Once Upon A Ruin
The year is 2095. Fifty years ago mankind finally discovered another universe completely different from their own where a species called the Pure were at the top of the food chain. Little did man know that this new discovery would lead to their doom. Over time, the Pure , their own planet becoming toxic and having turning against them, invaded Earth. A long war persued that resulted in blood shed and despair. The war was one by no one however, humans becoming slaves to the Pure who now rule a ruined Earth.
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Are you a Rebel or a Loyal:


4/13/2014 #1

Name: Maria Sage

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Class: Slum

Job: Carrier

Appearance: Maria has tan skin, black hair and dark brown eyes. She is 5 ft. tall. Her big eyes are sweet and innocent looking; her hair is very oily. She is thin and looks younger than she is.

Personality: Maria has always hated her life, her class and the job she was assigned. She is very rebellious. She is waiting for the perfect moment to strike back at the Pure. She is very quiet and likes to observe others.

Bio: Born and raised as a Slum, Maria has seen the Pure abuse her kind, humans, for too long. She was devastated when she was chosen to be a Carrier a few years ago. She is now waiting to meet someone who might help her fight the Pure.


Other: Has a family whom she hasn't seen in a while.

4/18/2014 #2

Accepted :)

4/18/2014 #3

Name: Ruvel Inglos

Age: 27

Gender: Male

Species: Pure

Class: Privileged

Job: Healers

Apperance: He has long, blonde hair that reaches his shoulders. His skin is pale green, his eyes are a vivid bright blue. He's about 5'7" and has a lean body. He, like many other Pures, he has tribal marks throughout his body that are dark green, a shade darker than his pale green skin. He usually wears his hair in a pony tail, because he feels like he looks like a girl with it down. He wears reading glasses but only on occasion.

Personality: he is very stoic and has a condescending air about him. He lacks respect for people around him, human or Pure unless it is his sister. He's rather blunt and straight to the point and isnt very considerate or senaitive towards people's feelings.

Bio: When his parents died in the long war for Earth, he took in his younger sister, taking care of her ever since. Because of his attitude and behavior he and hos sister had been demoted to the privliged class and he was forced to work as a healer. He hopes to one day be rid of this cursed land and find refuge in a place far from earth.

Are you a rebel or loyal: so far undecided.

Other: N/A

Name: Lekana Inglos, nickname: Ana


Gender: Female

Species: Pure

Class: Privliged

Job: Care taker

Apperance: She's about 5'5", her hair is a dirty blond that is just above her shoulders. Her left eye is vivid blue and her right is a forest green. Her skin is a pale blue and like her brother, she too has tribal marks, but they are a darker shade of blue. She has tribal marks that go around her neck and stop jist at her facial cheeks.

Personality: She is a very cheerful peraon, the exact opposite of her brother. She's outgoing and carefree and eager to help whereever. She loves children and hopes to have her own someday, but that might not happen given current conditions because of the Royals. She likes to hide her emotions with a smile and doesnt readily let people in.

Bio: Same as her brother's, except she loves where she is, oblivious to all the pain and hurt around her, she believes that earth is a truly peaceful palce.

Are you a Rebel or a Loyal: loyal

Other: n/a

6/14/2014 #4

Name: Luna

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Species: Human/cyborg

Class: Moden

Job: Mechanic

Appearance: Pale skin. Long black hair with a solid silver streak by the left side of her face. Silver eyes thanks to the cybernetic surgery. If you look closely, you can see wires behind the irises. She's about 5' 4" and is almost never seen without oil-stained leather gloves on. Her right arm up to the elbow is cyborg, as is her left leg to the hip. She tries to keep it hidden.

Personality: Quiet, but if she does say something there's a 95% chance of it being sarcastic or disrespectful. She has little to no respect for the oppressors of her kind and doesn't care if she gets punished for it.

Bio: Luna was severely injured in a crash at age 10 that her family died in. Her mentor payed for the cybernetic surgery and she's been a mechanic working under him ever scince. Her mouth gets her into trouble a lot.

Are you a Rebel or a Loyal: Rebel allllll the way

Other: Can hack almost any electronic. Water will make her limbs malfunction.

3/2/2016 . Edited 3/2/2016 #5

(Whoops sorry I just read the job list. Is mechanic valid? Or should I change it?)

3/2/2016 . Edited 3/2/2016 #6
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