What are you going to do with your stories? Keep them as a book? Animate them? Turn them into a comic? Is there a really great story out there that you feel should become something more?
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snoochie flagship
I really think it would make a good comic series. Tell me what you think and go read it!
10/19/2006 #1
Charming Dice
A few artist friends of mine wanted to make a manga out of one of my stories. Unfortunately, we've drifted apart. I would like to do something with my stories though.
10/21/2006 #2
Burnt Bread
I'd like to rule the world one day, though I'm not sure if my writing skills come into this grand plan in any way. Dice, you're everywhere. How can you be everywhere? Not even dust is everywhere. I want to make movies from my transcrips, but no big budget movie producer has approached me as of yet ^_-. I draw parody strips from time to time but am no where committed enough to draw a *comic*. However, working with a friend who has superb drawing skills that outlap mine by a mile, we are collaborating on a children's book and a fantasy comic book.
10/21/2006 #3
I really want to turn my story into a TV show. I've only written the first chapter so far, but I've had the whole story planned out for about a year. My inspirations for it were several TV shows, San Francisco, my own life, my friend, and soap operas, so I think combined these five things/people would make something pretty darn great. I wouldn't want it to be a movie, because there aren't as great relationships between cast/crew, and the fanbases aren't as large as those of television.
10/21/2006 #4
The Watched
I have a story, The Questionable Adventures of Count Campula, which is just impossible to finish because it simply should be a movie, not a story. I'd love to write the script, but unfortunately, my scriptwriting skills are less than...well, skilful.
10/24/2006 #5
I personally would love to make my book an anime, but I fear it wouldn't make any sense if it weren't in written format . . . Le Sigh.
10/25/2006 #6
Burnt Bread
Anime! Yes, that would be such a good idea. I would want Kyoto Animation to do mine.
10/26/2006 #7
it's unfortunate as well that the fact of the matter is, a visual media is a far more easily marketable one. at least when it comes down to works from amateurs. as far as translating your work into said media, i would imagine that the problem is less the actual translation from story format to script one, but actually getting the chance/money/other resources to do so. in reality i would imagine that as most amateur writers make short stories, those would be far more easily adapted to say a movie (be it live action or animated), than full length novels. which is the prime reason there has yet to be a movie based on a book that was very good in comparison. so far i think the best may have been Lord of the least in recent memory. but even that being said, it really wasn't that grand of an adaptation for the fact that there's too much information in most stories to put into even three and a half hours of film. you don't really need to be a script writer. your story is the script. i have a more visual mind than literary one. i see the story play out in my mind before translating (or attempting to anyways) to paper. but i'm fairly certain all writers have the same ability to whatever degree. so again, all it comes down to is resources, and maybe luck.
11/2/2006 #8
Anathwin Alyosius
Well Freewold you seem to know what your taliking about and I agree with you. A good book that would make a good movie, assumeing the right director gets a hold of it would be the Bartimeaus Trilogy. That is a book I wish to write the script for. I love the book. If you don't know it then you should check it out.
11/20/2006 #9
A telemovie. Just to be different :P No really, because that way they wouldn't miss out as much. But I'm content trying to get stuff published before I consider sales deals to producers.
11/21/2006 #10
Anathwin Alyosius
What is a telemovie? Fogive me but I've never heard of that one. I wish to get dunce published at least as a 'manga' but then I would like to voice act for it as well. That is my biggest dream. Voice acting...I hope someday I can make it come true.
11/21/2006 #11
A movie made for tv. Actually I meant to say a series of telemovies, like Hornblower or something. Only not Hornblower...
11/22/2006 #12
I think that some poems should be in a book that will have all other writers weeping with jealousy. :). And my short stories will come together to form a TV show that will, under no circumstances, not play at Fox, because Fox is owned by the Republican pig, Rupert Murdoch (or however you spell his name). And I will make millions and millions and live in a fancy villa in Austria, where I can surround myself with all the CDs and DVDs I want. Dreaming has no use. Stop it, guys.
11/22/2006 #13
[q]Republican pig, Rupert Murdoch[/q] Hee! So true (I'm ashamed how many of those Australia has managed to produce!). Anyway, that's off topic. Hmm, your dream sounds inviting! Though personally, I'd rather live in a town or in the city, because I don't want to have to drive. I don't believe any of that is going to happen of course. You don't need to write to move to Austria or Amsterdam or Timbuktu or Tokyo or wherever, and I have many other things I'd like to do that would get me somewhere. But it's fun to dream anyway, so why not do so? Never let reality get in the way of a good dream.
11/23/2006 #14
dreaming has no use? without a dream, what do you work towards? simply existing. i actually don't know that you can even be a writer without dreams. in any case, some dreams aren't so far off perhaps. with so many self-publishing methods now, it certainly isn't an incomprehensible idea to see your creation come to a truer form than being on this site. it would be a whole lot of hard work, but it can still be done. my real to be able to start my own company that helps amateur writers bring their works to the public. whatever the media. and to get together a group of true book enthusiasts to put books properly on screen, if for no other reason than to try and make one that is actually a mirror representation of the book itself.
11/26/2006 #15
OMG people! It's called being pessimistic. With a tasteful dash of sarcasm. :). Ok, seriously, I am probably the biggest daydreamer there is. I come up with all these melodramatic scenarios in my mind, these fantastical musings that leave me yearning for reality to just be like the way I dream it to be... Hey, I wrote a poem on this. Maybe I'll post it here. =D. @LoF: Did I fail to mention that the villa would be a mile away from a major town? I need my civilization, too. @freeworld:I agree with your...*counts*...fourth sentence.
11/27/2006 #16
Anathwin Alyosius
When dreams are gone less people will over sleep. -Ammmom I had to put that one. My best friend came up with it. By the way freeworld? How close are you to starting that company? i wish you luck!
11/29/2006 . Edited 11/29/2006 #17
Chino Raven Star
My two stories would be a lot better as Animes or Mangas....maybe even a CGI Moive.
12/15/2006 #18
Sophia Victoria
Comic series? I don't really buy the idea.
3/1/2007 #19
One of my stories would make a great movie. I even have a soundtrack picked out. But I don't want to bother writing it, because I know I'm just going to get really into it and then have a useless script sitting around. My friend writes songs, and we were thinking of getting a songwriting thing going together. She could do the music and I could do the lyrics. We haven't started yet but it would be an interesting endeavor. Mostly, though, my stories would be nothing more or less than books. Or, if we're being realistic, a silly story on the internet written by a teenager.
3/14/2007 #20
well anathwin...i'll be sure to let you know when it's in the works. afterall...this has to be the best place to look for the amateur works i was talking about :)
4/9/2007 #21
Hmm yeah, I had the idea of having my stories as animes and manga, mainly because I don't think a lot of it can be made into a movie. I mean some can and some can't. It'll depend on when though - if technology improves maybe. It'll most probably be a costly movie in that case too. I might prefer a series, just so it runs longer :) A game too might be nice. Ha, ha, why not everything? It's just a dream I guess. I'd be happy that people will read what I post up to begin with.
7/26/2007 #22
The Jab

Absolutely. That's why I listed a whole cast in my profile. Being an actor, I think I'd want to play Vince.

8/31/2008 #23

i always imagined my books turning into movies (accept my first early ones..) Now I look at actors that would be so perfect. :)

12/31/2008 #24

i always imagined my books turning into movies (accept my first early ones..) Now I look at actors that would be so perfect. :)

12/31/2008 #25
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