Review my poetry and I'll review yours
Just as the title says.
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If anybody wants to talk about their OWN poetry - this is the place. Talk about maybe how you were feeling as you wrote it, what event just took place that inspired you to write what you did - what do you think about your work? Ask me to review your work and I'll do it. Although - hahah I would really appreciate it if somebody cared to review my work also. It always means so much having known someone has read my poetry and they can give me a review that shows me they actually read it and give their honest opinion/criticism on it. So, who would like to start?
4/21/2007 #1
Oooh! Me! Me! I wanna start! lol! I absolutely ADORE poetry, and wish I could write some..but sadly...I am at a loss; perhaps when I get some inspiration! I haven't posted anything yet, but would appreciate it if someone reviewed when I did. Feel free to check out my profile..and my e-mail sucks..but I get private messages if u lyk. But hit my homepage, also..if ur in the mood and head straight to the guestbook, and send me a message! Nothing on there yet...but I'm working on it! As for 'soft-spoken', consider your request done!...Oooh! And I love ur pen name! Srri guys...I'm 14, but I act lyk I'm 7... Have an awesome day all! ~a.kiss.without.any.shame You Know It!
9/18/2007 #2

konnichi wa

My own poetry? What was I feeling when I wrote? Wow, that's quite a loaded question, though I'm sure it wasn't meant as one. Every time I write, it's with a different emotion. I love it, the rush, the feeling of exhileration when you can actually look at your own work without cringing. :-) That's the best feeling of all.

4/15/2008 #3
Eleamin' Elenssar

Don't mind checking mine? I mean I'm quite a novice for this poetry things and would like to hear more and perhaps get some comments about it. You had my thank if you reply me.

4/26/2008 #4
Time To Change

Is this for each poem separaely? Or how you feel overall about the writing?

As has been said previously, separate emotions govern different pieces.

I will try and keep an eye on people's work from here.

5/1/2008 #5

I think myself as a poet that can match the eloquency and the imagery that makes poems 'special' with the ways of life and the mechanism of emotions and the mind. My poem 'Grief' is one example, I remember a girl asked I think it was yesterday if I felt sick or sad, I said 'No... You see me with my retarded laugh and my cheery face and you ask me that, Why ya think that?" she pointed out the art Magazine and said, "Your poem is very good", I thought... Good poets can fit themselves in other's shoes, average poets just rant and rave with big words about their life".

5/24/2008 #6

konban wa

Thank you very much for saying that. If you read my poetry, you'd notice that most of it centers around abuse, war, death, and my newest -- autism. And when I write it, people wonder if [a] I'm depressed or [b] I have one of the worst lives anyone's ever endured. What can I tell them? They think it's weird that I write about all of it when it HASN'T happened to me, but why is it such a shocker? These are the subjects that hit me closest to home, that make me feel passionate about writing. Why is it odd for me to write from a PoV I've never experienced if I can do it well enough to make people think I have experienced it? Is there something wrong with it?d

5/24/2008 #7

Totally Agreed.

5/24/2008 #8
Yasona Black

soft-spoken, i reviewed Before, will you review one of mine?

6/27/2008 #9
Yasona Black, I totally get that too. I have been pulled out of so many classes to ask if I'm suicidal or depressed or raging homicidal maniac. I have to explain to them, that that is what I like writing about. The creepier it is, the better. I'm tempted to blame the education majors who were taught to look for possible signs (who now think they're experts), but I've been to college and it's the same thing again. The next time I get pulled aside, I'm going to put on a show for them, and have some fun.

6/27/2008 #10
Yasona Black

soft-spoken, i reviewed Before, will you review one of mine?

6/27/2008 #11

konban wa

Yes, but at the same time as I find it infuriating, I am glad they do it. Imagine if the school didn't care enough to ask? What would happen to the kids who write about suicide because they ARE suicidal? I'll put up with the questions if it means they actually care.

Heh... although I may take a leaf out of your book instead... Playing it up sounds like fun, LoL. I'll put on a little show. *wink*

The one person who doesn't ask me all that junk happens to be the school guidance counselor. Imagine that, right? But I let her read some of my poetry, and I explain why/when I wrote each poem -- so she knows I'm not suicidal. That's more than I can say about my parents, LoL. When I tell them I researched the easiest way to kill yourself (for a STORY), they freaked. *rolls eyes* Honestly, if I were contemplating suicide, would I out and out TELL my parents about my findings? *shrug* Whatever. I just stopped telling them these things -- easier on all of us that way. :P

6/29/2008 #12
Yasona Black

I forgot about the ones who write those because they are I feel bad...On another note, I never let my parents read my work. The less questions asked, the better.

6/29/2008 #13

konban wa

Neither do I. I just mentioned once looking up something about which poison is the fastest way to kill yourself, and my parents heard me say it. :P

My mom once found out my penname on fictionpress; I don't know how, but she started reading my stuff. She told me she really, really wanted to read it and that she wouldn't ever say anything about it so I'd hardly even know. So I was okay with that... until one day she came over to me about a poem I'd written about sexual abuse. She thought I'd been raped or something, so I told her, "No more. You promised you wouldn't freak out on me or even remind me that you read it. I don't want you to read my stuff anymore." She tried to convince me otherwise, but I threatened to change my penname if she didn't willingly stop. So she doesn't read my stuff anymore, thank God. It's just... awkward knowing that someone you know is reading your very soul.

6/29/2008 #14

Its worth it actually, see Im a very political person, although people get off with the wrong idea most of the time, it is because (although) we have the Right to Speech, this country has been practically brainwashed, Philedelphia Experiment, Enola Gay, all kinds of incidents have happened to have us shushed or lied too. You may be thinking.. Why does this have to do with someone thinking Im dead inside cuz I wrote a dark poem, it does for the point that, People who havent lavished the idea of speaking freely will come to expect such literature and media to be at its worst. Simply put, I think if you explain... (they) will understand. It might also have something to do with you being possibly a teenager? Many parents have also been fooled into thinking every teen can turn into a whore or pimp due to our current social standards, I mean they might have smoked LSD... but compare your parents olden golden days to ours... Yep, ours is way worse. You know that America is one of the most drug-abused countries in the world? Tsk Tsk Tsk....

7/2/2008 #15

konnichi wa

I guess. I just... I find it a bit insulting that my parents think that of me. I never even went through the rebellious phase of being a teenager. My parents and I are close... I tell them nearly everything. I even told them that I was researching methods of suicide, so I almost find it a bit insulting that after all that they still don't trust me. I've never smoked (well, once, but that's a long story -- and they were there when I did it; and I was really young anyway), never done drugs, never gotten drunk, etc.... What could possibly give them reason to think I want to kill myself? Time and time again I've told people how much I love my life. Practically my whole school knows that I'm so completely opposite with my writing and my actual life. My parents certainly know, so why are they suddenly having their doubts?

7/3/2008 #16
Yasona Black

It's what parents do. And I have to admit there are depressed people who insist they love life, and act like it too. I don't think it's an issue of trust, but parents being parents. As much as a pain the a** as it is.

7/6/2008 #17

konnichi wa

Yeah, I understand to an extent. The thing is I know that I personally am not depressed. I insist that I love life because I don't want anybody to ever get the wrong idea from my poetry. I love my life... it's others' lives -- those who are abused and such -- that I wish desperately I could help. But I love my life insanely and would not trade it for anyone else's. That's why I don't want my parents reading my poetry. They'll read it and get paranoid that I want ot kill myself or something when that couldn't be further from the truth.

7/6/2008 #18

you know that's pretty interesting that you say that. Good writers are able to feel, and sense what an actual situation or event is like. They have a hightened sense of emotions I guess and are able to convey it through the imageries, and before you know it they are there themselves!

9/23/2008 #19

lol I just realize this thread is old. Well like the thread says, I'll definitely review yours if you review mines...mostlikely I'll probably reviews yours anyway before you review mine :) I just lost poetry and the many ways that we can play with words and structure.

9/23/2008 #20

Well, as for me i feel one way during the beginning of the poem, and then my mood changes all of a sudden. Some people read my poems and get confused towards the end. I always end up feeling differently when the poem is done. It's as if i had gone through a journey and the last few lines of the poem reflect the outcome of that journey. I write very personal things, and sometimes i write about things i have never experienced in my life, but i imagine what it should be like. If all of you could read my poems that would be great.


I'll review back, i enjoy reading through other peoples emotions.

10/25/2008 #21
Thoth Tarot

How do i write my poetry? i think about something obsessively and think about it some more. when it won't go away i write a poem about it. or if i want to just press the freeze button when i am thinking about something incredible then i write a poem about it. when i see something that hits me like a bomb i write about it.

everything that every poet writes is personal, its the truth.

reviews of course would be appreciated and returned. thanks

11/11/2008 #22
Open your eyes Chopstick

mmmm well, like previous posts, i have different feeling for different poems. The cutsy ones, comes from an image than a feeling. The freestyle writing, comes from confusion. If I'm confuesed, I jyst write line by line without any real image or idea in mind for the poem. It isn't until after i wrote all i wanted that I'll read it and figure out what it's supposed to mean. LOL. It's like i'm reviewing and analyzing my own poetry. :)

If any one wants to read them, feel free. They are on my profile. Any reviews that will help me out some more, or if you just want to tell my what kind of feelings you get when reading it, tell me! Thanks!

6/10/2010 #23

I am relatively new to writing poetry, but in my mind, I knew it was something I should try. I have already developed a love for writing stories that represent a lot of how I feel and think, so I decided to take a shot at this other writing medium.

I would describe myself as someone who has had multiple experiences that do not exactly relate to each other. What I mean by this is that most people keep themselves hooked onto one personality, but I don't. I have a nerdy side, I have a hipster side, I have a friendly side, I have a business side, I have a loving side, and so on. Because of this, I feel I have a different way of looking at myself, and this is what I try to convey through my uploaded works. However, I'd rather not go more in-depth about this, and I would rather you read my works and see what you think of me. Please give me honest feedback. :)

9/28/2011 #24
My Poetry I don't know sometimes, I mostly listen to music while I'm writing. And they show my different point of view of the world and life.
3/13/2012 #25

I would very much appreciate it if you could take the time to review any of my poetry. I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work, so I really need critiques from multiple outside that I may make my poetry even better than before. I am more than willing to give my honest opinion of your poetry as long as your willing to do the same for mine. I look forward to critiquing your work. Thanks so much!

9/23/2012 #26

I'm new to writing poetry so i'm still in the experimental stage. I just finished writing a poem called Dirty Wings and would greatly appreciate any advice or constructive criticism anyone has to offer. I'm open to anything so don't be shy with any of your opinions if you choose to read it!

10/8/2012 #27

My own poetry? Ummmmmm. Well most of my poetry is depressing to many people - because I usually write when I'm in my feelings.

Which is.. almost all the time. When I write it, it's usually at my time of anxiety, when I'm ready to grab the pocket knife of my table and sink it into my skin.

Instead, I open my laptop and I write. I write fast, and whatever the hell ends up being there, that's what's there.

Review minee and I'll review yours :)

11/22/2012 #28
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