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The biggest difference between me and them. They feel nothing, I suffer. They laugh it off, I endure. They overcome, I decline. The biggest difference between me and them is life. They live, while I exist. As days pass I waste away, lunging towards the dark abyss. When will they realize the problems of their youth, their future. We must endure. I will suffer as I contradict myself, trying not to get caught in my lies. To create this serene dream world is to create a world without feeling. We must oppress the few that do, the exceptions. The ones that feel, the one's that breath. Alive without breathing is a thought. To live this way is Hell. To write is to express, though they are forbidden to read. Without breath we aren't living. Without feelings we aren't human. I find my self crawling to the dark alley, for there is no place to rest my head at night. Sleep eludes me, it runs away from me as soon as I grasp it. That is no surprise to me, as I confide to myself because no one else can comprehend. We are who we are, when we are no one we are unique. I am unique.

-m. mcglothlin

8/26/2010 . Edited 8/26/2010 #1

That's amazing. Really and truly amazing. It's really moving, but sad at the same time. It definatly makes you feel for the character. You are extreamly talented.

Thank-you very much for sharing this.


3/29/2011 #2

I literally only just signed up for this site, and this happened to be the first entry I read. I am not much of an experienced writer but I think you write absolutely beautifully. This is brilliant.

5/8/2013 #3

I can relate to this so much. I used to feel that way, for a very long time. Thank you so much for sharing this. You truly are talented.

7/28/2013 #4
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