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Are you a fan of vamp romance stories? Read any good ones lately? Come in and share those stories for fellow vamp fans to enj0y!
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hey! Has any0ne read any g0od vamp st0ries? I've been l0oking for vamp st0ries t0 read but I can't seem to find any g0od ones, I think I've read them all or just haven't found the others... care to rec0mmend? thanks much!^_^
2/2/2007 #1
Knightmare Elite
I know how you feel, I love vampire stories, but GOOD ones now that's the hard part. I'm writing one but can't really recommend it since4 it's more of a 'fetish' oriented story including girl/girl relationships. As for ones I've found on here, most of them are unfinished but I'll list a few that you hopefully haven't read yet. [s:1815282:Namesake] [s:1785539:Gothina] I haven't gotten around to reading this one yet, but I hear it's really good. Hope this helps, but could you list any that you think are good, plot and characterwise?
2/2/2007 #2
Thanks a l0t! I haven't read those stories before. Ab0ut your story.. I'll take a l0ok at it, I'm very open-minded when it c0mes t0 st0ries s0o I wouldn't mind reading it. ^_^ s0 far there are only 2 vamp st0ries that I think are really g0od: 1."The V Word" by Lulai and 2."Leave Me Here To Die" by RaineMalfoy2 There's this story that I really loved, a vamp st0ry of course, but I f0rg0t the title and the author.. t0o bad. It was really g0od. I'll try to look for it then i'll tell you. Hope you like those stories!
2/2/2007 #3
i know of two really good vampire love story series Vampire Kisses by:Ellen Schreiber Twilight by:Stephanie Meyer
2/5/2007 #4
thanks f0r telling me! i'll go check them out now.^_^
2/6/2007 #5
Ahtnamas seknab
I can suggest mine, if that's not too caddy! [s:2315098:Satisfying the Hunger]
2/18/2007 #6
I suggest mine, but I'm not sure if that's bad...I just don't know how to link it at all or anything... My story Twilight!!!
2/25/2007 #7
Check out my favorite's page. I have like four stories that are vampire stories. I enjoyed reading them, and hope you will too. --novelist742
4/3/2007 #8
Sophia Lee
THOSE ARE SOOO GOOD!!! my friend made me read vampire kisses and now I'm hooked! i hated the ending, anyone else?
4/30/2007 #9
Sophia Lee
also, if it's not too bold, i wrote like three really short vampire romances. Sweet Dreams, Changes, and Changes 2 all by krystelvampire. i had ideas in the middle of the night and never revised, so these are pure thoughts.
4/30/2007 #10
Sophia Lee
also, if it's not too bold, i wrote like three really short vampire romances. Sweet Dreams, Changes, and Changes 2 all by krystelvampire. i had ideas in the middle of the night and never revised, so these are pure thoughts.
4/30/2007 #11
dog problems
Isn't "good vamp story" a bit of a paradox? - Colleen
5/10/2007 #12
Sophia Lee
since when? and whats that supposed to mean? all vamp stories are good!
5/11/2007 #13
No, not really. Well, for me at least. I think everyone gets what I mean though.
5/23/2007 #14
thanks f0r all the suggesti0ns! I'll g0 read them n0w.
5/23/2007 #15
Adara of Giovanni
I'm usually not for self advertising, but if you'd like, you can read mine. Here's the link: I hope you all enjoy if you decide to read. :)
5/23/2007 #16
Desire Spelle
Yes actually I have here are some good ones: Interview with the Vampire-Ann Rice The Vampire Lestat- Ann Rice Twilight, New Moon - Stephenie Meyer Morrigan's Cross- Nora Roberts If you want to read my VAmpire Romance Look for Through the Eyes of a Vampire on my profile. People have really seemed to like it. If you go please don't forget to review. ~Desire
6/8/2007 #17
DARK ROMANCE is the new thing! Check out my 'kind of' vampire-ish fic "Night-In-Gale".....M-rated, angst and romance type.
6/26/2007 #18
Sophia Lee
hey, wouldnt it be cool if someone started a group story like sexy vampirechick did on her forum? basically what happens is someone starts a new thread and writes part of a story. then someone else picks up where person 'A' left off, and it continues like that till the story's done. i think there are two going on sexy vampirechick's forum. (btw we need more posters there, here's the link: check it out)
7/2/2007 #19
A really good vamp story I liked is Bloody Kisses, by Knightmare Elite. Go check it out. It's a bit... taboo, but minus that, great story.
7/7/2007 #20
I'm writing a vampire romance story right now. :3 Talon is a hawtiee and Frost comes a close second. I'm into chapter 2 right now but it shouldn't take too long to get it up. Check it outt
7/15/2007 #21
Sophia Lee
which one of your stories? there are three that this could apply to.
7/15/2007 #22
It's called Untitled. I'm writing it with a friend of mine so we have to figure out what to name it. I think we'll do that after a while though. :3
7/16/2007 #23
Sophia Lee
could you post the link? i'm having trouble figuring out which one you mean.
7/17/2007 #24
imMoodyx There it isssss
7/17/2007 #25
Sophia Lee
ok thanks much!
7/17/2007 #26
No prob :D Its barely into the story though. :3
7/17/2007 #27
YAY! another chance to ramble about one of my favourite books/series! Stephenie Meyer. Awesome books! funny, romantic and always has a theme to the book (Romeo and Juliet, Garden of Eden) and it ALWAYS has a quote at the beginning. You'll always see parelles (spelling I know!) and it's got so many funny moments yet I wouldn't consider it a comedy-romance, because it does have serious things behind it. I LOVE HER STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can read 1st chapters of her books and her projects!
7/18/2007 #28
Sophia Lee
i really love twilight and new moon too, but i wish bella would get a backbone! you know? she's always depending on edward to rescue her and then she goes to pieces the instant he's gone. call me weird, bu there's something wrong with that. on a different note, still on twilight and new moon, did you hear that she didn't release any advance copies of eclipse (book three) after she heard that people were selling advance copies of new moon on ebay? stupid people; they ruined it for us all!!!
7/19/2007 #29
Quite frankly, if I got an advanced copy of eclipse I would read it a million times, brag about it then frame it! Not SELL IT ON EBAY!!!!!!!!!!! Sheesh. What's with people? I dunno with that. Bare in mind she's dealing with forces that could kill her in a touch. And the hand-eye-co-ordernation thingy. :D I think in some cases she's right to reply on the Cullens. And she goes to peices because she loves him! (she rants about that in her FAQ!)
7/20/2007 #30
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