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Wonderful colours , butterflies and slide's. I don't have to run or find somewhere to hide , all because i'll realise my whole life has been a lie. Don't believe it til you see it , So how ? With my naked eye do i see ? Children working for not even 50p , Learn to realise how it is in there society ?

When i sit here with my nice clean water , Drinking my warm cup of tea Eating sweet's , that affect my teeth , but it's ok , the dentist's round the corner. It's like a fairytale little Jack Horner.

But in that world little Patel Torner was sold by his family to provide me these things. Walking down the street a chubby child having a winge all because his parent won't buy him a can of coke to binge , On the phone to my friend moaning my hair extension's don't go right with my fringe ,

Give up a seat for a old lady on a bus , Listenining to people make up a fuss , all about this credit crunch How they can't afford the local's cafe all day brunch ! Little mohammed walking to the well for water 10 mile's there and back no shoes on his feet , and why ? Because of us !

Who the fuck do you think made all our stuff , Where all nothing but a greedy bunch. A 5 year old child die's by the last punch , What about the remaing 14 month's ? Working and sweating his ass off being beaten by a stick all to ensure a slice of bread for lunch. 12 year old running riot with machine a gun , looking for revenge on the bastard's that killed his mum.

Am not saying we should starve or feel guilty the next time we shop at Primark , Just incase a 9 year old child came across harm , Chill out man smoke a bit of weed , 20 pound here , 10 pound there , Let's all get fucked off e's

You see am one of these greedy people me , Give a few quid to charity , But only if my money would save a newborn baby But what do i no ? Maybe , just maybe.

When you've got religion's & government's driving us all crazy Blaming it on us cos we get high & hazy. How the hell can you talk ? Your nothing but bone idol lazy. Sending people to war , destroying families Making 4 year old's work , So you can be happy and for what ?

To create what you call a "good" society ?

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