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Discuss about your favourite BL animes here~
2/3/2007 #1
Alice Potato
Well, I'm still not sure if the BL is canon or not, but . . . Ouran High School Host Club~! The art is gorgeous, the characters are amazing, it's hilarious, and it's oh-so-slashy. ^_^ Any BL fan who hasn't seen this definitely should. *waves a Hikaru/Kaoru flag*
2/6/2007 #2
Vaze Stream
I've heard about that anime~ I'm going to download it, as soon as I finish kyou kara mao XD I reccomend it, its hilarious with a splash of shounen ai.
2/7/2007 #3
ah, i love hikaruxkaoru! but anyway, my favourite anime right now is tsubasa but it sure as hell ain't for the 'omg let's gather feathers!' element! fay and kurogane man! tee hee hee hee! my favourite yaoi anime or sukisyo. ^^ i tend to like animes that are slashy because the stories are not focused on the romance and i can make a mountain out of a molehill XD i love yami no matsuei and loveless to :D(i just found out youji and natsuo are brothers. dammit. they're my otp!)
3/6/2007 #4
Vaze Stream
fye and kuro
3/8/2007 #5
yup. just going by the english spelling(as the scanlations *whistles nonchalantly* keep on changing the spelling) they make a cute couple lol.
3/9/2007 #6
Vaze Stream
stupid fictionpress XD;; I actually said fye and kuro is ♥
3/10/2007 #7
as beauty dies
♥ Loveless. ♥ *___* - as beauty dies
4/18/2007 #8
Togainunochi! wew, i love that manga. the art is not only incredible, but the characters are incredibly well thought out! plots good too!
3/1/2008 #9
Rika Onienkai
Gravitation and the new Gravitation EX are incredible. I absolutely fell in love with all of the characters. (Does a fangirl yipe!)
3/2/2008 #10

♥ Junjou Romantica and Ai No Kusabi ♥

(hah just checked what series haden't been mentioned yet) ^_^ love them all~

7/11/2008 #11

uuh I just realized I didn't mention one yaoi I totally love .♥. okane ga nai .♥.

7/11/2008 #12
as beauty dies

Lamento, is another good one.

7/11/2008 #13

for some reason OgN really freaks me out 0.0' The uke is way too girly for my tastes ha ha.

7/11/2008 #14

mabey I have gotten so used to it that I don't even realize it anymore~ ^_^

it's too often like that.. but...hmm..

I wouldn't read yaoi if there wasen't bishonens ♥ ......................................................................

in ogn; other character is really rough and the uke like you mentioned is ..girly.. ((sorry ayase)) I really liked how it worked and the uke is learning to stand up for himself

-and- the seme is trying to become more sweeter ^_^

7/12/2008 #15
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