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People currently working on project (how many and names)- 2, aphrodite ivory and C. shells Name of Project (if you don't have one, give me a working title- but I do need a title)- A Sunset Moon Whose name do you want beside the title on the thread name?- Nothing really Do you want the thread private?- Yep What is the story's average rating?- T?
5/31/2007 #1
Imaginary Rose
--Hi! I've been thinking and thinking and thinking and I couldn't think _how_ to start when suddenly it hit me. I've wanted to write about Mayfield for the longest and now's my chance. MAYFIELD CAELLOCY Gender: Male Age: 21 Race: Harpy Height: Average Build: Lean and willowy Eyes: Greenish-gray, almond-shaped Skin: Light, creamy brown Hair Style/Length: Slightly wavy, downy blonde hair parted in the middle flips out at the ends; doesn’t go pass his ears Birthmarks/Scars: Blond wings with black on the underside of the wing (forgot the name) Background: Mayfield was born to Amberwood and Runewalker Caellocy. He lived with his mother, father, and two elder sisters (Dreamcharm and Lilysong). His mother, Amberwood, had been a famous Tracker, but she settled down, occasionally finding misplaced things. His father, Runewalker, was one of the Guardians of their mountainous city, Aareoni. Mayfield aspired to be a Guardian, like his father, so most of his days were spent completing a strict training regime in hopes of passing the Guardian test held every four years. The day before the test Mayfield (age 16) went to the highest peak of Mt. Aereon to relax as ordered by his father. When he returned his family was dead. No physical wounds; poison. The work of an assassin. He failed his Guardian test. After the test he went back to his home and sorted through his family’s personal effects. He discovered that his mother hadn’t given up Tracking. She had been working as a bounty hunter with the assistance of Dreamcharm and Lilysong. They had been on the verge of capturing someone whose name did not appear in her reports when they had been killed. Mayfield kept the reports. He was sent to live with a friend of his father, Nightlake, also the captain of the Guardians where he resided there for four years. He continued his training to become a Guardian and at age 20 passed the test. Barely a year as a Guardian Mayfield accompanied the Harpy Leader to some peace negotiations. While there he came across some information that might lead him to assassin and ultimately the one who hired the assassin. The information led him to… Personality: Growing up Mayfield was a very friendly boy. The death of his family buried that sociability under wariness, caution, and maybe a little guilt. Now he is a bit of a loner, but once you get to know him you’ll catch occasional glimpses of affability. --The stuff about Mayfield's family doesn't have to be the main plot, but I liked to mention it every now then in the story. Perhaps have it as a subplot. The place the information led him to will be determined by your contribution. Also, do you have a problem with romance? I like to have a _little_ romance somewhere in the story. Respond soon! C. Shells
6/9/2007 #2
Hey! Sorry I haven't replied sooner but my internet hasn't really been working recently! Sounds a pretty cool story line but I don't really understand the whole guardian and harpy thing. I mean I know what harpies are I just always thought they had to be women but that might have just been the book which I read. I think that the fact that his family die should be quite important as it is these circumstancs that have changed his life forever and therefore are going to affect his personality considerably. Yeah, I have no problem with romance... Maybe we should make it that it's sort of cross boundaries, so he falls in love with a human or something. Anyway yeah so just explain the whole guardian thing to me and then I'll think of who was the murderer!
6/11/2007 #3
Imaginary Rose
Hey! No problem. I know all about internets refusing to work for one reason or another. I made the whole Guardian and Harpy thing up as I went along; sorry I didn't explain it! Harpies are mainly portrayed as females, but what the hey I want a guy and Harpies do have to reproduce. Perhaps there aren't as many males as females, but there _are_ males. Guardians are just the law enforcers/soldiers of Aaeroni. Crossing boundaries is fine human, elf, dragon, rock... Will you be creating his love interest?
6/11/2007 #4
Thanks for the info! I think you should do the first chapter as you obviously have quite a clear idea of what Mayfield should be like. Then I can introduce a suitable love interest! And, yeah that's an interesting point I guess Harpies do have to breed so there must be male ones or something similar. Hadn't really thought about that before!
6/12/2007 #5
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