Darkness of the drow!
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if you can think of an idea for a RPG then post it here!
1/22/2007 #1

This is Katan. As if that isn't completely obvious from the greeting... I can finally post. Woohoo.

Anyways... I think Eryndlyn is the name of Kahlan's city... IF I remember correctly. I wouldn't put too much stock in the fruits of my mind as of late. And that's pretty sad if you can't even trust your own brain to cough up the goods... -_-;

Okay... Character bio... Crap. can't remember...

Eh, will post when I remember.

1/27/2007 #2

This is Katan. As if that isn't completely obvious from the greeting... I can finally post. Woohoo.

Anyways... I think Eryndlyn is the name of Kahlan's city... IF I remember correctly. I wouldn't put too much stock in the fruits of my mind as of late. And that's pretty sad if you can't even trust your own brain to cough up the goods... -_-;

Okay... Character bio... Crap. can't remember...

Eh, will post when I remember.

1/27/2007 #3
umm.. why the second post????
1/28/2007 #4
Kahlan Nightwing
She accidently doubleposted.

I think we need to set a setting, as so far we have three drow and one half-elf...maybe a bit of history as well to go with the setting, like the city's history and etc.

We could also do some non-drow rping. I have several characters that could go on the surface...or elsewhere.

2/13/2007 #5
Kahlan Nightwing
Alright. Here is the city I created. Any likeness to an actual Forgotten Realms or D&D city is purely coincidental.

Name: Erynlyn

Map: http://vhearun.50webs.com/maps/Erynlyn.jpg (I'm working on a new map, this one is for after Vhearun takes over in an rp I'm in.)

Inhabitants: Drow, some goblin, and various other slaves

Houses: 1st House - House Ouss'ndar

2nd House - House Luen

3rd House - unfilled

4th House - House Tarik

5th House - unfilled

6th House - House Deghymsek

7th House - unfilled

8th House - unfilled

Schools: Maglthe, Sorcere, Arach-Tinilith

History: unfilled

Religion: Lolth followers only. The priestess believe due to some sacrifices they have had to make to their goddess that there are at least a few Vhaeraun followers in the city.

Allies: Allied with a illithid city they trade information and goods with, as well as some other things.

Enemies: A duergar city nearby. There is a tenative peace, breaking out into battle every once in a while.

2/19/2007 #6
ok thats a gd city.

we really need some more people before we start RPGing so can you let everyone you know who would be intresseted in the forum know please.

2/21/2007 #7
*raises hand*

Why is a drow city allied with an illithid city? Doesn't that kinda... you know... go against the whole superiority complex thing?

Okies, char...

Name: Oreana Kalinae

Race: Drow

Age: 573

Oreana is a follower of Eilistraee from the Promenade temple near Skullport. She participates in the Dark Lady's rituals, but spends most of her time below ground, in the chaotic Underdark cities, bringing the light to weary and willing souls. She was born in the Underdark, but met a Priestess of Eilistraee in her youth. At first she hated the seemingly weak female, and contributed to her death, as any self-respecting novice in the service of Lloth would. As the years passed, she grew bitter and weary of fighting to live at every moment, and began to long for a change. She envied the communion of many followers with their dieties, and remembered the faith of the priestess from her youth. In all her years, she had never heard the voice of Lloth, never felt her Goddess' presence like those around her. She could not feel the rapture of her colleagues when they sacrificed to the stoic Spider Queen. With her faith beginning to fail, she expected to be smited, yet nothing happened. She worshipped falsely; going through the motions that her position required.

One day, she saw another Priestess of the Dark Lady in her city. Eventually, she decided to leave her home and travel to the surface. Oreana left her family and city behind without incident. SHe was welcomed at the temple and has lived there ever since. Shortly after she gained the respect of her fellows, she volunteered to be a sort of missionary, trekking down into the Underdark to bring aid to those who would accept the Lady of the Dance. She considers it her atonement for her part in the death of another priestess.

- - - -

Okay, crappiness FTL. I'll probably come up with some better bits over time. Oh, BTW Kahlan, check out Lisa Smedman's new book The Lady Penitent.

2/23/2007 #8
Okies... Had a really stupid moment there... "Geez Katan, maybe you should post that in the topic marked 'CHARACTERS'?" *bludgeons the voice in her head*
2/23/2007 #9
Kahlan Nightwing

You've never read the Dark Elf Trilogy or any of the stories after? It shows even in the graphic novel that House Baerne was allied to the illithid. Also it shows Kimmeriel being close buddies to the illithid, since they found it fascinating that he was such a powerful psychic.

The reason they are allied is because the drow can provide the illithid with slaves, drow or otherwise, and the illithid can provide the drow with information. Besides, why be at war with a neighbor so close? Yes, it is an uneasy truce, but neither side sees any need to break it at the moment. The illithid simply because they act superior to the drow and likes the slaves, and the drow because they are so focused inward, toward their Houses and Matrons and Goddess.

2/23/2007 #10
I've read the Drizzt saga up until thae last part of Legacy. I've also read The War of the Spider Queen, but no graphic novels. I remember one noteworthy Illithid out of all of this, but that was in WotSQ, and he ended up dead in Gromph Baenre's office. There might be others that I just don't remember.
2/23/2007 #11
ok just so all of you know i havent read any of the drow saga's so which ones should i go and start reading??

i need some idea what you lot have read so PM me either on here or on neopets and tell me thanks!

also im gonna start the aboveground rp when everyones ready. But it dose involve going to the underdark tho!

2/26/2007 #12
Kahlan Nightwing
There are two main authors that write drow. One is R A Salvatore and the other is Elaine Cunningham. If you're starting a surface rp, it might be good to start with Elaine and Daughter of the Drow, the first of her trilogy. It covers the story of Eilistraee, the drow goddess of the dance. She's a surface goddess for drow and daughter of Corellon and Lolth, who was once Araushnee.

R A Salvatore's books cover the adventures of Drizzt Do'Urden. It shows his path from drow of the Underdark to ranger of the surface. The books that cover the Underdark are his second trilogy, The Dark Elf Trilogy, starting with the book Homeland. They continue in the second series, where Drizzt must return to his home in The Legacy. Of course, his series continues from there, but mostly the Underdark is left behind. The second three books are the ones that shape the Underdark world.

There is a newer series out concerning the Underdark called War of the Spider Queen. It's by various authors, but based off R A Salvatore's idea. It starts with Dissolution. I myself haven't read them yet, but I plan to. I mean Vhaeraun does make an appearance in them. :P

2/27/2007 #13
Vhaeraun lover.

And yes, he does make an appearance. Lol.

2/27/2007 . Edited 2/27/2007 #14
Kahlan Nightwing
I've actually already read his "appearance".... I wonder when they'll make a book about him? :P Or maybe they won't and I'll get to publish mine! Heeheee! I'm currently writing the story of Selvetarm's birth! Complete with Sheverash!
2/27/2007 #15
ok thanks for that!

im gonna have to start readin soon cause at the mo u could be talking in russian i i wouldn't know! :D

do any of u lot play D&D cause my rp is gonna be based on that sort of idea if you dont understand it just tell me thanks!

2/27/2007 #16
Kahlan Nightwing
I've been playing by 3.5 rules...and haven't really done any playing of the earlier editions. I do follow the rules of D&D most of the time when I'm rping. It just helps to have a system going so you're not god-playing.

Zekoj'locar is a Drow Judicator after all. ^_^

2/27/2007 #17
I know absolutely nothing about D&D roleplay rules.
2/28/2007 #18
Kahlan Nightwing
It's okay. I mean we're not doing the stats or anything, just basic guidelines. I mean they use those to create the drow of the Underdark in the Forgotten Realms series. In fact, since you've been reading in that, you do know some D&D rules. Enough to get you by in the Underdark. ^_^ If you went onto the surface I or Plumfairy could help you out with creating a character and knowing their limitations.

Say if you wanted to create a ranger, you'd know rangers have some magic, mostly to do with animal empathy and other wilderness abilities. They also have a familiar they can choose. You also know from Drizzt that rangers are mostly good people, so their alignment would be good. But drow are mostly evil people, so their alignment is evil. Someone who's in the middle...is rare and according to the new rules...very hard to rp. :P

I mostly do alignments of chaotic neutral myself. Meaning my characters are out for number one. If anything it's all very easy to look up. ^_^ This also helps when you're creating monsters. Hook Horrors are in the D&D monster manual, as are illithids. But they also have lamias and dire wolves. ^_^ This gives you stats so you know what kind of things these creatures will do...and what they look like. :P It's simply like a premade guide for you, so we don't have to worry about the hassle of creating something brand new and then trying to explain it to everyone.

2/28/2007 #19
I play 2nd edition but thats only beacuse i havent seen the 3rd edition or higher books.

right so as soon as everyones ready i'll start.

i'll set up another thread.

3/5/2007 #20
Kahlan Nightwing
What will this thread be? Surface or Underdark? I ask cause I doubt the sanity of a half-elf surviving in the Underdark, city or Wilds.

If it's surface, I'll need to put my other non-drow characters up.

3/7/2007 #21
it will begin surface but you may up in the underdark... but that means killing drow

i did a dungeon today and killed one of the higher drow goddesses... so i think i may be in lots off doo doo lolz

3/18/2007 #22
ok now only got to kill one more drow god now... saving the best till last lol nxt of the drow people to die is lolth... i have a feeling te partys not going to be liked by quite a few drows:D
4/13/2007 #23
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