Pay it Forward: Cause it's so hard to get reviews
Just a Forum for us, who know we have great stories but are dying for some constructive criticism. A place where we can share our frustrations, post links to our great stories and band together as a Reviewing coalition. Lets all review for each other huh?
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Brendan Aurabolt
Well, first off I have a new rule not listed in my profile. In order to even be CONSIDERED you must meet or adhere to two or more of the following: 1. The work you want BETA'D MUST be a story, Monologue or Article. I DO NOT LIKE POEMS and will NOT Read SONGS. 2. You must read and leave a review to at least four of my stories listed here: 3. You MUST update your work regularly or say somewhere in your update if you're not going to update in awhile. Failure to do so will result in the termination of our contract. 4. I WILL NOT Read TOS Violations and will more than likely report you for it. This is in referral to people uploading a sentance or a block of words saying they'll be awhile until their next update or they're responding to Reviews they've been getting. Mind you, this doesn't include actual story content. I'm talking about folks who upload stuff that has nothing to do with the piece just to do it. Fictionpress has Forums now so we really have no need of this sort of thing. IF YOU DO THIS, YOU WILL BE REPORTED. 5. The opening Chapter SHOULD NOT be just the summary or less than 500 Words. To me this just shows a poorly planned opening that will probably be followed by more thoughtless writing. Pick two or more of the above if you want to "hire" me as a Beta Reader. Mind you: Failure to adhere to whatever policies you go with will result in the end of my services. Take note that 4 and 5 are automatic even if you don't pick them so watch out for that. There IS a way to bypass this critique but you'll have to contact me to find out what that is.
3/23/2008 #1

I need a beta like anything. I'd love to read and review your stories. my stories are entitled What are the Odds of Getting Even?, I Will Not Yield, The Saints of Winchester Shaw, and The Family Next Door. I update as soon as I get two or more reviews for a story, but you'd get to see the chapters before they went online. Look at my profile or read the stories if you are interested. Oh, and I adhere to rules 1, 3, and 5.

8/25/2008 #2
Thetis of White Isle

How often enough is regularly? I've got a story in the works, but I only plan to update it monthly, as it takes me forever to write a chapter. (They're really long--the first one was in the neighborhood of seven thousand words or so. For me, that's a lot.)

I plan on adhering to rules one, three, and five, but if you don't think I update frequently enough, then just inform me that you can't do it.

12/7/2009 #3
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