Pay it Forward: Cause it's so hard to get reviews
Just a Forum for us, who know we have great stories but are dying for some constructive criticism. A place where we can share our frustrations, post links to our great stories and band together as a Reviewing coalition. Lets all review for each other huh?
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Mindshadow Productions
Just dropping a quick line... Apologies that I've not been more active reviewing, especially to the newer folks who've joined. As I note in my user profile, my work place has been exceptionally busy lately. I'm going to be trying to catch up on story reviews, both the new chapters posted and some newer stories. I'll also post the next couple chapters to my story soon as well, so keep eyes open. Minor question; my story is posted to "C2 general forum", but not to "C2 Sci-fi". Are these supposed to be subsets of one another or distinct forums?
6/22/2007 #31
Dani P
hey guys I'm leaving on vacation for a week tomorrow so I won't be able to return reviews, but if you PM saying your in the alliance when I get back I'll make sure to check out your stuff.
6/22/2007 #32
I'm willing to review other people's stuff. My pen name is Deets. Right now, I only have one small work in progress, but I'm planning to start my main story soon. Marble memo -
7/1/2007 #33
Fractured Illusion
Uhm, I am a bit confused. Should we review the first poster's story, or each others? Anyhow, I am willing to review someone else to earn one myself. All in the honourable name of constructive critcism, right? So if anyone is interested; PM me. My story: [s:2390209:Of a World Without Wonder] (not sure if I should be a part of the C2 circle yet, as I don't know if I have the endurance to always review.)
7/14/2007 . Edited 7/14/2007 #34
Yeah I think you can just go through the list and review random people's stories, they should then get back to you if they're doing the right thing anyway *g* Personally if I don't get back to you with a review immediately, I won't be coming by here begging for more reviews, 'cause I know that I should be reviewing back as well. Sometimes it does take me a while though, to catch up on reviewing. ;) Anyway I love this thread and this Alliance, it's certainly helped me and helped others here too :)
7/15/2007 #35
Fractured Illusion
[q]Yeah I think you can just go through the list and review random people's stories, they should then get back to you if they're doing the right thing anyway *g*[/q] I took your advice and began to review! ^^; Checked out a story of yours btw; it had a promising beginning. Thanks for helping a newbie like me.
7/15/2007 #36
Yo people's yeah thats the way it works you also need to let me know what stories to add to the list. Every story on the list is from an author that has committed to returning reviews with reviews. Anyway ill now add your story.
7/15/2007 #37
Fractured Illusion
[q]Yo people's yeah thats the way it works you also need to let me know what stories to add to the list. Every story on the list is from an author that has committed to returning reviews with reviews. Anyway ill now add your story.[/q] Ok, nice ^^ So when school returns and I feel I might not have the same stamina, I can just tell you to remove it: problem solved?
7/15/2007 #38
Yeah thats perfectly fine. Most people just leave their stories on the list though. But its totally up to you. I'd much rather you let me know that you cant return reviews. Rather than just not return reviews. As that undermines the lists purpose
7/15/2007 #39
dedicatedto grown up zeros
I'll review others. Do review any of my stuff, but it would be especially great if you could review my sister's story called Yearning Heaven.
7/16/2007 #40
Hi. I'd love to get some reviews on these two stories. Hit me up if you want me to look at your stuff--I give great concrits! Incarnate--When Ayrlyn is said to be the reincarnation of a Goddess she's in for nothing but trouble. The town exiles her & Aine, hungry & twisted, wants to kidnap Ayrlyn for her own perverse gains. Is Ayrlyn really Cern reborn? Or is Aine just wasting her time? Brittany's Curse--My first attempt at a oneshot. Everyone at Oakridge High knows about Brittany Lane and her...oddities. But none of them truly understands what makes her so strange... Thanks so much! ^_^
7/17/2007 #41
Hi hi. [s:2464423:Elegant Emotions] Little does Luna know that her flawed life is but a part of an engineered competition that her brother participated in. However, there is a lot more than simply a competition and a prize, it's an evil attempt at altering humanity for life. Thanks.
7/20/2007 . Edited 3/6/2008 #42
i love reading and reviewing other people's works. i'm not a pro at it or anything, but i think everyone likes to hear feedback on their work. so count me in. i'd be glad to take any stories- just message me or something to let me know.
7/24/2007 #43
I just added a new story (not really a story, just song lyrics I wrote). The End of Sanity
7/24/2007 #44
Fractured Illusion
Ok, just telling everyone that I am no longer a member ( as the only story I have is for an indefinite edit withdrawal :P) Have a good time, guys! *waves*
8/3/2007 #45
Otseis Ragnarok
I kinda want to join, but not if pressure to review becomes overwhelming. If you check my past reviews, you'll see that if I like a story, I will review every chapter I read. Moreover, I really want exposure for my tales. Most of all, Lady Hel's Kiss (I don't know how to put in a link, so look me up please...)
8/7/2007 #46
InkandIntrospection In the Bed That She Made Profile
8/21/2007 #47
Hi guys,I am gonna have to withdraw myself from this for the time being, as I'm about to go away for 3 weeks and when I get back I'll be settling back in. I will probably be moving house soon after returning too - I hope!! - and i am daydreaming of days in a new place where I get to review craploads of stories and poems and stuff. That means YOURS!! Thanks for the reviews I have received so far, and I will definitely be back!
8/23/2007 #48
Matthew James Current
Matthew James Current Reviewing anything is fine and I will return reviews if you ask me to. I will do my best to give a comprehensive and honest analysis and critique. Just let me know what you would like.
10/18/2007 #49
Yeyyy I love to reviewwww I love to get reviewssssss Yeyyyyyy!!!!!! [s:2426401:In Which Addison is Born (working title).]
10/19/2007 #50
Ronald N. Howie
I think that anonymity on the internet is something we can all benefit from. No preconceived notions of what you write based on who people know you to be. I like the idea of a virtual writers group so I intend fully on participation. Thanks for any reveiws. It will be reciprocated. Memento Mori (note that all of my titles are working titles and really just placeholders for something else.) and Homesick
11/30/2007 #51
Anyone may contact me to recieve a review from me. I cannot review very long stories unless you just want a review of the early chapters. My story is Tanner Bay, which you can find the link to in my profile. Let me know if you want to exchange reviews.
12/15/2007 #52
I would be willing to review any stories, and i have a contest up on my page that has for a prize (drumroll please) the fact that I will R&R ALL, I repeat, ALL of your stories/ poems currently up! it requires at least one review to enter this contest. i would enjoy reviews for anything, but especially "death of a caesar" and "a mercenary's tale"
1/7/2008 #53
I will gladly and extensively return any reviews that I get for my story The Last Summer...I'd be so greatful.
1/12/2008 #54
Jesse the Storyteller
I would love to review others and to get reviews of anything I have written, but especially of Mon-Clarisse and a collection of scenes for writing practice: Mon-Clarisse: Scenes for Practice: Thank you so much! :) -Jesse
1/12/2008 #55
One by one I'll attack everyone in this forum with my reviews. XD Because it's a shame people don't get a lot of reviews on this site, and that's the worst feeling for a writer; when no one's reading their work. So anyways, be prepared everybody! ^_^ Here are my stories, by the way. Feedback is always appreciated. <3 [b][u]Happiness[/u]:[/b] Summary: The one thing most humans desire, and I am on the hunt for it. For it has always eluded me in my life, no matter how much I searched. What I want is not material-- it is happiness. That is all I want. One-shot. General. Link: [b][u]Paint[/u]:[/b] Summary: Red paint here, black paint there, a tad of blue here. Drabble-ish, one-shot. General. Link: [b][u]Snake Eyes[/u]:[/b] Summary: The doldrums of his life had arrived, and Adam wishes for something to happen to stir up the mundane cycle cursing him. And then the demon appeared. Risk only what you can afford to lose, human... Supernatural/Tragedy. Status: Incomplete; next chapter is about 65% done. Link:
3/6/2008 #56
Oh wow this is great!! I'll be checking around posts and reviewing!! :P I would love some constructive criticism please! Please don't send a review just saying you liked it, tell me what you really think and how you think I could improve. I only have the Prelude so far, but there is more coming soon and I would like feekback on what I have so far. As prmoised, I'll return every review recieved. Walking home:
3/10/2008 #57
Just contact me if you want to exchange reviews. This is the only story of mine I am active in. It's amateur, rated M, and still in progress.
3/14/2008 #58
The Grey Ghoul
hi everyone... i used to use this site a long time ago, and for some reason it has become very VERY hard to get reviews!! and i used to get reviews all the time!! i'm so disappointed, and i'm hoping you guys can read my stories and review them. i review stuff all the time, and i always hope to get a return on that, but lately it doesn't seem to be working... so, if you could review my stuff, just pick anything. thanks a lot! Grace Dark
3/29/2008 #59
Hi all, Just letting you know I may have a bit of time to do some reviewing again. Well, the reason I say this is that I HAVE been reviewing in recent days. So that's a good sign, right? :) I will check out some of the more recent posts on here!
3/30/2008 #60
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