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D.G. Weber

Honestly, in a world where I am writing stories every day, it's starting to get difficult to come up with a Call to Action/Adventure... I'm just going to write it down to see if it helps, and maybe get some feedback to see if you think the ideas can make good stories/video games...

10/24/2015 #1
D.G. Weber

I need an inciting action or call before I can wrap up Act 1...


MC grows up in a politically important household. At 12-14, city is attacked and MC is captured in an unrelated case from their house. Captors are ignorant of who they have, ends up the POW are inconsequential, and they are released when the siege is over. MC finds his/herself in a strange city/country, with no means to find their way home. MC ends up at a kind nobleman's house, who takes pity on the 'child' and gives them a position in their household. The MC eventually grows content in this stable lifestyle, not having to worry about wars or politics or worse situations.

What makes them go back home? politics? danger? Something else I need to explore more during the game play? Something that needs to be explored in the exposition above? I missed the dialogue class, so I need to spend more time on that section, but I can't until I get a story... Waaaaaahhh! XD This would be a heartbreaking cry if I didn't love my classes so much.

10/24/2015 #2

Sounds like a fun class XD This is the script-writing one, right? much did he like his born family? Maybe something happens to them?

10/24/2015 #3
D.G. Weber

Basically. So far it's been mostly story structure and how to make the game play support the story rather than having just a script or just a game.

I figured something happened during the siege... but I'm not sure what. My guess is the city or kingdom is captured, the POW's are released as citizens of the new super country, and MC just decides that his family is either dead or unreachable... Maybe he ends up finding some clue that a sibling or childhood friend or someone is alive and still at home, but home is controlled by a less than stellar person. MC has a choice, to accept the call, or stay content in his life. I think he probably chooses his new life, which means it'll turn into "The Call Knows Where You Live." It's just sooooo wishy washy... I need a definite push... something that the player can relate to...

10/24/2015 #4

Hm...maybe someone he knew ends up in the city somehow? Or somehow his new life just gets screwed up "The Call Knows Where You Live," only he doesn't get a chance to choose? XD

10/24/2015 #5
D.G. Weber

You can't fight fate? That might work...

I'm going to keep writing, see if I can get through all three acts before posting again, and maybe get a basic game play written to get a feel for how it is supposed to play. It's so difficult under such a time constraint.

10/24/2015 #6

Yeah XD

Good luck! How long do you have to do it?

10/24/2015 #7
D.G. Weber

A week for all three classes, which really means Thursday-Monday for this class, Thursday-Tuesday for Maya, Thursday-Wednesday for unity... This one is the least time consuming.

10/24/2015 #8

Ouch. Sounds like a lot!

10/24/2015 #9
D.G. Weber

And it's all with the same prof, so if I deviate from any of the classes, he'll know it's not my best. So much pressure! XD

I figured it out!! Kidnapped by the Call! Maybe the battle was the small country, Country A, xis parents were in charge of constantly change hands because it was on the borders between multiple war torn countries, so it developed as an independent sort that tried to go with the flow. Maybe a benevolent country, Country B, was the one who took xis as a POW. but maybe in the ensuing years, war breaks out again and though A and B are under a truce now, and B left A in it's original ruler's hands, Evil Country C starts in on country A, taking little sister, who is now ruler of A, as a hostage. Knight and bodyguard Mr. Mentor comes to persuade MC to go back to lead country A, since it's in chaos being ruled by an incompetent adviser. MC say's "Heck no, I like my life now, and if I'm going to protect anything, it's this family that actually cares about me rather than the one that never bothered looking." Mentor enlists help of xis friends and kidnaps xis in the middle of the night, dragging xis back towards country A, teaching MC all the things xe needs to know about ruling a kingdom and fighting an army, taking care of bandits and other unsavories along the way.

Big boss battle at castle... Resolving conflict... Happily ever after... the end? I'm missing some relationship stuff, but I can hopefully dive deeper into that later. ...I actually want to write this story now...

10/24/2015 #10


That sounds like a good story in the making. Maybe something crops up where his new family goes looking for him after he's kidnapped away? Or something along those lines...unless the story doesn't have to be super-complex and I'm overthinking it XD

10/24/2015 . Edited 10/24/2015 #11
D.G. Weber

Thing is, I'm having the player be the MC, so if it doesn't happen directly to the character, the player won't know about it, and it won't be relevant to the game. That and it's literally http:// tvtropes .org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ThreeActStructure

10/24/2015 #12

Aha, that makes sense.

10/24/2015 #13
D.G. Weber
Now... if I had to come up with a prequel/sequel.... why am I reading this? I'm not even in this class anymore...
7/25/2016 #14

Maybe a prequel setup to the conflict that caught the protagonist up in it? XD

7/25/2016 #15
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