Review my poetry and I'll review yours
Just as the title says.
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Day's Eye
like the subject says...i still don't know how to use this site very well...but i'm looking for writer's to critique my writing and i'm willing to do the same. I hope to make some new writer friends! so get back to me. later days.
5/11/2007 #1
singed white rose
Im new too! im not sure how long ago you posted i dont know if you are still new. i hope people will read my poetry and tell me what they think. I just ask that no one judges me.
6/2/2007 #2
Midnight In Eden
If you want criticism, remember that you asked for it. Check out the general poetry forums. There's a review forum there.
6/24/2007 #3
singed white rose
Thanks. does the site tell you when someone reviews your stuff?
6/25/2007 #4
Lily von Rider

Hey, welcome to the site.

I, myself, could be considered 'new'. I haven't been on this site in ages. Last time I was here the forums didn't even exist yet.

Anyways, I'd love to read some of your work, and if you read my post, I love to help people improve so I leave constructive criticism if I see fault. I'm a bit pedantic (okay 'a bit' would be an understatement) so don't be too offended if I attack on your grammar/use of language.

Feel free to read some of my poetry. Constructive criticism welcomed, flames will be ignored and a nice comment will be appreciated :)


6/9/2008 #5
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