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Title: Creatures Made Of Sin

So far, only the first chapter's up. will contains lotsa yaoi and yuri. the first chapter has some suggestive scens (yaoi) while following chapters will hav more hard core yaoi. lots of shotas too. :33

4/14/2010 #31

Hey all! :) Disenchanted Lullaby is my first story here on fictionpress and I'm really excited about it! The first two chapters are up so any feedback would great. Not gonna lie, while the Boy's Love will be prominent, it's not the main focus of the story in the long run.

4/23/2010 #32
Universally Alternative
My story, Traitor II, will evntually have a male/male pairing in it. Try to guess.
3/10/2012 #33

I hope you enjoy it The main theme is friendship, but 98% of the romance is BL

7/23/2012 #34

I just started. It's comedy. I can only write comedy extra genres

It's about this guy called David who just moved into a village or something, his family owns a farm. Yeah. The other guy lives there and being "haunted" by the David guy, who's gonna do everything to win that guy's heart.


11/21/2012 #35

My BoysLove fiction ... hope you guys like it ... (if it gets good reviews/enough requests I will ask my friend to write an uncut M18 version -I can't write smut to save my life but I will edit it after her so it will follow the same style as the cut version but with bonus content/unfaded sex scenes) hadows

6/9/2013 #36

(Hi guys!)

1/1/2014 #37

Hello, I'm a noob here. I would like anyone to go over my first chapter and give me some reviews please. :)

5/27/2015 #38
M. Phlox

Adobe Slabs, follows M, a previous football jock and current first-person shooter enthusiast, as he adapts from his mundane college life to something much more interesting after receiving a strange phone-call from a friend of a friend. [Romance/Dramedy] (male/male and male/female pairings)

9/24/2015 #39
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