

-None currently; he wouldn't mind a cat, though.

Wardrobe: (Describe your character's closet. What is their formal, casual, or other kind of wear?)

-A lot of formal wear. Half the time, wears quasi-formal outfits AS his casual wear. XD

Equipment: (Refers to tools or weapons your character may use. [Ex: A sword for a warrior]

-He likes to use his wits to get his way out of trouble. Still has his sword.

Trinkets: (Applies to but not limited to good luck charms, purses, watches, or any other items they carry with them almost all the time.)

-Keeps his old bandanna from his days as a traitor to the crown; not always on his person, but he does keep it around somewhere. Tries to keep his wedding ring in a pocket or on his person in the rare few moments when he isn't wearing it.

Funds: (How much cash does your character have on hand, and how much at home/in the bank?)

-A considerable amount, both from his own inheritance and from his appointment as an unofficial advisor to the queen.

Home: (What is your character's house like? Describe it's overall appearance, [Ex: Shabby, fancy] type of house, [Trailer, mansion] and describe things such as the yard, wallpaper, or any other information. Things like bedrooms count as your character's home.)

-Lives in one of the older sections of the castle with his family; though less populated, it's still quite lovely. Shares a set of rooms with his wife and two daughters.

Transportation: (How does your character get around? [Ex: Car, bus, bike])

-Corliss walks, normally. If he's in a very great hurry he'll ride a horse. If he's in a very great hurry and he doesn't want to be seen, he'll climb across a rooftop or two.

Most valuable possession: (In money)

-More than likely his hat (which was taken by his daughter, unawares of its owner), his mask (which he keeps somewhere near him) or his wedding ring, which he's almost always wearing. That or his book collection. XD

Prized Possession: (What object does your character value above all else?)

-Not so much a "possession," but his family. He loves them more than anything.

Lovers: (From childhood crushes, to exes, to a married partner, who does your character love?)

-Once had a massive secret crush on the princess Aveline (now queen); now happily married to his wife, Clare.

Occupation: (Self explanatory)

-Serves as an unofficial advisor to the queen. He helps out when she's in need of someone trustworthy to bounce ideas off of, someone to help figure out a particular problem; his area of expertise is dealing with criminal activity as something of an inside man, having once been public enemy number one after all.

Work Ethnic: (How hard does your character work? How do they feel about their job?)

-Corliss takes his job very seriously; however, thanks to the nature of his job (and Aveline's interference) he also time to spend with his wife and children, which he wouldn't have any other way.

Rank: (How high up are they on the corporate ladder?)

-Corliss is fairly high up on the food chain - not quite as high as the king and queen, of course, but still up there.

Income: (How much money do they make?)

-He doesn't like to mention it, but he has a considerable amount hoarded away.

Experience: (Include things like pasts jobs, or things that contributed to current occupation.)

-Used to be the kingdom's public enemy number one; it helps, as now it's his job to help root out people trying to pull off what he used to want to do.

Organizations/Affiliations: (Who does your character side with?)

-Affiliated with the government and royal family of Shaydel; ironic, considering sixteen years previous he had been working to bring it down.

Education: (How good is their education?)

-Corliss is primarily self-educated; while he was loosely tutored throughout his childhood, a lot of what he knows is from him reading every book he could get his hands on.

School: (What was their school like?)

-Was "tutored" loosely from a young age, but was often neglected in favor of the other royal and noble children. Despite this, he often received outside help from Aveline and Henry, who would often share their lessons and homework with him when the King wasn't looking.

Special Education: (Did they ever get held back or get honor role?)

-His Majesty King Byre, in his "infinite wisdom," attempted to block Corliss from the schooling he would have normally received as a noble-born child. Thanks to Aveline's (and sometimes Henry's) help, he ended up keeping pace with them.

Social Stereotype: (ex: nerd, goth, punk)

-Loner. Definitely loner. XD

Extracurricular Activities: (Such as P.E. or art)

-PE. If by "PE" you mean "being hunted down by Prince Jedrek, his cronies, and their hunting dogs." It's part of the reason he's so good at parkouring.

Morals: (What does your character find morally right or wrong?)

-His morals have tightened up considerably since his days as an outlaw; above all, he holds his own falling prey to his temper in extremely low regard.

Crime Record: (Relationship with authority, laws broken, and crimes committed.)

-Considering he used to be the number one on the royal guard's capture list…it used to be quite poor, and had a rap sheet filled to the brim. Since then, however, he's been privately pardoned by Aveline, and his relationship with the law has improved greatly.

Motivation: (What moves your character? [Ex: Power, money, love)]

-Corliss is generally motivated in any given situation (either overtly or subconsciously) by keeping his family safe and happy. They are everything to him, and he's always worried about them about something or other.

Priorities: (What does your character place first, second, and third?)

-His family comes first place by a long shot priority-wise; his friends come in close to that, followed by his new duties (well, new relatively speaking) and at the end of a very long list, comes himself. XD

Philosophy: (Your character's outlook on life)

-Thinks that the world can be a terrible place where terrible things happen, but the little good things in life (and his family, of course) make things worthwhile.

Etiquette: (How good our your characters manners? Do they bow or chew with their mouth open?)

-Extremely good manners; prides himself on his manners and etiquette, even though he wasn't technically "raised" as a nobleman.

Influences: (Who or what inspires your character to change? Do they influence anyone else?)

-No surprise here, but his family. XD

Superstitions: (spilling salt, knocking on wood)

-None of note.

Main Goal: (Driving force in the story. May be subject to change.)

-Keeping his family safe and happy. Constantly paranoid that something is going to happen to them.

Minor Goals/Ambitions: (What is your character trying to accomplish?)

-Keeping the peace, both inside the castle and without.

Career: (What would be your character's dream job?)

-He's quite happy with his current line of work.

Desires: (What does your character want?)

-On a basic level, Corliss desperately craves validation and love from people around him; other than that (once again) mostly just wants his family to be happy. His own wants and needs don't matter very much to him.

Wishlist: (What material items does your character want?)

-…Probably books. XD Or, at least, ones that he hasn't read yet.

Accomplishments: (Did they succeed in any goals?)

-Succeeded in overcoming his massive grudge against the royal family, and in managing to take a third option (so to speak) in their feud.

Greatest Achievement: (Self Explanatory)

-He would claim it would be meeting his wife. Really, it's the above accomplishment.

Biggest Failure: (Self Explanatory)

-He feels that his biggest failure is having started sliding down the slippery slope thanks to his temper…and failing to protect his wife from the people who would hurt her.

Secrets: (Everyone has at least one)

-Used to be The Black Bandanna, notorious masked criminal, gang leader, and (according to some) revolutionary.

Regrets: (Self Explanatory)

-Regrets many things. Among them:

-having let himself spiral into bitterness and anger in his younger years.

-snapping and killing the old captain/his father.

-having not been able to protect his wife from Miach, Ross, Jason and anyone else who would wish her harm.

-And so on, and so forth. XD

Worries: (What do they worry about?)

-Primarily worries that harm will befall his family somehow; also worries about the disruption of their happy lives, possibly via someone discovering his past identity and revealing it.

Best Dream: (What would be the best thing that could possibly happen to your character?)

-Currently living out his best dream; he has a happy life with his wife and children, free from living in fear for their lives or their freedom. He's made peace with the people he'd sworn to destroy years earlier…well…all except for one.

Worst Nightmare: (The worst thing that could ever happen?)

-The worst thing that could happen to him (that he imagines) is his happy life being disrupted somehow; Corliss is terrified of losing his wife or children in any way, or having to go back to the constantly-pursued, constantly-in-danger life…

Best Memories: (A few stand out memories from the past. [keep it short and sweet])

-The memories that Corliss holds most dear usually involve his wife or children. He also holds close the years he had with his mother and friends before the accident that cost him everything.

Worst Memories: (A few stand out memories from the past. [keep it short and sweet])

-Practically his entire childhood and young-adulthood from the years of eight to twenty-five. Many notable points during his tenure as the Black Bandanna…notably the day he thought his wife had been killed.

Hobbies/Interests: (What does your character like to do for fun?)

-LOVES to read, likes to do so whenever he has any free time. Also quite good at fencing, occasionally does so.

Skills/Talents: (Similar to hobbies, but refers to the level of skill a character has. For example, a character could like playing violin but isn't very good at it or vice versa.)

-Very good at fencing. Also good at climbing, running, and keeping his balance in high places.

Likes: (What does your character like?)

-Spending time with his family, reading, relaxing, not being chased.

Dislikes: (What can't they stand?)

-Prince Jedrek, large dogs,

Sense of Humor: (Dark/dry/witty/sarcastic/dirty/childish/sophisticated/ironic)

-Dry and sarcastic; less pointed and more teasing (and more prevalent) around loved ones. Occasionally tends towards pessimistic morbidity.

Superstitions/Beliefs: (Does your character believe in conspiracy theories or aliens? Do they throw salt over their shoulder or knock on wood?)

-None of note.

Dreams/Nightmares: (What do they dream about? [at night])

-Has recurring nightmares relating to his family; generally takes the form of hearing them frightened or in pain, but being unable find them.

Quirks: (The strange little things that your character does to make them unique. Ex: Sleeps with their feet on the pillow or runs their hand along a pole as they walk beside it.)

-Occasionally sleeps sitting/standing up. XD

Savvy: (What is your character particularly well-informed of? [Ex: Politically, nature)

-A little bit genre savvy. XD Knows a lot about criminal activity in the city.

Can't understand: (Something they just can't get into, such as English literate or obsession with sports)

Closet Hobby: (Something that your character likes but isn't too obvious.)

-Occasionally goes for a climb across the rooftops to find somewhere nice to see the stars at night.

Guilty Pleasure: (You know...)

-He won't tell me. XD

((And I think that's about all I got done with...I should finish this. XD))

3/10/2017 #698
TheCatOwl I'm getting weird ideas about Narcissus being a token evil teammate to the band of misfits...but he's waaaayyy too far down the slippery slope...or is he? He also presented me with this as his boss fight music: https ://w XD

3/15/2017 #699

Urgh...those days when it's 70 outside, but the stupid heating is permanently on and you can't do anything about least I got to go to the library today, maybe I can actually get some writing done. XD

3/18/2017 #700
D.G. Weber

We had tornadoes today! Yay! XD Ugh, I've been so busy, but I got htis idea for a story I started a long time ago, but now I've got to be Miach Evil, but at the same time... UGH! He's already humiliated her and degraded her in so many other ways... and she is broken completely, but how do I take that one step further!? I don't want to... I love her too much... WAAAAAAA! XD

As if he could read her mind, Ned looked around the large room, trying to find some landmark. "Do you know where we are?"

Alicia shook her head. "When we are alone, I never travel without a blindfold. It looks like some sort of abandoned convention center… but… where… we traveled for hours before you woke up," she whispered softly. "I usually know what he's doing, but-"

Michael strode back over, and Alicia made sure there was a modest distance between her and Ned, looking away. Michael pulled her up by the arm, and held her close.

"I'm sorry. I was frightened. They were going to take you away from me. I couldn't have them do that." He pulled back and kissed her softly, pulling her closer. His hands drifted down her back, and Alicia stood perfectly still, closing her eyes and trying to forget about Ned behind her.

Michael opened his eyes and threw a look at the man, still tied up on the floor, daring him. Ned's expression grew darker and darker, until finally, Michael got a little too fresh, and Alicia let out a small sob.

Ned was on his feet and throwing himself between them not a second later, tackling the man to the ground. "Don't you dare touch her, you filthy-"

Ned's head cracked to the side and Alicia screamed as Michael hit the prone man over and over. She threw herself at him.

"Michael, stop! Please! Stop it! I'll do anything!"

Michael pushed her back and dealt Ned a couple more blows, then pulled him over to the side of the room, tying him to a chair railing of a ramp. Ned spat blood in Michael's face, and in turn, Michael kicked him hard, leaving the tied man hanging limply as he tried to catch his breath.

Alicia sobbed into the back of her hand, wanting to run to Ned's side, but not wanting to cause anymore trouble. Michael approached her, and trailed his fingers down her face.

"Things didn't go well with Carson. This whole trip has been a mess. But my intentions will always be the same. Alicia," he said softly, but loud enough for Ned to hear, "Give yourself to me completely, and I will let your friend live."

"Alicia," Ned groaned from the far side of the room. "Alicia, no…"

Alicia hesitated, then pulled him closer, kissing him desperately. "Anything you ask. Please, just let him live."

Michael smiled and took his time with her, giving Ned a frightful look every time Alicia tried to pull away, or Ned tried to protest.

Finally, he took her hands and pulled her up the ramp behind Ned, smiling wickedly. "Excuse us, Ned Nickerson. We require some privacy. Do make yourself at home while you wait."

Ned struggled against the ropes, roaring in anger as a quiet sobbing Alicia refused to meet his eyes. "You touch her, and I swear, I will kill you! Do you hear me?!" He called as the door closed behind him. "I'll kill you!" He struggled helplessly for a few more moments, then collapsed against his bonds. "Alicia," he whispered. "Please, fight."

In the other room, Alicia stood still, taking Michael's administrations with no fight. But when he moved beyond any of his humiliations, beyond any of his kisses or holding or… She pulled back.

"I… I can't."

Michael froze, then gripped her chin, hard. "Can't, or won't." He looked into her eyes. "Ah. It's that boy next door. It is, isn't it?"

3/26/2017 #701
D.G. Weber

Wow, I haven't been on in a while. Sorry!

3/26/2017 #702

Tis fine. XD And oh goodness...Miach evil, that's always fun. XP I've been kinda toying with this weird alternate storyverse's weird. XD It's basically throwing Mercy and Dorian together into the same universe/timeline/family, so that she's his older sister. She ends up living longer, but then something happens to her that ends up rendering her kinda-sorta undead and a little bit crazy trying to cope with it. And she ends up becoming like this magic-wielding berserker blood knight obsessed with protecting her family, and has to deal with the horrorshow Narcissus kicks up...but then there's this little romantic subplot thing where there's this boy in the guard she's trying to train, and he's totally head-over-heels for her and she knows it, but because the aristocracy keeps pushing her to marry she's having none of it and keeps losing her patience with him...until she starts actually getting feelings for him, and starts being a total tsundere...and wow that sounds weird when I put it like that but that's oversimplified. XD

3/27/2017 #703

A blistering wind like spears of ice, raking their way across her skin. An endless sea of snow and frost. Running, vaulting, sprinting madly across it. Why? She didn't know. Couldn't think. Afraid. Afraid of what? She didn't know that either. Staggering, slipping, pitching forward with a startled cry of dismay.

Her fall was not softened by the blanket of snow. She let out a sharp curse as her hands met stone-cold ice that crackled warningly beneath her. Cracked, but still whole and weather-polished enough for her to see her face staring back at her. She paused for a moment, warily regarding the dishevelled young woman that stared back at her. Her dark hair, her blue eyes, her pale face. Reached up to touch it for a moment, watching her reflection do the same.

A horrible, sickening sensation as the skin beneath her fingers began melting away. Horror rooted her to her place, gaping in the ice as the rot spread, muscle and sinew sagging and sloughing away at her touch. A strangled cry as she watched her reflection transform into a decayed monster, a desiccated creature of nightmares. Weeping, terrified as she tried to hold herself together, even as flesh dripped betwixt her hands like candlewax. Vision blurring, distorting as she was left to stare into the disintegrating eye sockets of her own empty skull -


Mercy jerked awake and upright with a gasp. The knife that lay at her bedside was already in hand as she staggered blindly to her feet; moments later, her ankle snagged in the tangles of her sheets and she went down with a muffled shriek and a loud thump. Darkness engulfed her vision for a moment, and she swiped out blindly with a sharp string of curses. It was only at the sound of ripping fabric that she finally stilled, the last remnants of the nightmare clearing from her mind.

For a few moments she lay there in the middle of the floor, hair askew and tangled in the remnants of her newly-shredded sheets as her breathing slowed once more. Then, slowly, she sat up again, resting her face in still-trembling hands tiredly.


She couldn't help running her hands over her face anxiously once more, checking to see that everything was as it should with the image of her own rotted face fresh in her mind. A few once-overs and she relaxed again with a shaky sigh of relief. Everything was in one piece, as was always. A few degrees cooler than it should have been, but whole.

Mercy stood up unsteadily, disentangling herself from blade-rent blankets; she made a mental note to repair them herself later and save the servants a bit of trouble. They had enough to deal with. She scooped them up and made a haphazard attempt at properly folding them, quickly giving up on it and tossing them back onto her bed in a crumpled heap. Then, running a hand through tangled dark hair (and making another mental note to find where her damned hairbrush had gone) she shuffled to her window and hesitantly pulled an inch of the curtain aside.

The sun was barely up, thin rays of light peering their way over the lip of the frostbitten spires of rock to the east and bathing the mountain-hewn capital in a faint golden glow. Dustings of snow covered the trees; they floated on the breeze in little puffs, mingling with the rising smoke from chimneys and shimmering in the morning light like clouds of miniature diamonds. Down below her in the still-dusky streets, she could spy the very first of the common people slipping from their houses on their way to beginning their own daily routines. Merchants, shopkeepers, guards and street rats, businessmen and urchins; richer and poorer alike, all milling slowly into the roads and alleys to shake their city from its slumber.

The view brought a faint smile to her face, as it always did, and she lingered at the window for a moment or two to watch the capital come to life. Then she turned away, letting the curtain fall back into place as she crossed her room to the door. There was no sound of footsteps when she put her ear to it, so she took a chance and quietly pushed it open. The hall outside her bedroom door was empty; no guards pacing the halls or standing resolutely against pillars, no servants slinking around the corners, and - perhaps most reassuringly - no messengers trooping towards her room to rouse her from her rest. At least, not yet.

Her smile widened a small bit more. That would give her a few minutes more to rest, a welcome reprieve from the bustle and busyness of the last few days. Someone would send for her if she was needed; until then, she intended to make the most of her remaining morning while she could.

It was only when she turned back to her room that she heard the clinking sound of wood on porcelain. She blinked, turning around again to see the small mug she'd just knocked askew with the door. Her brow furrowed, and she bent to pick it up along with the now-wet saucer it had been left there on. The cup was still somewhat warm, and there was a tea-dampened note left beside it on the platter. Mercy frowned again, then threw one more glance over her shoulder and pulled the door shut behind her. Setting the mug down on her nightstand, she picked up the scrap of paper and gave it a shake or two to dry it out some, then held it up to read.

Erevu said you weren't feeling well. Brandon said this might help. Hope it tastes better than he made it seem.

The corner of her mouth twitched upwards for a moment unbidden, even as she snorted quietly. There wasn't any name left on it, but as far as she was concerned there didn't need to be. Who else would drag themselves out of bed at the crack of dawn just to leave tea in front of her door?

Nevertheless, she scooped up the half-full glass again and stepped across to the window, clambering up into the little alcove and leaning back against the wall with her knees tucked to her chest. It wouldn't be long before some servant would be knocking away on her door, summoning her for another long, dreary day of sitting idle in the throne room or greeting visiting nobleman while making an attempt to be something resembling a proper lady.

But for now, she could simply rest and enjoy the view of the sunrise over the city.

She took a sip of the tea. It wasn't as bad as she expected it to be.

((Ha! Found this scrappy thing I did a week or two ago. XD And wow, way to screw up my formatting fp...))

3/27/2017 . Edited 3/27/2017 #704

I know lots about Japan.

7/14/2017 #705

Okay, going to throw a selection of character snippets here, and then expand on them later, because I can't pick one and run with it. XD

Morrigan Solus "Mori" - one of the heroines of the story. A young witch of the notorious Solus family (partially-turned lich due to an unfortunate and orchestrated series of events). Tall, long dark hair (which she frequently hacks shorter in bouts of impulsive annoyance), blue eyes, a little on the skinny and sickly side. Despite being a powerful magic-user with tutoring from a family friend, Mori grew up isolated from magical society as a whole, and despite having a good grasp on magic has very little experience with the magical world as a whole, which tends to get her into a lot of trouble. She has a strong sense of justice and a desire to help others and right wrongs, but it's coupled with a loud mouth and a volcanic temper that tend to get her into even more trouble. Was the victim of an unfortunate "accident" in her late teens that left her in some sort of limbo state between life and undeath, which came with a host of magical and psychological side effects that she struggles to keep under control. These effects were not particularly helped that people have a tendency to point out unfortunate similarities between her and the treacherous uncle who destroyed her family and its reputation in the first place, which may or may not have instilled in her a quiet, festering fear that if she isn't careful with herself and her anger, she just might turn out the same... When circumstances bring said uncle back into play, she furiously vows to put an end to him at long last, as well as the plans he and his erstwhile "employer" have for things. However, once the dust settles, and all seems right with the world again, things get...complicated. Turns out, she might have to work with him instead, to put a stop to a more insidious threat that's crept up on them all unseen.

Her best friend is the non-magical ordinary human Jendrick Larue, whose feelings for her might be just a little bit more than platonic - and which might be entirely reciprocated. It takes her an embarrassingly long time to get out of denial about that, and she's still a bit of a tsundere about it. She's desperate to keep...whatever they have a secret, both for her own irrational reasons and for slightly-more-rational ones - like trying to keep him protected from the various supernatural nasties that abound in her world. More on that later.

Jendrick Larue - A timid, mousy young man whose chance encounter with a wild Morrigan ends up completely derailing his perfectly-ordinary, magic-free life - a circumstance he's quick to say was almost certainly for the better. Tall, but somewhat thin and unassuming (initially, at least), with mousy brown hair and grey eyes. Raised by his serious-but-well-meaning lawman of an uncle after his parents died under suspicious supernatural circumstances, he was expected to follow in his father's and his uncles' footsteps and go into law enforcement. His meek temperament and aversion to conflict, however, put something of a damper on that particular dream. It is off on a walk, trying to figure out what even he's supposed to do with himself, that he ends up running into a strange young woman who seems to be in a bit of trouble. A bit of trouble that might have happened to involve fire-breathing monsters. It was a weird day. It ended up getting weirder when the same young woman shows up at his apartment, trying to convince him that what he saw...wasn't magic. That went over about as well as expected. As time passes and they begin to spend more and more time together, they become something almost like friends. His rather small friend circle expands to include fantastical creatures like dragons, werewolves, half-breeds, and a particularly showboaty shrimp of a vampiric assassin (more on her later). Despite feeling like a fish out of water half the time, it's an amazing thing to be able to be a part of, and he slowly but surely ends up coming out of his shell. His uncle notices these changes, and while he's happy that his nephew seems to be opening up more...he's also warily curious as to what prompted this change. He sincerely hopes it doesn't have anything to do with that delinquent girl he's seen hanging around. So he decides to do a bit of digging, which puts Jendrick (and his crush best friend) in a very awkward position...

Narcissus Solus - Lich uncle to Morrigan, antagonist-turned-unwilling-teammate, best described as "hyperaggressive undead pyromancer." A little on the short side (at least compared to the rest of his family) with dark hair and pale eyes, a sickly complexion, a foul mouth and an even fouler disposition. Born to an old magical family to a sickly mother and a father with a wandering eye, which resulted in a slew of illegitimate siblings whom he hated on principle. While his relationship with his father and many half-siblings was always strained, his mother was one of the only people he genuinely cared for, in his own odd way. Always a wasn't until a series of unfortunate events culminating in his beloved mother's death (and, unbeknownst to him, his infestation by an extradimensional psychic parasite) that he well and truly went over the edge. Turning his rage on his family, he went on a rampage in hopes of hunting down his father and siblings. After seeing most of them (including his "treacherous" father) left for dead, he ended his own existence and disappeared for several years. Unfortunately for his remaining family, he's not gone forever, though; he pops up again in order to wreak havoc in the magical world once more, slightly less alive and much less sane, with a mad necromancer god holding the leash (something he is not very happy about, but goes along with in hopes of fulfilling his own goals). At his "employer's" go-ahead, he gleefully runs amok amongst the magical community, leaving blood and fire in his wake, until the whole of the magical world has been drawn into the scuffle that's been kicked up. It is at about this point that Narcissus makes an unwitting discovery - one which turns him fully turning against the necromancer and, by consequence, the malevolent creature that's been meddling about in his head since his demise. After a brief team-up with his remaining family and the proper authorities (and his apparent demise in the process) the necromancer has been banished, and things seem to have returned to normal. Fate, however, doesn't seem to be done with Narcissus - thanks to the meddling of a powerful Winter demigod, Narcissus is delivered right back into the hands of said family. While the rest of the parahuman community would like to see him punished for his crimes, those in power - having found in him evidence of extensive psychological damage as a result of mental manipulation, and wanting to sniff out its source - instead strip him of most of his power and hand him over to his family to see to his care. Narcissus is unhappy with this for a variety of reasons. For one, this leaves him alone with time to think, something he doesn't like doing now that he fully has a mind of his own again (if a damaged one), and struggling with now-unfamiliar emotions is not something he's fond of doing. For another, not all of his siblings are quite as dead as he though. And while some of them are simply obnoxious with their desire to "help him" and see him "healed," others...have something more sinister in mind for him. Something more along the lines of brutal vengeance. And are in a very, very good position to make him suffer dearly with no one the wiser...

Despite his general simmering hatred for most sentient life, there are a few exceptions. He has grown to grudgingly tolerate the presence of his brother Liberius, who is determined to see his brother some semblance of well-adjusted again; and that of his Council-appointed, infuriatingly-idealistic caretaker Tova, who is an old friend of his brother's and shares his goal. And then there's Maeve, his self-appointed pain in the neck, who generates all sorts of emotions that are enraging equal measure. More on that later.

Liberius Solus - Uncle to Morrigan and brother to Narcissus. Very tall, athletic, bearded, with dark hair and brown eyes. Totally not voiced by Chris Hemsworth. Liberius was one of the many, many illegitimate children of Shada Solus, and one of the children who was actively brought into his household. Growing up, Liberius idolized his father and siblings (despite his father's shortcomings and inattentiveness to his children, and some of his siblings' more brutish natures) and was always the peacemaker in any given situation, trying to bridge the gap between them and their father and between the various brothers and sisters. He was one of the few who made consistent attempt to bond with Narcissus, despite all attempts by his icy eldest sibling to keep them all well away from him. Unfortunately, Liberius's attempts at kindness are repaid with cruelty when Narcissus turns on his father's other children and hunts them down one by one. Liberius is one of the last to be targeted, and can barely believe his brother would ever do such a thing until he's breaking down his door. Narcissus abandons his brother to die despite Liberius's attempts to reason and pleas for him to stop this madness. Through a twist of fate, however, despite being presumed dead he manages to live long enough to be discovered by a passing bystander. He disappears to places unknown after that, and doesn't talk much about what happened to him during that time, though the implication is that is was not a very pleasant ordeal. He returns from it, however, with a beloved wife and three children, and manages to rejoin his living relatives and settle down to become one of the most well-adjusted of the remaining siblings. When Narcissus turns up again after his second apparent "death," and evidence comes out pointing to an outside influence on his behaviour, Liberius is one of the first to spearhead the case for seeing him get a chance at rehabilitation, against some of his siblings' wishes. He holds an astounding lack of resentment towards him - given, y'know, he tried to murder him in cold blood - but Narcissus is still his brother, and his idealism holds out. All the people who have studied Narcissus are quick to warn him that the psychological damage is severe - his perceptions, thought processes, and ability to feel emotions have been permanently warped, are unstable at best, and may never be able to live a normal life or even feel truly happy again. But to Liberius, if there's even the smallest chance of that happening, then there's no way he is going to just give up on him.

Liberius visits Narcissus frequently in his house arrest, whether to bring him food and supplies, to take him to get some fresh air, or just to provide him with some company and someone to listen so he won't be left all on his own all the time. He handles his brother's volatile temper and deliberate attempts to drive him off or make him angry with the patience of a saint. It's questionable if it really seems to be doing anything at all. Every once in a while, though, Liberius receives an encouraging little sign that perhaps his attempts aren't completely in vain, and it's enough to continue fueling them onwards. For now, at least.

((Argh...I was going to add Tova and Maeve on here, but my brain fizzled out and stopped cooperating halfway through it and I really need to go grab some food before it gets too late. XD I'll come back and add them later maybe.))

3/13 . Edited 3/13 #706
D.G. Weber
Wow! Lots of work! I am impressed! And also freaking out... the DM just informed me that it is my turn to write a campaign, since I am the only original player who hasn't DM'd... and I've started out with characters, because that's what I'm most comfortable with, but I can't figure out my head honcho villain! His Advisor is a stony eyed killer with a lust for torture, blood, and humiliation. His goal is to take away everything from anyone who interferes with his master's plans, make them watch, and then kill them just as slowly. If only I could come up with a good Big Bad for him... then maybe I could start sketching something out...
3/18 #707

Yeah. That's not even a fraction, to be honest. XD That whole universe-thing's been brewing away in my head for...probably almost a year now? There's so much. XD About a million characters all linked together (including one who lampshades it), the cute tsundere ship that is Mordrick, the demented hatemance-turned-unwanted-unrequited-crush that is Maevecissus, and many many's crazy. XD

And that sounds terrifying, but fun! Maybe someone level-headed, cold and "just-business" to balance him out? Who doesn't really care how things play out so long as his goals are advanced? Or prefers efficiency over a more drawn-out cruel thing, and maybe butts heads with his Advisor over this on occasion?

3/18 #708

Tova - Old friend of Liberius and Council-appointed overseer of Narcissus's care, more or less. On the short side, brown hair, large, oft sad-looking blue eyes made even larger by the glasses always perched on the bridge of her nose. Despite being fairly well-versed in the ins and outs of the effects of magic on the mind, Tova is a bit of an oddball and a nervous wreck half the time. Constantly wringing her hands, glancing over her shoulder as if afraid she's being watched, most of the people who don't know her well are often derisive of her talents. How could anyone who looks ready to burst into tears at any given moment handle an average human, let alone a vicious, unstable fire-hurling criminal? Those who do know her, however, are quick to attest to the fact that she also has a good heart, an unwillingness to compromise her convictions and - most importantly - utmost patience. It is Tova that Liberius volunteers to be put in charge of his brother's monitoring; he knows first-hand that no matter what she's faced with, her faith and idealism are all but unshakable. He trusts her with his life (though, like in many cases, he is loathe to expound upon why) and, more importantly, he trusts her to be able to keep a watch on his brother's health (both mental and otherwise) and keep him on some sort of road to recovery. Tova is allowed to do so, but it doesn't stop several individuals from rolling their eyes and snickering behind their hands. They expect her to abandon the task within the week. What no one really expects is for Tova to develop an attachment to the petty, spiteful dumpster fire that is Narcissus Solus. She manages to find him endearing, in her own bizarre sort of way, and finds him an object of pity rather than one to be hated. To that end, she goes out of her way to try and be the carrot to everyone else's stick. Just as Liberius is, she is bound and determined to see him some semblance of rehabilitated. Nobody's that horrid all the way down, right?

Tova inflicts her presence on Narcissus on as close to a daily basis as she can manage, bringing him meals and tidying up his (deliberately) messy flat, fixing up his always-worn coat, and bringing him things she thinks he might like. Books are a popular option.

((Argh! Internet, knock it off...but one Tova placed, one Maeve coming up! XD))

3/26 #709

Maeve - Female harpy of dubious origins, self-appointed pain in the neck to Narcissus. Tall enough to annoy him about being a midget, though not quite as much as some of the other characters of the cast. Generally spends her time in human form to skate around under the radar. Platinum blonde (to the point where it's barely distinguishable from white) with dark tips, light bluish-green eyes. Fairly attractive, well aware of it, and generally attempts to use it to her advantage when she can. While most magical creatures have integrated (more or less) with each other in the Holt, the capital of magical society, there are still several untamed bands who have shunned civilization for their own ways. Maeve was born to one of those bands, a flock of wild harpies somewhere in the unsettled tracts of the magical worlds. Her parents were the unofficial leaders of the lot, and were...not the most stellar of parents. While Maeve was the best off of as compared to her three siblings, the "best off" in this case was being ignored (if not outright shunned) and left to her own devices. Eventually she decided she'd had enough, and after a series of events took off to civilization to get away from it all. While she wasn't directly involved with the series of events surrounding the Solus family troubles (and the subsequent trial of their eldest son), fate ends up drawing her into the subsequent events by means of befriending his harried caretaker, Tova. The more she hears about this Narcissus, the more curious she gets. The more curious she gets, the more she goes sniffing around. And the more she sniffs around, the more her curiosity turns to indignation. His father, she supposes she can understand. She wouldn't have given much of a damn if her own parents had befallen a similar fate. But the siblings? His siblings would have surely had to deal with the same things he felt he had (gods knew she had seen her own beloved siblings put through enough). An eldest sibling is meant to protect the younger ones - not belittle them, not make them miserable, and certainly not wantonly kill them off like a tantrumming child. Maeve promptly takes it upon herself to do what harpies do best - make herself as much of a pain to this jackass as she possibly can. She takes to loitering around his flat, snipping at him with snide comments and smug mockery whenever she can. She volunteers herself to sucker-punch him down (often violently) when he sees fit to try and start trouble. She finds that the tactic that generates the most vehement and furious reaction from Narcissus (and the most amusement for herself) is, in fact, flirting with the ill-tempered lich. It combines his hatred for personal space invasion with his distaste for "love" and other such "pointless" pastimes, so this becomes the aggravation-method of choice.

As time passes, and they begin to grow somewhat accustomed to each other's presence, that snideness and insults begin to die down (to a degree, anyways). They begin to actually talk with one another, and Maeve begins to try and impress upon him the monumental stupidity of his decision-making through less antagonistic methods. She's found that fueling his self-destructive, determined spitefulness is an awful lot of bitter cynicism, so she tries to start with that. Sure, the world can be a pretty unpleasant place at times (it really, really can)'s not the "all bad, all the time" unsalvageable mess he seems to think it is. And while he persistently, furiously denies that there's anything really of worth in the world, she can't help but notice certain...shifts in his behaviour around her. He grows simultaneously more aggressive towards her and more ill-at-ease with her visits. He starts avoiding her more frequently, when before he almost seemed amenable to her continued presence (even if that meant duking it out, verbally or otherwise). And it isn't until Narcissus accidentally lets something slip on one of these occasions that her whole "flirt with him to saw on his nerves" plan...didn't quite work as expected.

3/26 #710
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