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Hello :) I'd like like to inform anyone that clicks on this post, that I am currently writing a story which will later contain vampires..and of course werewolves and all the rest. I hope you can give it a go and review it :)

8/17/2008 #1
Angelic Hellraiser

Hiya! :D

I'm currently writing a vampire love story, though it does contain many other elements: a crazy voodoo woman, suspense, horror, creepy carnival games (laughs evilly), a self-destructive heroine, a broken hero, two best friends, sexual tension, etc.

(untitled) check it out!!!

Thanks dearies!!!

8/26/2008 #2
Honestly Yours


I have a vampire story. I guess it's kind of popular. I have a lot of hits.

Clicky here to read it!

9/14/2008 #3
Adara of Giovanni


I have a vampire fic up, if anyone would like to read it.

It's here:

9/14/2008 #4

A really amazing story is Dusk to Dawn by JassieJPattinson. Everyone's reading not only because it's a great story but because there's a rumor that the author is Robert Pattinson's fiance or something like that. Anyway the stories really good. You should check it out.

11/13/2009 #5

Another amazing story i've recently read is The Personal Drink. It comes in Part One and Part Two, but either can be read and enjoyed, whether you read both or just one. I loved these stories and thought others might as well.

11/29/2009 #6
Eva Rieycoit

I am in the midst of writing one myself! I would really appreciate it if someone would give me some constructive criticism. I am not very sure what's wrong exactly... But I spent a lot of time on it and I would like to hear some opinions. Thank you! :)


12/22/2009 #7
Ana Sterling


I've got a finished story "Joshua." I barely got a single review. Can someone please R and R for me. Vampire stuff is not really my thing. I do romance...



12/26/2009 #8


I will be shameless! BWAHAHAHAHA. *ahem*

It's about a vampire who can either bring forth or fend off the apocalypse, though I haven't quite written it in yet... :D


1/4/2010 #9

I've got three up at the moment. One complete (oneshot), two in-progress.

How I Became a Vampire (m/f): about a librarian who has a suspicious night-school lecturer.

Winter Garden (m/m): Naire is the only one without a twin, with no one to blood bond to to maintain his sanity... (proper summery on my profile page)

The Colour Red (might be m/m): Marcus decides not to kill this one... (check it out)

1/10/2010 #10

Hello :)

I have a vampire story named Crimson Nights, I started writing it ageeeeeeeeees ago, so the first few chapters have some serious grammar issues, but if you can looks past that I think most vampire story lovers will enjoy it, although sometime I do plan to re-write the whole thing. :)

So its basically about a girl named Hope, who is shipped off to live with a distant relative after her grandfather dies. She doesn't know much about her family, the only link to her mother and father is a necklace she was given when she was born. She arrives in the small, deserted town of Richwood, and from the get-go she knows things aren't right in this town. But slowly she makes friends, the past is revealed to her and she finds herself stuck between a dreamy, irresistable vampire, and a cold, hateful vampire hunter. Did I mention they both want her blood? She discovers all the secrets of the past and is soon dragged into a bitter war between vampire and vampire hunters, but which side will she choose ?

Pretty lame description, but you kinda get the jist of it I hope. So happy reading. :D

7/26/2010 #11

so yeah, shameless promoting fic is called Gotika, its got other magical creatures other then vampires in it also. And its going to be super dark, the two main characters won't at all be good guys, they'll be doing some pretty despicable things I guess, however there's only one chapter so far. Take a look if that's what you like.

I'd also like to recommend reading The Donor's Handbook, not by me of course. This is suuuper good, not much romance yet but I really like the concept and the new take on donors and vampire relationships and the main character is different from what i've usually seen, its one of those stories that make you wish certain characters were together the entire time you're reading it, which means its quite captivating :)

7/23/2011 . Edited 7/23/2011 #12


I'm super new and the fact that nobody has reviewed mine is freaking me out. Anyway, if you're interested in a vampire/spy (well, it's not a normal vamp fic anyway) romance here's the link

7/29/2011 #13
i luv cartoons6

Speaking of vampire stories, I'm trying to work on one and I find it a bit troubling. I can't seem to get rid of all those annoying spelling errors and missing letters. Not to mention that the whole story seems to be a bit messy. I was wondering if somebody could help me fix that before I try posting it.

4/27/2012 #14
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