Darkness of the drow!
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well i'll start: my char- Full Name: Sheesha Grannos Race: Half elf Class: Thief-Mage Level: 9 History: Sheesha left her home at the edge of Dragon's Tear lake over ten years ago during her time away she met a group of travelers who she soon befriended and began to travel with them. In her last party there was about nine people includeing a drow, a paladin and a mage of dubious alingment. With them she has fought red dragons saved princesses and gone to another dimension, and also had money offered for her head many times. she now wishes just to help her old town with thier moey troubles. now its your turn!
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Kahlan Nightwing
Name: Tarlyn Luen (Kahlan Nightwing) Age: 186 Height: 5'4" Weight: 116 Hair: Silver, long and straight Eyes: Red Appearance: He looks deceptively feminine. He wears the clothes of a noble son of a house and carries around a rapier as his weapon of choice. History: Hails from the city of Eryndlyn. Second son of the matron of the fourteenth house of Lolth. He was adopted when he was a baby into the house. He serves his house in numerous ways, mostly involving trade. He serves the Drow God Vhaeraun secretly. Name: Ryldril Freghym (Kahlan Nightwing) Age: 232 Height: 5'4" Weight: 210 Hair: White with a strange blue streak in the front, done in a high ponytail. Eyes: Red Appearance: Muscular and definitely looking fhe warrior type, Ryldril wears his armor constantly as a reminder of his chosen class. His hair is back in a high ponytail and his expression is always serious. History: He was born the first son of the house of Freghym, which secretly supports moving to the surface. He took his training as a warrior and quickly rose in the ranks, becoming the general of drow army of his city in little time. It seems there is a prophecy concerning Ryldril, but not taking much stock in anything that's not logical, he does not know what it is. Neither does he want to know. "The one with blue hair will become a conduit to the powers of the blood of avatars. When enemies are surrounding the sword shall bind with the blue light and woe onto those who stand in the Kensai's way, for he shall know all." Name: Zekoj'locar Helvityl (Kahlan Nightwing) Age: 215 Height: 5'7" Weight: 156 Hair: Long and wild, he leaves it undone. It is not unusual to see a faint of hue of pink on the tips. It is rumored he stains his hair in the blood of his victims. Eyes: Red Appearance: The look of lust for power and blood has transformed his features into a skull's grin. His eyes are slightly sunk into his head and his cheekbones are sharp and defined. The insane look in his eyes goes a bit further than the normal drow. History: Only to him becoming a Drow Judicator. Ignore the surface elf stuff.
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Name: Oreana Kalinae Race: Drow Age: 573 Height: 5'5" Hair: Bone white, in loose curls hanging to her midback. She often wears it pulled back in a simple ponytail. Eyes: A very light shade of red, with flecks of grey. Appearance: For her soujourns into the Underdark, she dresses as a female warrior in a black uniform reminescent of a low-ranking female of a minor house. She also wears snug knee-high boots in which she tucks her holy symbol. She keeps the blade hallowed by Eilistaee, but keeps it in an enchanted sheath that conceals its white magic. Oreana is a follower of Eilistraee from the Promenade temple near Skullport. She participates in the Dark Lady's rituals, but spends most of her time below ground, in the chaotic Underdark cities, bringing the light to weary and willing souls. She was born in the Underdark, but met a Priestess of Eilistraee in her youth. At first she hated the seemingly weak female, and contributed to her death, as any self-respecting novice in the service of Lloth would. As the years passed, she grew bitter and weary of fighting to live at every moment, and began to long for a change. She envied the communion of many followers with their dieties, and remembered the faith of the priestess from her youth. In all her years, she had never heard the voice of Lloth, never felt her Goddess' presence like those around her. She could not feel the rapture of her colleagues when they sacrificed to the stoic Spider Queen. With her faith beginning to fail, she expected to be smited, yet nothing happened. She worshipped falsely; going through the motions that her position required. One day, she saw another Priestess of the Dark Lady in her city. Eventually, she decided to leave her home and travel to the surface. Oreana left her family and city behind without incident. SHe was welcomed at the temple and has lived there ever since. Shortly after she gained the respect of her fellows, she volunteered to be a sort of missionary, trekking down into the Underdark to bring aid to those who would accept the Lady of the Dance. She considers it her atonement for her part in the death of another priestess.
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Kahlan Nightwing
For Surface RP's: Name: Aljen Korr Gender: Male Race: Half-elf Age: 46 Appearance: His black hair is long and mostly let loose, and he carries a friendly and approachable manner. His face however shows little emotion, although his orange eyes tell their own story. He is of lean build and small stature as most elves are, but he is more than equipped and ready for battle. Personality: He gets a job and gets it done. He no longer tries to get close to anyone, human or otherwise. Elves tend to view him as a half-human and humans as a half-elf, so he feels left out of both worlds. History: A ranger, Aljen Korr has always been more at home in the forest. He ended up settling into a village when he fell in love with a human woman there. He lived there for many years and had a beautiful girl with his wife. He protected the village from various dangers. One day he left to get supplies. When he had returned, it was to find slaughter in the streets. The town it seemed had been assaulted by lamias. Aljen's own wife and child had been killed in the slaughter, among other things. Aljen tracked down the lamias responsible and barely survived his encounter with them. It is now ten years later. He has a long bow he is very accurate with and a short sword that glows in the presence of lamias. Name: Lugh Gender: Male Race: Werewolves are either wolves that can change into men or humans who can change into wolves. The change can be desired or a curse. Werewolves born wolves are usually a member of a clan/pack. Age: Early Teens Appearance: Lugh is what other werewolves call "cursed". He has certain traits that are wolf no matter what form he is in. In human form he has black hair that spikes everywhere. He, however, has wolf ears, a tail, and golden wolf eyes. Personality: Lugh shows off his age whenever he speaks or acts. Carefree and happy almost always, Lugh has a curiousity that can't quite be explained by his age. He lacks knowledge about living as a human, as he was raised by other werewolves who were born as wolves. History: Lugh was born in a clan as a Lupus Glabro. He and his friend Jamie would play everyday. For Lugh, life was simple. He had a Fang of the Wyrm made for him as a gift from Jamie. It would glow whenever a wrymtaint was near. It glowed one day when he and Jamie were playing. Rushing home, they came to a battleground. Wolves were scattering this way and that while the trees around them burned. They couldn't find the wyrmtaint, but it had already struck. Lugh ran home to his parents, only to find them missing. He turned to go back out to search when the wyrmtaint struck him. It's claws slashed down one eye and he was momentarily blinded. His parents, hearing his cry, came to his rescue, and the rest of the pack worked at holding off the monster. His mother told Lugh to run, to run as fast and far as he could, for she knew Lugh was too young to fight this beast. Lugh did not look back as he turned tail and ran. He somehow managed to escape, though he doesn't remember how. He's been wandering ever since, scared to go back to where his pack. He believes they are all dead, and that he abandoned them in their moment of need. Now he searches for other wolves, hoping a pack or lone wolf might help him. He does want to go back to where his pack was, he's just afraid to do it alone.
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ok my second char: name: grantia heartliy (aka the heart eater heartliy) race: Vampire age: uknown history: grantia died at least 1 thousand years ago, she was bitten by a true vapmire so she has a hatered for all vampires and she seeks most of all to destroy the vampire who killed her and her sister helva. when she fights she uses most of the time a whip which on the end has a metal bulb shape, when this hits its victem it opens and seeks the victims heart. once done this the bulb closes again this time around the heart once she pulls out the whip she devours the heart (hence her name!). this glows when around evil vampires. at the moment she is out to prove to the world that she wishes to join their society and prove that she is good. oh and you are allowed to use good drow in my surface rp. i have a magical item you can use so that you dont get attacked by EVERYONE you meet. if you are ready to start the rp let me know. oh and for you lot im sorry to say you may have to kill a few drow not saying how important they are yet because i havent descided! lol
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