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2/3/2007 #1
Yami no Matsuei. It's not direct boys love--really just slash implications. But it has GOOOOORGEOUS men, very deep (although angsty xD) characters, and very entertaining plots and much more. n__n The only bad side to it is that it really starts to decline after the 9th volume. :[ The best character is basically killed off, and the plot starts to make a lot less sense, and the author basically throws away a lot of concepts she established in later volumes. o_o Not to mention the art declines greatly. So yeah. Also, I like Loveless. xD But who doesn't? Possibly the best yaoi mangas I've read are Can't Stop Loving You, Wild Rock, Protection Spirit in the Way of Love, Boys Next Door... well, I like that last one is for different reasons. But the three others mentioned just haave great sex scenes, great art styles, and relationships I really care about. All three reasons together are honest to god kind of hard to find in yaoi manga. But Boys Next Door is just sooo beautifully tragic. It makes me sad to reread it. You REALLY get involved in that, if you ask me... the only critique I have for it is that I maybe would've wanted more fluff, just because the relationship was so wonderful for both guys, but it was good none-the-less. Oh. And the last one--how could I forget? From Eroica with Love! I LOOOVE this manga. xD It's old school styled manga--which means very simplistic and almost cartoonish style. But I think even with that, it still has dead sexy men in it. It's hilarious, and very entertaining. Not a lot of people know about it, I think. It's kind of obscure... but it's really good, honestly. For those that don't know it, it's about a VERY openly gay British Earl named Dorian Red Gloria (I think I got his name right...), who moonlights as an art theif, taking the name Eroica. He runs into a hardass German NATO officer by the name of Klaus (his full name's too long for me to remember at the moment). They're basically really different, and for the rest of the series, are either competing against each other or begrudgingly working together. Yet along the way, Eroica falls in love with Klaus, and constantly flirts with him, while the hotheaded German officer insists he hates the gay Brit, when in reality you can kinda tell he's not that resistant against the art theif's advances. Blah. Total ramble. I just love it though--even after only reading two volumes. Hehe. It's even better that the mangaka obviously based Eroica off of my FAAAAAAVORITE rocker of all time, Robert Plant. :''''D To any Zep fan it's fairly obvious. But yeah. The manga itself really isn't totally shonen ai, being as I don't think a relationship ever really surfaces between the two guys (*tear*), but it's still a great manga. Long post.... I just love manga. Hehe.
2/4/2007 #2
Vaze Stream
I like yami no matsuei's anime more~ short and to the point XD and of course, gorgeus men. :P I tried reading loveless a while back ._.;; somehow it didnt trigger my interest when i saw that they have cat ears and tails. so, as to your question, I don't? o_o;; vyvy.
2/5/2007 #3
ah, i love loveless, yami no matsuei, wild rock, and boys next door :D I also like only the ring finger knows, gravitation, offbeat* and our everlasting. And Godchild/count cain...though that's just super slashy! that's just the ones that are licensed though...
2/11/2007 #4
Vaze Stream
there are ways to get licensed yaoi mangas :D;; but the risk of being sued does not quite appeal to me.
2/13/2007 #5
sued? wow! that's not a good thing by any means. but i didn't know you could get sued for that. *shifty eyes* i was never here! XD are you in the states vaze? i'm mostly reading unlicensed manga right now... has anyone heard of te wo tsunaide sora wo? that is such a cute manga ^^
3/6/2007 #6
Vaze Stream
*shrugs* XD well, they cant sue if they don't know? though its better to buy the original and support the mangaka. You can get almost everything at mIRC. I'm not in the states, quite far from it XD I think I've heard of it...Have read a little too many of yaoi mangas that I stopped. ._.;; vivi
3/7/2007 #7
Alice Potato
I don't think I've actually read any yaoi manga. I tend to prefer slashing boys from het manga. ^^ But, I was wondering, does anyone know any shonen manga with yaoi in it? 'Cause all the slashy ones tend to be shojo, and that's . . . not entirely my cup of tea. And yaoi aimed at teen males, rather than teen females would be rather interesting. ^^
3/14/2007 #8
Vaze Stream
dear, yaoi is all about males xD the ones with females in it is called yuri. XD I have stopped reading yaoi mangas a year ago though the reason escapes me. ^^; psst, dont we hate shoujos? :( :) nice website for a start towards yaoi scanlations. or you could always try They closed down but you can still download from there ^^
3/14/2007 #9
Alice Potato
[q]dear, yaoi is all about males xD the ones with females in it is called yuri.[/q] I think you misread my post . . . I meant manga -aimed- at males, as opposed to the majority of yaoi manga, which is aimed mostly at teenage girls. ^^ And I have no problem with shojo generally, but yaoi shojo manga is either all angsty, or the traditional masculine!seme/feminine!uke, both of which I find rather . . . tired. I kinda want to read about guys together, not a guy and a guy-who's-so-close-to-being-a-girl-I-might-as-well-just-read-het. *glares pointedly at CLAMP* Thanks for the sites, btw! ^_^
3/14/2007 #10
Vaze Stream
ah XD;; pardon me then. ........though yaoi is originally made for female readers o_o;;..............._;; and the guys starts liking it...maybe its meant for both? .......dont read on XD;; im making no sense. you dont have a problem with shoujo? XD well I do. But we dont need to get furthur into that. The sites I gave you have loads of 'guys together'. :) hope you enjoy. KIT, vyvy.
3/14/2007 #11
tsubasa reservoir chronicle. there's violence and a male to female ratio of 4(if you count mokona)-1(2 if you count yuuko). kurogane and fai are so close it's ridiculous. it is by clamp yes. but the art style is more shonen than shoujo. and the main couple is het and there's eyes being ripped out, fighting and all that good stuff. and if you want slashy try prince of tennis, and of course any clamp manga ever created(especially legal drug. i swear...) any sports manga really! otherwise i think what you're looking for is gay literature. and yaoi manga is not that. the ukes are usually girly and the seme masculine and conflicted. yaoi shojo manga is not a genre(though impossibly slashy shojo manga should be ha ha). yaoi is made by women for mostly women that's why everything's idealized. i know i wouldn't want to look at two muscley guys going at it. i like my men girly(except for wild rock. oh emba you are sexy! ha ha). and that's how most girls like it in manga-they like bishes. XD so there's probably not a lot out there for ya ^^; wish i could be more help!
3/15/2007 #12
ah, wait! here's a link from aarinfantasy for gay and yaoi novel recommendations...not manga but hey, reading novels is fun too right?
3/15/2007 #13
Alice Potato
[q]tsubasa reservoir chronicle.[/q] Ah, Tsubasa.
3/15/2007 #14
Alice Potato
(Egad, the stupid thing just ate my whole response! oO I really must remember to preview these before posting . . . Anyway, what I said was: [q]tsubasa reservoir chronicle[/q] Ah, Tsubasa. I -love- Tsubasa. Though I'm not the biggest fan of KuroFai (mainly due to my strange fascination with Kurogane/Tomoyo), Fai is rather slashy, isn't he? ^_^ [q]the ukes are usually girly and the seme masculine and conflicted.[/q] Perhaps a good example of what I'm looking for would be Hikaru/Kaoru of Ouran. Like, Hikaru is not a broad-shouldered, thick-necked, CLAMP-type seme, and Kaoru is not a girly, effeminate uke. (And besides, I rather like the idea of seme!Kaoru, anyway. ^^) But I guess I'll just have to settle for slashiness, rather than outright yaoi . . . Ah, well, there's always fanfiction, right?
3/15/2007 . Edited 3/15/2007 #15
Vaze Stream
I wonder if we're allowed to post download links on
3/20/2007 #16
Alice Potato
I don't know if it's allowed or not, but the admins on this site seem to be a little . . . neglectful, so I don't think they'd even notice. And a recommendation I forgot before: Please Save My Earth. The main pairing is het, but there's a little yaoi side-pairing that I -love-. And it's a very good manga otherwise, as well, so I highly recommend it. ^^
3/21/2007 #17
Vaze Stream
Myeh...XD whatever This place is practically new XD;; very very new. It needs members, so do join =) Downloads are for members only. More scanlations shall be uploaded ^^; pardon for the lack of liveliness. Or you could always hop over at our channel on IRChighway #devil' ^^
3/22/2007 #18

I love manga called n*** truth can't wait for more..too slow... ~ -..-

I hate it when the main character allways ends up with the first guy who falls for him... the second is usually better (sorry; mabey just hotter ♥)

-but I think that will happen in this manga too-

7/11/2008 #19

You guys mentioned earlier that you all liked Lovelesss and then I realized something...that I'm probably the only yaoi lover that doesn't like it! I got bored after two chapters. The only thing about it that really attracted me was the nekos.

That's also what attracted me to a manga called Love Neko and it has ALL the things I like in a yaoi manga. Cute guys, it's a comedy, great smex scenes and the main character is a cat neko.

I also just realized another thing...I'm a total perv TT.TT

9/22/2008 #20
Vaze Stream

nope, you're not the only one ^^; Loveless does not appeal to me as well

9/22/2008 #21

Ooh, indefinetily Togainu No Chi True Blood. Though technically that's a PC and Playstation Boy's game. 0.0"

but still. Shiki and Gunzi are just -to-god-damn-fiiiiine....xD

4/28/2009 #22

Loveless, Kuroshitsuji, Glamorous Lip, FMA (Brotherhood), Tokyo Renaikitan, My Royal Fiance(e?), Angel Sanctuary, Papa To Kiss In The Dark XDD yays. I luv KuroganeXFye too.

4/14/2010 #23
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