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Vaze Stream
Post up the link to your BL fictions here and see others opinion
2/3/2007 #1
[s:2181508:Memento Mori] My story Memento Mori so far only has hints of Boy Love, but it definitely gets more obvious as the story goes on and relationships grow. I'm someone who likes their romance in small dollops and at a slow pace, so it doesn't all seem too fake or whatever, and you feel REALLY good when it all finally comes together. But most probably hate me cuz I tease so much on the way. Hehe. There are about three main m/m couples to watch out for in the story... it'd be fun to see some people guess at them. Wahaha. Or say what they want those couples to be. :] I won't comply or anything, but maybe they'll happen to get what they want. xD
2/4/2007 #2
Vaze Stream
I've only read a few paragraphs so far XD;; I forgot about your ficcie. I'll read through your works when I have the time, ne~ vyvy.
2/5/2007 #3
[s:2327703:Mon Fantome] so far it's straight. but believe you me, they will love each other by the end(it was planned as a shonen ai story from the beginning i'm not forcing it XD) it's for peeps who don't mind a bit of mystery/supernatural elements and the story is NOT focused on the two character's wuv for the most part. so it's more like mystery/supernatural/romance. ha ha
3/6/2007 #4
Vaze Stream
I just finished my exams and have a week holiday :D! so I'll read it XD
3/8/2007 #5
thanks! ^^
3/9/2007 #6
My fic Paper Moon has hints of shonen ai. Lots and lots of hints... o.0 But I didn't want to make the story a hard-core shonen ai story because I wanted everyone to be able to read it and enjoy it. But anyway, if you read it thinking shonen ai, it will be shonen ai. Does that make sense? Oh, in later chapters there is an actual, fluffy shonen ai couple. =D
3/9/2007 #7
Vaze Stream
makes perfect sense since I love that kind of stories :D I'll try to find time to read it =]
3/10/2007 #8
I've got a story going on called "Black Seal of June"... it's a romance, horror, mystery, and angst... *grins* The story is about a boy called Kitsune who is a vampire hunter, he's in a new city and an amount of events turn his life around... ^-^ You'll have to read to see what and how. Lmfao. You can read it or check it out by clicking my name and going on from there or you can copy paste this link:
9/30/2007 #9
Vaze Stream
thank you ^^
10/2/2007 #10
Tragedy of Light and Dark
If you want a really awesome shounen-ai story, then check out Sacrifice by Melissa Norvell. It's probably the most popular shounen-ai that I've seen here on FP and she does such a wonderful job on it. The characters are real and the storyline is so intriguing! I just love it!
10/26/2007 #11
Tragedy of Light and Dark Sacrifice Linkage!
10/26/2007 #12
Sendako - Unrequited Love This story is about how a boy by the name of Kira finds himself with a no place to go after the unexpected death of his girlfriend. He wonders off to another city and runs into another guy by the name of Seiji Uchimura, who is extremely strange and weird [as in humorous weird]. Kira finds himself having inner conflicts about his feelings towards Seiji because he can't figure out if by continously telling himself he is straight is just making it worse to not be attracted to Seiji. [Seiji is gay, and he is kind of scared of this.] - A Sinner's Reprieve You can read this story before or after Unrequited Love, but its recommended that you read it before. [You can do whatever you want.] This story is about Seiji Uchimura. He is caught in a web of destruction, sex, drugs, and prostitution after his secret with his father [he was sleeping around with his father behind his mother's back; there are other shorter stories about CERTAIN moments between them] is revealed. He runs away from home, leaving his little brother behind. He runs into a lot more trouble than he thought he would and the next thing he knows he's a prostitute and a drug addict. ;D I hope you guys take the time to read my stories.
11/25/2007 #13
Vaze Stream
thank you for contributing : )
11/25/2007 #14
Little Miss Mania
My original story "the Scum of the Universe" contains mild yaoi in the second chapter. I don't feel comfortable with doing what I call "hard core" yaoi.
1/24/2008 #15
my story is called Fruit Cup, it has two volumes to it so far, but the second one is still under construction. It had strong hints of Yaoi, very strong, and a bit of it can be a bit disturbing. to be honest, you'd have to read it for yourself. sorry, can't get the link to work for some reason, but you can go on my profile to check it out.
3/1/2008 #16
Latebrae [b]My 'More Than' Acquaintance with a Rentboy[/b] Title sort of speaks for itself. The story itself is sort of hard to describe. I call it a quiet love story. Anyways, please give the first chapter a try. :) I'm honored to all who give it a chance<3
3/13/2008 #17

Can anyone read my story White Void, and review. I haven't gotten any, and nothings really developed, but I'd like encouragement. ^^;; It's a yaoi.

6/18/2008 #18
Happy Pappy

Forever Mine

Forever Mine is the story of Kirihiko Kurokawa, an ace hit man with a heart of stone, and Chiyuu Echizen, Japan's soon-to-be huge idol. When Kirihiko is hired, not to kill Chiyuu but, to seduce him in an attempt to break the boy's heart he beleives himself to be in line for an easy job. However, Kirihiko underestimates his own emotions and before he knows it, a simple job of seduction turns into a complex tale of love and woe.

So, that's the basic plot behind my story. If anyone wants to give it a read then go for it, I could use all the help I can get. Also, if you want me to read your story and give you some input then just say so in the review and I'll be happy to do it!

7/20/2008 #19
Kalista Jia

It would do me a great pleasure to have you reading them.

(one of them is under grammar correction, but it shouldn't affect the story much)

Well one is about war tragedy (Go read it)

the other one are about criminals tring to hide their identity to blend with their surrounding. But things just weren't easy.

8/5/2008 #20
Vaze Stream

After much debate if I should shamelessly plug my own works in my own thread, I decided I should. -laughs-

it would do me great pleasure if any of you reads any of my recent works :) thanks

9/22/2008 . Edited 9/22/2008 #21
Kalista Jia

Can someone have a look at my "A Tale of War"?

If you do, give me your opinion and thank you very very much!

3/3/2009 #22

Is A Tale of Woe, different from a Tale of War, either way I highly recommend A Tale of Woe, I also would like more opinions on my Unsevered Ties, it is a tale of three-somes, kidnapping and drama although

Kalista Jia has helped alot.

3/6/2009 #23
Kalista Jia

Lol sorry my bet, it is A Tale of Woe. Thank you very much BlanzFangurl for pointing that out.

Also, I must say Unsevered Ties is a very good story too. (Trust me, I read it and I enjoy it very much) Good lock, BlanzFangurl. _

3/6/2009 #24
Peta Steadman

My story is called Land of Sinners. It's romance between two guys in a prison. Read and review if you're interested.

3/25/2009 #25

^ That is my story 'The City Boy' If you could read it and give me commentary I'd be so happy. It's shonen ai at this point and I don't plan on making it h*** anytime soon ( I'll have to wait and see). It's fairly heartwarming but its going to get kinda angsty.

My other yaoi story is "shipwrecked" but that's a bit too h*** for most people so I wouldn't recomend it to some. Itcan be found on my profile.

Please enjoy ^-^

4/16/2009 #26

This is the link to Unsevered Ties, I'm guessing it is a little popular because it gets about over 100 hits and visits a day, so it is yaoi, and about a shape shifting wolves who has alot of drama in his life. I am really bad at explaining so read it if you'd like.

This is Oneshot Mania, it is basically a bunch of one shots that are mostly yaoi but I plan on putting yuri in there as well.

4/18/2009 #27

My first Yaoi story. Its already at 11 chapters and ongoing. Ive only posted 2 chapters on here though. It involves an assassin that is suppose to kill all vampires and other supernatural creatures. But he finds himself torn between serving his master and finally finding love with a boy he just met. Vampires, zombies, werewolves, and a bunch of gore.

Its got strong language and is intended for Mature audiences only.


6/25/2009 #28
Palm Tree

It would just make my day if I could get some reviews for my story Eden ( It's a yaoi-ish thing starring two couples, one love triangle, and that stray female. I say "yaoi-ish" because it's not exactly a smut fest and does have a pretty big plot. To be brutally honest, I'm near begging (more or less to get some input on the later chapters) and, if it's any encouragement, I happily return all reviews. n.n;

7/24/2009 #29

Well here's my own yaoi fic, though the yaoiness isn't too graphic yet and most is anguish and quite depressing. It'll get to the smexiness we all love.

4/6/2010 #30
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