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Are you a fan of vamp romance stories? Read any good ones lately? Come in and share those stories for fellow vamp fans to enj0y!
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haha, Eclipse. I love how those novels put a twist to typical vamprie romance. Not so much of the dark, seductive, bloody cliche vamp romances, but a gentler and wholly unique side. Good reading. Yes Yes. As for writing them. Don't we all have a good idea locked up inside? I personally haven't written a h*** vamp one, but my current FP story on this name def. has some of that stuff -shrugs- why not? It's fun to write. Heh
8/18/2007 #61
ah, good vampire stories. gotta love them. one of the best i've read on here is The Deadly Flower by Carmel March. it's not your typical vampire romance. and it's very well written. the link to her profile is: what authors would you guys recommend for vampire stories? i know of anne rice, stepenie meyer...just looking for a good read XD
8/19/2007 #62
Hmm, well, once in a while you can find a good vamp one if you look in sci-fi or romance sections. I know that the "Blood Ties" series (Vamp Romance) is quite good... get into a few interesting M rated scenarios, but the plot itself of the first three books is amusing, intriguing, and keeps your attention. Names are "The Turning," "Possession," and "Ashes to Ashes" by Jennifer Armintrout. There's also another two novels that I've personally enjoyed. Not ALL vamp oriented, the girl's a clairvoyant, there's crazy ghosts and imprints and stuff, but very amusing, really good plot, awesome characters and twists, some mature stuff. I foudn it in the sci-fi section randomly. Really good reading, actually. The two books that are out are "Touch the Dark" and it's sequel "Claimed By Shadow" by Karen Chance.
8/19/2007 #63
Sophia Lee
The sequel's out already? Neat! I need to look it up then. I read Touch The Dark; it was kind of weird, but good. I found it the same way! I was browsing at B&N a while ago and it caught my eye. ECLIPSE IS OUT!!! OMG I read it last Wednesday, and I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT SEQUEL!!! I can't believe it's not coming out for another year!!!
8/19/2007 #64
Yeah, I thought it was kinda wierd the first time I read it... then I found the sequel about half a year/year later and I was like... hmmm, I'll try it, so I bought it, reread the first, reallllly liked the first the second time around, and enjoyed the second just as much. lol, Eclipse came out a bit ago. I stayed up til one reading it, haha. Ending made me depressed. -.-
8/19/2007 #65
Sophia Lee
Well, duh Eclipse has been out for a while. I just got back on though!!! I get to state the obvious once, right? The ending made me want MORE!!! All that stuff with Jacob was confusing, though.
8/20/2007 #66
haha, yeah, of course you want more. ah, that stuff with Jacob made me depressed. lol. I felt bad for him. -shifty eyes- Yes, i do get into realyl good stories. hahah
8/20/2007 #67
Sophia Lee
Don't we all. True story: I read New Moon before I read Twilight, and when Edward leaves Bella in the forest (with no previous knowledge of the characters) I was crying!!! And my friend says *she* gets into books.
8/20/2007 #68
I wanted Eclipse desprately before I went on holiday but it took so long to ship from america to england :( It arrived while we weren't here and they had to keep it in the post box until our arrival. OMG it's here! My dad arrived a couple of minutes ago and my sister has it! I read the dust cover and the back of it is evil! I'm watching bloodtyes at the moment. I've only watched the 1st episode and then I went on holiday but thanks to the miricle of sky+ we taped all the episodes we missed (2) It looked really good so far, although a little bit cheesy or cliche but everyone's gotta have a show they watch like that ^^
8/31/2007 #69
I like these: 1)'Bitten' by profilic bunny 2)'Uncharmed' and the sequel 'Decharmed' by Lauren Smith 3)'Coffee at Midnight' and its sequels 'Moonlit Apples'(1st sequel) and 'Tea At Twilight'(2nd sequel) by Lady Robin Enjoy them!
9/17/2007 #70
Bazooka Joy
There are the ones by Amanda Ashley that are good. And also Christine Feehan but her characters are 'Carpathians'. Sort of a spinoff of vampires.
11/4/2007 #71
Sophia Lee
Read those. "Desire After Dark" by Amanda Ashley is good (I accidentally put a hold on it at my library a couple summers ago, without knowing it was an adult romance. Whoops!). I like the After Twilight collection, with Masquerade by Amanda Ashley, Dark Dream (I think) by Christine Feehan, and something about werewolves by someone else. I didn't like it as much, so I didn't remember the title or author. But I'd recommend the collection!
11/5/2007 #72
Mary Janice Davidson has a great funny series about a female vampire queen named Betsy. The "Undead and..." series. I recently began a vampire romance on fictionpress at I have had difficulty getting critical reviews, though. I know there has to be something wrong with the story, but no one ever says anything mean. So, please tell me something bad. I dare you.
11/8/2007 #73
Sophia Lee
Read Undead and Unwed (or maybe it was Undead and Unpopular, can't remember. Nope, it was Unwed) over the summer a couple years back. It was ok, but I didn't really like the way it was quite obviously M. Ummm . . . Sunshine by Robin McKinley is good. Actually, that's my new favorite vampire book.
11/9/2007 #74
I've got one. :D It's not extremely romance-y, though - I haven't gotten that far yet. WIF LOADS OF SARK AND HUMOUR! AND LOTS OF UNDEAD ... THINGS! XD And I just know that sooner or later there will be starstruck gazing into the eyes of the significant other. /shameless plug Ooh, I have Twilight in Norwegian. Now I'm going to have to read it. :)
1/15/2008 #75
Here is a list of [b]Vampire books[/b] I throughly enjoyed. [u]Twilight series[/u] by Stephenie Meyer(That's a given) [u]Vampire Diaries[/u] series by L.J. Smith [u]Marked[/u] by P.C. Cast + Kristen Cast [u]Betrayed[/u] (Sequel to marked) P.C. Cast + Kristen Cast [u]Vampire Kisses series[/u] by Ellen Schreiber [u]Blue Bloods[/u] By Del La Cruz For Fictionpress Stories some of my favorites have been (and note some stories may not say they're flat out vampires but they are either very much like them or a supernatural being who has similar powers and behavior. If you like Vampire stories you will most likely like these ones and if you don't you can just stop reading it. These can all be found in my profile favorite stories: [u]Bride of the Immortal[/u] » by Morikumo [u]I Love You, But I Don't [/u] » by InfiniteRain141 I hope that helps and I hope you like the stories. - [b]YELLERS [/b] P.S. I'm writing a Story called [u]Loose Ends[/u] with not vampires exactly but different relative species to the vampires call Vicullgers and they drink blood but there are different rules to how they live(plus they have different strengths). You don't have to read this or anything i'm just putting it out there:]
2/14/2008 #76
Alisa Palmer
Yeah, I've read this series, Vampire Diaries by L.J Smith! really good, just a little slow starting off, but if you give them a chance I promise you'll love them! Also check out, if your into horror, Darren Shan's Cirque Du Freak series. ;o) And if this doesn't like, sound stupid, I wrote a story "The Vampire Theater" which isn't to bad. If you, you know, wanted to check that one out too.
3/10/2008 #77
Alisa Palmer
blue bloods, never heard of that one, thanks for that. XD! I was beginning to worry that I was running out of reading material!
3/10/2008 #78
The Vampire Diaries was just OK for me but i'm a big fan of her Night World books and the other series.
3/18/2008 #79
I'm writing one but its not finished. I just started the second chapter. If its good or you tell me!! It's called 'Do You Belive in Destiny?'
3/25/2008 #80

Twilight, without a doubt. It is my favorite book.

4/11/2008 #81

I agree, the Twilight trilogy by Stephanie Meyer is pretty easy to get through because it is quite gripping.

I haven't found too many good vampire romance authors on fictionpress yet but Lulai write them beautifully and I strongly recommend her all her stories.

I heard Carmel March is really good too. The Deadly flower is on my recommendation list as well.

5/21/2008 #82

i love the twilight series, and the vampire academy series is good, and another favorite of mine is the house of night series l really love those books

i have a vampire story, called Chloe, on here with eight chapters and a prologue so far...

heres the url, please review if you read, if only to say good or bad

and i have another one called Hayes: Vampyre Academy

please review and if anyone has a story they'd like me to review just reply!!

5/23/2008 #83

ooooh, that like a sin to not know who Stephenie Meyer is! She is one of the best authors i have come across! Her creativity is my favorite aspect about her!! Though JK is better than Meyer, it's not by much. If your looking for a good vampire book, its Twilight all the way! its something new, different and exciting. (oh, and don't mistake me for one of those Edward crazed fans, because i swear me and my friend are the only people who appriciate Twilight off plot, creativity, and Meyer!)

5/28/2008 #84
Adara of Giovanni

Peronally, I thought the Twilight Series to be overrated. I found it to be too much like fanfiction in its depth. The characters weren't drawn out as well as they could have, and frankly, I found Bella to be shallow. Again, that's a personal opinion. :)

I must agree, Carmel March's story is good. I would recommend it to anyone. :)

As far as published works, I'd take something from J.R. Ward before anything of Stephanie Meyer's. I'd recommend, Dark Lover and Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward, and for those who want something a little less edgy, Lara Adrian's Midnight Series.

6/5/2008 #85

I couldn't quite make myself get through Twilight. I honestly tried, I know the hype is impressive, but it made me cringe far too often - call me a cynic, but that's just not my style. I can't stand weak characters, and while some of Meyer's characters were intriguing, others were walking clichés. Edward annoyed the living hell out of me, and Bella was just... not impressive, and having to read about their meant-for-each-other-ness made me snort sardonically every five seconds. I liked the supernatural aspect of it all, but I stopped a little passed halfway. So yeah - dissenters do exist, guys.

As for a story I found on here involving vampires, Once Bitten by Mandybeth is excellent. It's well-written, witty, and she does an excellent job of weaving the supernatural in with reality; it seems very effortless. I love her characters, too: Mike is to die for.

6/11/2008 #86
Adara of Giovanni

I agree with you. I'm not too fond of the, "damsel's in distress" routine. I like women with some bite, if they are indeed modern women. Supernatural stories have to be grounded in some way, to make them believable. At least, that's my opinion on Supernatural stories. Unfortunately, the romance industry doesn't rely too much on independent self-assured women. Some really play up the idea that every woman wants to be swept off her feet.

6/12/2008 #87

Which is so sickeningly untrue. when you add supernatural and romance--in most cases--the woman is never an equal. she's usually in need of some white knight to save her life. Talk about unrealisting. And not every guy wants a girl they have to keep saving--its a bit redundant.

6/12/2008 #88

I think vampire stories have been sort of overwritten lately, (not that I'm against them, though, I love them!) I wanted to try my hand at writing one like that, and I came up with my story, Secrets of Andover. It's not exactly about vampires, but the characters have some similar powers... my theme is actually witchcraft: four special teens are descendants of people accused in the Salem Witch Trials... except everyone's conceptions of witchcraft was all wrong, and the trials were just a hoax to divert attention from what was really happening: all over, there were people toying with witchcraft in different forms, which altered their bodies and gave them different powers... now, in modern times, the descendants of these people still exist! I'd really appreciate if anyone'd like to review it, and I'll review back!

6/13/2008 #89
Eva Rieycoit

If I may be so bold to suggest, I have written a few:

Sweet Vengeance: There had always been two sides since the beginning of time: the Hunters and the Cursed. This hate produced the deadliest war of all time; but centuries have past, and while the stories have faded into myth, can a huntress and her cursed find true love?

The Road Less Travelled: A walk in the woods one day finds a girl chancing upon a stranger at the edge of the cliff. He seems nice enough, taking an interest in her life - an attention she never had before. But does he want only conversation, or is it something else he is after?

6/13/2008 #90
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