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Talk about your favourite BL Fictions and authors here x]
2/3/2007 #1
well the only one i've read is the only the ring finger knows novel ^^; i like satoru kannagi. not too graphic with the sex scenes and the characters are cute. though...alot of the times i'm left thinking "what? why are you letting him get away with it!?" because the feelings are so vaguely described and expressed i didn't get how the uke was coming to his conclusions about why the seme acted the way he did! alot of the times the seme kazuki is just plain mean! ha ha. but i still like the book...XD which reminds me i need to buy the second one!
3/15/2007 #2
Vaze Stream
I havn't read Only The Ring Finger Knows. Though my friend is sending me the graphic novel of it soon XP I hope it's nice.
3/15/2007 #3
Lyra Emilia

A promise of Romance is really good. Satsuki's so kawaii!! The author is Kyoko Akitsu and the illustrator is Tooko Miyagi. Eternal Love (written by Mizumi Takaoka, illustrated by Yukariko Jissohji) is also a really good one! (Really hot too! Kyaah!!) Not to mention the three volumes of Only the Ring Finger Knows! ^^


7/4/2008 #4

I love the yaoi fics in fanfiction. They always have a touch of humor!

10/22/2008 #5

Well I've read quite a few fanfics involving NaruxSasu, NaruxKiba, Inuxsess, and so on and so forth, but here of Fiction Press I've only read A Tale of Woe, it is VERY good.

3/6/2009 #6

Dear God, I've read so many (has literally spent thousands on manga). I'd have to say some of my favorite yaois were 'Our Kingdom' and 'Yellow'. 'Only the Ring Finger Knows' was also lovely. However, I'd have to say that Yellow was perhaps one of my favorites of all time. That, and (my first bl) Gravitation. Have any other gravitation readers compared shuichi on the cover of the first book to the 12th? He turned into a girl, I swear! lol

4/16/2009 #7
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