Once Upon A Ruin
The year is 2095. Fifty years ago mankind finally discovered another universe completely different from their own where a species called the Pure were at the top of the food chain. Little did man know that this new discovery would lead to their doom. Over time, the Pure , their own planet becoming toxic and having turning against them, invaded Earth. A long war persued that resulted in blood shed and despair. The war was one by no one however, humans becoming slaves to the Pure who now rule a ruined Earth.
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This is the list of laws enforced by the Pure. There is no constitution, no centralized government. There is only a monarchy now, a system of harsh and evil power that makes human kind and all subjected to their power weak. However, these laws can be broken, are you willing to risk your life and others by defying the Pure and taking back your life? Or will you die knowing you followed them to the T, proving yourself weak and powerless.

  1. Marriage is only valid by consent of the council and king
  2. Reproduction among humans is prohibited unless given consent by the King or assumed the role of reproducing by any official department in the Field of Reproduction and Science. In this case, only one child is permitted.
  3. Acts of defiance or violence against a Pure will result in Death
  4. Failure to pay any fashion of debts or bills have varying consequences that are euled by the council
  5. Protest or any other form of defiance of any kind for any reason will result in death
  6. Failure to fulfill jobs/duties assigned to the individual will be prosecuted
  7. Only Pure officials shall bear arms
  8. Humans in possession of paper and pencil and even books is considered defiance and will result in death
  9. Sexual acts outside legal marriges and those assumed the role of reproduction will be prosecuted
  10. All products (Drinks, food, etc.) Must bear rhe seal of the Department of Health or will be considered illegal and you will be prosecuted.
  11. Establishments, (stores, theatres, restaurants, etc.) With the royal seal are only accessible to the Pure. If ignored, you will be prosecuted.

(If you have any more suggestions, please make them, the list will be updated.)

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