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Ok, this might seem a bit weird- but does anyone have any advice for writing boys love? Or any authors that you read their stories and go "They're the best at this"? I want to write it,but don't really know where to start with it. Or even where to look for good stories on the subject (I can find pictures/comics, but it just isn't the same). Thank you for your patience and any advice you might have for me. ^^;
4/25/2007 #1
Alice Potato
Well, it's kinda hard to give advice on it, as everyone likes different things. Some people love the seme/uke dynamic, and some don't. Some people love rivalslash, and some hate it. I suppose maybe not thinking so much about gender - like just try to write a romance between your two characters, not a romance specifically between two boys. (If that makes any sense at all . . . -_-;;;) And you could always look at the recommendations of yaoi anime/manga/etc. in this forum and try and learn from them.
4/30/2007 #2
Kay, thanks! :D
5/2/2007 #3
Alice Potato
Are you posting the story on FictionPress? If so, post a link here when it's done, 'kay? ^^
5/16/2007 #4
Heh heh, I will if I ever finish it. ^^
5/17/2007 #5

Umm first off you have to know your polt, is your main character a fragile prince who gets kidnapped by a sex craved bandit, or is your character a high school nerd, who finds himself being watched by the school toughest guy? You have to create a character that you grow to love and want to make a life for, you must also reserch good yaoi if you want sexual activities. These are all the many things I think of if I am writting A BL, hoped I helped alittle.

3/6/2009 #6
SSJ Jolt

Another important thing is to ensure you know basic anatomy.

I swear if I see another fic with the seme inserting his p*** up the uke's urethra I'm going on a killing spree!!

Also when it comes to putting it up the butt for the first time, the wise ones loosen it up first and use a good amount of lube. Otherwise it hurts.... alot... I know this first hand.

3/31/2009 #7

For writing a bl story, it's important to remember not to fall into the trap of pwp. I only say this because it happens alot to certain writers. The seme/ uke relationship, which is most common among readers, is your best choice of writing if you want to effect the majority, i.e. straight fangirls (how ironic). I, myself, prefer it (being a straight fangirl) but everyone has different tastes. My advice would be to build strong characters, mainly. Remember to avoid Gary-Sues because they dull down the story. Cliche is good in moderation but never go overboard. An example of an overused plot in fanfiction in general would be "Harry is abused. Snape saves Harry from Dursleys. Sex insues". (lol) Don't rush the story and try not to be obnoxiously fluffy. The romance between the characters, as with any other story, means nothing if there isn't a good plot to support them.

4/16/2009 #8

Oh! And I almost forgot. Don't write sex scenes if you know nothing about gay sex. there is no G-spot. It's the prostate gland that feels good. XD I've seen this mistake often. Basically, as was stated before, remember basic anotomy. I'll also add remember basic proportions.

4/16/2009 #9

"Another important thing is to ensure you know basic anatomy.

I swear if I see another fic with the seme inserting his p*** up the uke's urethra I'm going on a killing spree!!"

LOL this is hilarious, and I totally agree. If you use the words like virginal hole, v***, or P***y, make sure you explain that you are referring to a guys butt hole, often I have seen sex scenes where these terms are used in the female way instead of the BL way. And as I said before, if you have no clue what guys do together, go read a couple of yoai,like if I remember right, there is a section in this forum promoting yaoi stories on Fiction Press, go read a few. There are even some one-shots just for sex(I have one myself), so there are plenty of ways to gain knowledge to make a perfectly smutty BL scene. Also as SSJ Jolt said don't just stick it up in your poor ukes and then have them enjoy it like hell, it hurts like hell and they probably wouldn't be able to walk the next day. And final advice, every male you write cannot be 9,10, and 11 inches, so yea let's be realistic.

4/17/2009 #10
SSJ Jolt

In keeping with the basic anatomy line, and as BlaznFangirl said, not every guy is 9-11 or so inches... Statisticly the average length is actually 6 inchs in a full grown caucasian male with African's/African-American's being larger and Asian's being smaller.

Also keep in mind the butt isn't designed for use as a sexual entrance so an uke declaring 'it feels so good' five seconds after it goes in for the first time ever isn't likely. 'It feels wierd but nice' would make more sense if they where properly prepared first.

8/29/2009 #11
Universally Alternative
I absolutely despise seme/uke. Listen, kid - it don't work that way. Yeah, you may think 'tiny little girl with p*** x big tough protector guy' is cute, but I certainly don't. Remember you're writing a man/man, NOT a man/woman.
12/17/2011 #12
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