This is another story branching off from the RP Breeding Asylum. It is about the child of Wolf, the Alpha Male of BA. His daughter Anna and many others that have been taken from their parents. The facility they now live in was designed to train these children and turn them into the ultimate soldiers to wipe out the US and their allies and take over the world. The children have been taught that they're parents were brutally murdered by these Americans and others and they want revenge. PRIVATE
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This is where I post other characters that may be used in the rp and possibly pair up with other member's characters.

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Name: Rain

Physical Age: 17

Gender: Female

DNA/Heritage: Snow Leopard/Red Hawk

Parents: Rain was born in Breeding Asylum like all the children of Reign. She was the daughter of a Snow Leopard and Red Hawk that of course wanted to to keep her but the doctors took her away from them and brought her to Reign. Rain noticed strange things going on in the facility, little flaws in the system that no one else noticed. The one thing that disturbed her was the video that showed how their parents were killed. Where as she when all of it happened and how did they get it on video during a random and unexpected event? Her parents were killed in a terrible car accident when entering America. Their taxi driver was drunk and it turned into a head on collision.

Another thing that showed the flaws of Reign was that she met her older sister Josie. She found this out because they both had similar DNA, finding this out thanks to Anna. The videos showing their parents death were both completely different, so how can that be if one of the parents they shared? Rain is now getting more and more suspicious about their beloved facility that took them in and raised them.

Appearance: She wears black combat boots and black shorts with chains on them. She wear a blue top hat matches her light blue colored hair and electric blue eyes. She wears black gloves and a utility belt with all sorts of weapons and explosives on it.

Personality: She is emotionally scarred from past experiences and has trouble dealing with males, however when it's time to get serious she's as dangerous as they get. Don't mess with her.

Extra(Tattoos, Scars, ect.): She has a scar on her head running from her forehead to her scalp after having split her head open on the edge of a cliff.

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Name: Elizabeth

Physical Age: 16

Gender: Female

DNA/Heritage: Owl(Snow owl)/Mouse(Field mouse)

Parents: Elizabeth inherited all the traits of her parents. Owl's brain and Mouse's feisty playful personality. When she watched the video of her parents they were murdered by a young man trying to take Mouse away from Owl. He eventually shot both of them in the head. Horrified, Elizabeth swore that she would do anything to rid the world of America and their tyranny.

Appearance: She wears a dark blue long sleeve shirt and a short red skirt. She has beautiful long blonde hair and soft blue eyes.

Personality: She's lively and perky just like her mother and never backs down from a challenge. The tech genius among Anna's select team she can hack into anything with only her hHe little knowledge she holds of the technology. She is also a master with different types of blades.

Extra(Tattoos, Scar, ect.): None

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Name: Red

Physical Age: 18

Gender: Male

DNA/Heritage: Red Fox/Coyote

Parents: Red's parents are actually unknown but he was told that footage of their disappearance and possibly murder was recovered. It was a camera that had been dropped by his mother, the sounds of screaming filling the room while blood filled the lens. Nothing else was seen and Red never talks about it. His past is his own business and he believes what he wishes however no one truly knows his beliefs.

Appearance: Red is tall, thin, and scrawny but well-muscled muscled underneath. He has dark red hair that's wavy and messy and he sometimes allows it to grow long enough to put in a ponytail. He wears a dark red t-shirt and blue jeans with a black hoodie.

Personality: He's very closed personality and doesn't open up for many people however sometimes likes to make jokes and always seems to appear out of nowhere. He's very stealthy, his choice of weapons being only and knife and poison darts.

Extra(Tattoos, Scars, ect.): None

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