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I really want to write a Vampire story but I fear I wont get readers because Twilight lovers and haters will think that it will be another Twilight fanfiction with thinly concealed with different names.

5/1/2009 #1

I don't see why unless the plot is nearly the same. Besides, there are alot of other wirtters/authors out there who write really good books on vampires and are not accused of copying. (Though most came out before Meyer's series did) For instance, Anita Blake Vampire Hunter is a vampire series and is utterly different. Also the Dark Hunter series is about vampires and is nothing like Meyer's vamps.

As long as its original then you shouldn't have a problem.

5/1/2009 #2

I've been a huge fan of vampire books way before I read Twilight. A good vampire series is by Shannon Drake (real name Heather Graham). Start with Beneath a Blood Red Moon. It's nothing like Stephenie Meyer's vampire books. Shannon Drake's series shows more of the gory evil side of vampires, which brings out the depth of the creatures.

I would say go for writing a vampire novel. Meyer's series is a pretty generic vampire story with the gushy big happy family romance. Keep in mind that vampires can be cruel, vicious creatures that kill innocents in the night. If your plot is radically different from Twilight's plot and original, then go for it.

5/4/2009 #3

That was what I planned to do. The four vampires I've created are very vicious, sadistic, evil, and wipe out a town with a small population to satisfy their thirst for blood and even for a little bit of fun. There is a slight romance between the main human character and the main vampire but it is not happy in the least. Thank you and I think I will read those books (after I'm done with my story of course because sometimes if I write a story and read a book in the same period of time then things from the book will seep into my subconscious and I end up writing them)

5/5/2009 #4
Adara of Giovanni

I'd say you're in the clear then. Just try and keep away from the idea that everyone that comes in contact with your vampires thinks they are Gods on Earth. Having them rip into people is a nice change.

5/11/2009 #5
Alicia Hotz

Well, that's hard to say. I actually have a vampire love story in mind, but it's a bit different. It's about this girl who loves a guy, and suddenly he doesn't go to school for two months. Then he does... And he's a vampire! But she doesn't know that yet...

5/11/2009 #6

MaryAliceWhitlock, that sounds a lot like Twilight.

5/12/2009 #7
Alicia Hotz

Yeah, I know. *Sighs*

lol, the reason I came up with it is because I wished that it would happen to me... A guy I like WAS missing for two months...

5/12/2009 #8
Adara of Giovanni

Wish fulfillment stories are probably not going to work so well in this case. I mean, taking some aspects of a certain want can be interesting, but, not something completely based on what you want. It usually leads to badly written protagonists.

5/13/2009 #9

I have a vampire story up (and it's sequel, or part of it), and I've gotten several comments of being a Twilight knock-off. While I do admit, the first chapter probably isn't a good first impression, I'd like to say mine's not really that similar at all. My vampires kill people; animals taste like dog food to them. :P

5/18/2009 #10

Vampire stories were around long before twilight showed up. And there is so much variation you can add to your own story, so many myths or lores you can choose for your characters. Like can they go out in sunlight? Are they evil? Typical or atypical? There is so much variation that your story does not have to have anything in common with twilight. And if you give a good story descrition people will (should?) read your vampire fics. I don't associate vampire fics with twilight, cause that's just one story out there. (sorry if I just fell in here with my opinion, but vampires interest me and I enjoy writing them, though I prefer the more romanticized vampires myself... not that that cancels out all forms of violence, cause rainbow and butterflies all the time aren't really believable)

6/10/2009 #11

ive got an idea for a story plot. tell me if youd read it.

ok so theres a girl who has a twin but doesnt knowit ans dher twin is a vampire and she is a werewolf. she falls in love with a bot who is a vp and he works for a guy who wants to do an expiriment. he wants to tutn the girls into hal/ half (vp and ww).

just a quick through-out. not as detailed as i want but i dont have much time. g2g.

11/10/2009 #12

Love it or hate it, Twilight has certainly become a pop icon. However as many people have stated before, there were vampire stories prior to Twilight, and there will be vampire stories long after Twilight has become a twinkling memory in people's minds. Vampires are fascinating creatures to a lot of people.

12/13/2009 #13
Gisei Kumo

Vampire stories all seem to be the same these days. I'm sick of seeing the same thing every time that you can predict what's going to happen. *sigh* I think people need to be more original.

12/17/2009 #14

Read Dusk to Dawn by JassieJPattinson. Best story ever! Trust me...

12/22/2009 #15
Naomi Chick

Twilight really does make it hard to write a good vampire stories without making the plot like a cliche. Sometime, the story depend on the characters, plot, dialogue and effects. I'm always working on ideas so my vampire story doesn't sound like Twilight.

I don't like the fact on vampires sparkling in the sunlight. What kind of logic is that?

1/13/2010 . Edited 2/4/2011 #16

Wow... a brand new member and already discussing fiction! Anyway, that's not why I am posting. I can understand where you are coming from when it comes to vampire stories being compared to Twilight. When I started writing vampire fiction when I was in 9th grade (gosh, that was over 10 years ago... ay ya!), it started as fanfiction for Interview with the Vampire, which was on for a while and well reviewed before all Anne Rice fanfics were banned. Interview with the Vampire was the "it" vampire movie/book series when I was growing up. Then in 10th grade, it was an X-men fanfic, which was immediately shunned by reviewers for lack of depth. Then came Syra... my original, female vampire that I created in 11th grade... ::coughs while she says:: in 2002. No Twilight back then, and I got great reviews on it from those that chose to read it. Vampires were more of a weird, underground thing that was liked by the gothic crowd or a guilty pleasure for those that watched Buffy. Now, there seems to be an oversaturation of vampires because of Twilight and other vampire series (books and TV), and now with a new character that has promise that I am writing, it is immediately followed by the question from people I talk to, "Is it like Twilight?"

Well, after discussing the basis of the two separate vampire characters I have created (one from 2002 and one now), I have actually had the comment said, "That sounds a whole lot better than Twilight!" What a compliment this day and age! But try to make your characters uniqueand break the mold that Twilight has set: be original with your own vampire creation myth or with what your vampires can and can't do, have indepth backgrounds for your characters to make them more real and three dimensional, or do something really crazy like make it something other than a male vampire falling for a mortal chick. I have done things like that with my characters, and that may take up a lot of time, but to make something really lasting, it takes more than just a minute.

Maybe we should share our works with each other on here and discuss what could be done to make our stories NOT like Twilight... I would like all the comments and reivews I can get.

I know it's been a while since this post was posted, but I randomly found it and counted it as a sign. :)

Keep writing, ~ Kady })j({

7/14/2010 #17
Chloe Van Pier

Nobody can help it if idiots think Twilight is like the first vampire book ever made. Without Bram Stroker (Dracula) and Anne Rice (Interview with a Vampire & the Vampire Chronicles) there would be no vampires in literature. Without them there would be no Stephanie Meyer or Edward Cullen. So research some more, people! And you shouldn't fear about readers because if people are smart, they would read your story. Remember, who gives a f*** about what people think.

12/8/2010 #18

I read Twilight out of curiosity and was very surprised... (and disappointed) Probably the last thing I expected from a 'vampire fiction'. I can't really see how anybody could get inspired by that bland, uninteresting book, except to write up something radically different, even while using similar premises (ie high school context, human girl meets vampire boy).

2/4/2011 #19

@Naomi Chick Man I agree with you, just like my friend would say that just totally destroyed the concept. I like vamps way 4fore Twilight but since I like 'em I read the books, I'm a fan but there's stuff in it that I don't even like. Like they sparkle! No fail, big epic fail to me.

@KadyEtain cool ur right, I noticed how people are clueless about other good books

@Chloe Van Pier I'm with ya there ^_^

2/9/2011 . Edited 2/9/2011 #20

And yeah u should really give it a go!

2/9/2011 #21

If anything, Twilight borrows from a lot of other vampire novels (interview with a vampire, Southern vampire mystery novels) Ofcourse some people will assume that anything vampire related is a Twilight copy, but there will be many more who wont. And there's no reason to let Twilight ruin the entire vampire genre for you.

6/5/2011 #22

I think it's possible. I write vamp stories too and I personally dislike the way twilight portrays a vampire! I mean sparkles in the sun really? Every story is special in it's own way right?

7/31/2011 #23

Vampires were not created by Stephenie Meyer or even Anne Rice or Bram Stoker. They are folklore creatures who stepped to the world of poetry in 18th century and prose in 1819 short story Vampyre by John Polidori.

8/11/2011 #24

I totally think that its possible to write a good quality, non copying vampire story. I think that as long as you have a good plot and inviting and interesting characters its very, very possible. There are more vampire stories than just twilight, the twilight saga is just so popular that everyone thinks every vampire story is somehow derived from it.

5/27/2012 #25

Of course it is possible to write you own vampire story!

Think like this; 1, Twilight is the outcome of the authors dreams. 2, There are SEVERAL good vampire books that came out before Meyer was born, and most fo them are still considered better than Meyer's by seveal people. 3, If you want to write, go on and write; the worst and saddest than can happen is that it might take a while before you get some reviews, but there'll surely be people who read your story nontheless


9/22/2012 #26

To avoid Twilight I would stay away from high schools, love triangles involving a bland female protagonist human, and vampires being overly friendly to humans by being "vegetarians." Ultimately most vampire stories are in way one or another influenced by another work. Bram Stroker's Dracula and Anne Rice's Interview have influenced me. I would be interested in stories that involve other cultures like Asian, African, and Latin American locations. Perhaps change the vampires rules ever so slightly without changing their core nature (but no sparkles). But most of all a vampire story needs to be about people and their conflicts first, and their vampire nature secondary. A story that obsesses on their powers and nature above plot won't work too well.

5/16/2013 #27
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