Lone Island School RPG
this is a secret school on an island in the middle of nowhere. it is a bording school for mutants and magically inclined.
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Large expanse of white sand hidden from view from the grounds of the school by stands of trees. Shells litter the shore, which has a few rocky places, as well. The occasional seal pops up, and pods of dolphins like to ground fish on this shore. Out to the sea there is only water for as far as the eye can see.
4/8/2007 #1
Xavix left her room and headed down to the beach. She sat down near the line where the waves came up but didn't quite reach. She stared blankly out at the waves lapping back and forth and was deep in thought. It was very peaceful and, before she knew it, she had drifted off to sleep.
4/14/2007 . Edited 4/14/2007 #2
Danielle Thamasa
Keahi walked around outside, past the docks and found a beach. Something about the waves lapping against the shore calmed her down, making her feel almost peaceful. Then she saw a girl lying down on the beach. Walking over, Keahi saw that she was asleep. She remembered seeing this girl around the school; she didn't seem to be talking to many people. In fact, Keahi placed the girl securely into the loner category.

'Maybe,' she thought. 'Maybe there's a chance that I could...that she and I could...could we become friends? Should I even try? ... Well, maybe when she wakes up.'

Keahi sat down several feet away from the girl and watched the waves and the birds flying and diving. It was probably the most comfortable she had felt with herself in a long time.

4/14/2007 #3
Xavix opened an eye slightly. She realized she had fallen asleep on the beach and sat up. She glanced around her and noticed a girl who she remembered seeing earlier. "Um, hi there, what's your name?"
4/14/2007 #4
Danielle Thamasa
"Uh...I'm Sophitia Charisma...but you can call me Keahi."
4/14/2007 #5
"Hi, Keahi, I'm Xavix. It's nice to meet you."
4/14/2007 #6
Danielle Thamasa
"What's your power?"
4/14/2007 #7
"Power, oh, I can control plants and I guess I have a slight telekinetic ability. How about you?"
4/14/2007 #8
Danielle Thamasa
"I can control fire and channel other powers."
4/14/2007 #9
"That sounds interesting. How do you like it here, so far?"
4/14/2007 #10
Danielle Thamasa
"I guess it's okay...I'm not really a people person though," Keahi stated, slowly, unsure of whether or not she should reveal more about herself. After all, wasn't it important for others to know that her fire ability was connected to her emotions and raged out of control quite often?
4/14/2007 #11
Xavix stared out over the ocean as she asked, "have you...have you ever lost someone close to you and then felt later on like the whole thing was your fault and that you could have done something to save them?"
4/14/2007 . Edited 4/14/2007 #12
Danielle Thamasa
"Yeah," Keahi responded softly. "Too many times."
4/14/2007 #13
Not knowing what else to say Xavix continued staring out at the ocean.
4/14/2007 #14
Danielle Thamasa
Keahi looked at Xavix for a moment. "It's kind of peaceful out here isn't it?"
4/14/2007 #15
4/14/2007 #16
Danielle Thamasa
"I'm sorry," Keahi stated, looking out into the waves. "I'm not the best conversationalist."
4/14/2007 #17
"That's alright, I'm not much of a conversationalist myself." Xavix couldn't help smiling.
4/14/2007 #18
Danielle Thamasa
"So...uh...do you read books?"
4/14/2007 #19
"I love books. Have you met anyone else yet? I'm just curious, I guess."
4/14/2007 #20
Danielle Thamasa
"I've only met Kat the werecat...and the man who runs the library here. You should see it sometime; it is wonderful. There is such a nice selection...Actually I have a great book selection in my room as well."

Books, the one topic Keahi could go on about forever.

4/14/2007 #21
"Really? Like what?" Xavix couldn't control her curiosity.
4/14/2007 #22
Danielle Thamasa
"Oh, all the best fantasy and sci-fi authors out there...plus some other ones thrown in. Name a few and I'll tell you if I have them."
4/14/2007 #23
"Okay then, Eragon, The Wereling trilogy, and, hmm...anything Wheel of Time or Lord of the Rings related." (I currently blanked on all sci fi stuff except for Star Wars)
4/14/2007 . Edited 4/14/2007 #24
Danielle Thamasa
"All of the above...they're some of my favorites." Keahi began to get excited. She began to think that maybe, just maybe she could have a real friend, one that had similar interests, one that she didn't have to hide her abilities from.
4/14/2007 #25
"Really? They're my favorites too." Xavix couldn't help but smile again, they had so much in common.
4/14/2007 . Edited 4/14/2007 #26
Danielle Thamasa
"You know what, I think I just might enjoy being here, now that I've found a friend."
4/14/2007 #27
"That sounds great." She never knew quite how to respond. This was great though. I have a friend I can relate to and share common interests with, she thought.
4/14/2007 #28
Danielle Thamasa
"Umm...I should warn you though, I've never really had a real friend so I don't exactly know how this is supposed to work. I usually kept to myself...when I tried to get to know my classmates I ended up burning down the school."
4/14/2007 #29
"Don't worry, but, how'd you manage that just trying to get to know someone?" She didn't mean to be so nosy but her curiosity always seemed to push her.
4/14/2007 . Edited 4/14/2007 #30
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